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Product Name

char pmslink

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized January, 19th of 2021.


Hotel / Accommodation solutions



char Desarrollo de Sistemas

C/ Pablo Iglesias 56 1º 1ª 08302 Mataró Barcelona Spain


char pmslink acts as an intelligent middleware between more than 150 PMS and any other system installed in the Hotel.

It provides integration with Innovaphone PBX system to support the most common hospitality features, including call accounting.

char pmslink is able to unify, in a centralized way, all communications events between hotel systems and/or equipment.


char pmslink acts as a middleware to integrate the Hotel PMS (Property Management Hotel System) with any device or system used by the hotel.

char pmslinkprovides a wide range of features focused on the hospitality industry, allowing the integration of all hotel systems / equipment with an unique application.


The integration between pmslink and Innovaphone PBX systems provides:


  • Checkin: Assignment of guest name and Class of Service.
  • Update: Update guest name and Class of Service.
  • Room change: Assignment of guest name and Class of Service to the destination extension, assignment of default values for the unoccupied extensions (default name and Class of Service).
  • Set COS: Specific Class of Service assignment, to enable / disable restrictions.
  • Wake Up: Activate / Deactivate reminders on an extension.


  • Outgoing calls: Processing and making call accounting for outgoing calls (completed and not completed calls).
  • Internal calls: Processing internal calls, especially for the control of unanswered calls by hotel services and malicious calls between guests.
  • Housekeeping: Processing Room Status codes.

char pmslink is compatible with most Property Management Systems: Oracle Opera, Protel, StayN’Touch, Comtrol Lodging Link, Sihot, Mews, Clock, … and hundreds of more PMS systems worldwide. Reference to PMS integrations

In addition to this, char pmslink provides integration with other Hotel systems/equipment, such as: Hotpsot, IPTV systems, Key Mobile systems, Energy systems, multimedia systems, etc. Reference to other systems/equipment integrated


Product versions used for interop testing:

  • PMSLINK Version 18.1
  • innovaphone 13r1sr20


The configuration process is carried out by char directly. The installation process of char pmslink will be scheduled with our Technical Department once the application is purchased.

Minimum requirements

  • Standard PC or Server, using any updated and current Windows O.S. (Windows 10 / 2016 Server / 2019 Server, …), not dedicated, 5 GB free disk space, 2 GHz Intel Quad Core or higher, 4 GB RAM.
  • Internet access will be needed in order to enable char’s technical department to carry out maintenance, installation and the system start-up remotely. It is also needed for license activation and application download.
  • Call Prices: Information about the price of each type of call (local, mobile, special calls, free calls) must be sent to char in order to create a new Operator for Call Accounting.
  • PMS interface activated
  • It is mandatory to have technical support from the PBX, PMS or any external system to be integrated with char, in order to make adjustments, data verification, driver setup, etc. in case of necessity.
  • In order to integrate systems, a cooperation of all parts is needed (PBX support, PMS support, End user support, IT Manager support, etc.)

Configuration hints on the innovaphone PBX are provided in this document.


char pmslink is an advanced software for Hotels and Resorts that integrates Innovaphone PBX with not only more than 150 Property Management Systems integrated but also with any other system and/or equipment of the Hotel (Hotspot, IPTV, Key Mobile systems, …) with more than 10.000 installations done worldwide.


char Desarrollo de Sistemas
Sales Team
C/ Pablo Iglesias 56 1º 1ª
08302 Mataró Barcelona Spain
Tel: +34 93 7418720
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