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Product Name

Poly Poly VVX D230 DECT IP phone

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.


SIP hardware and software endpoints



About us

Poly is a global communications company that powers meaningful human connection and collaboration.

Poly combines legendary audio expertise and powerful video and conferencing capabilities to overcome the distractions, complexity and distance that make communication in and out of the workplace challenging.

Poly believes in solutions that make life easier when they work together and with our partner’s services. Our headsets, software, desk phones, audio and video conferencing, analytics and services are used worldwide and are a leading choice for every kind of workspace.

Below a selection of Poly solutions for the modern workplace that were tested with Innovaphone PBX release 13r1 sr4


DECT - Poly VVX D230
DECTP1.png Key features

- 2” color TFT (178 x 220 pixel) screen
- DECT Wireless Range: 50m indoor / 300m outdoor
- 100 hours standby / 10 hours talk time
- Includes 10/100 POE Base Station with pass-through supporting 10 handsets per base, 8 SIP accounts, and 8 simultaneous calls
- Wideband Audio Support, G.722 / Opus
- Easy to manage with PDMS-SP, the same cloud management tool used to manage your VVX Obi Edition phones
VVX D239 datasheet here [1]


  • Initiate outgoing call (automatic call with no manual intervention, update of called party, correct call direction in call list) yes
  • Answer incoming call yes
  • Hold/Retrieve yes
  • Transfer yes
  • Distinctive incoming call treatment
  • Call waiting
  • Do not disturb
  • Call Conference
  • Call Park
  • Voice Messages Center
  • Shared Line
  • Call Forward and divert
  • Intercom (HS to HS)
  • Called, calling, and connected party information
  • Missed-call notification
  • 1-touch speed dial
  • Redial
  • Handset locator button
  • Base station with 2 port 10/100PoE
  • Zero touch provisioning, management, configuration and remote debugging via Polycom Device Management System


innovaphone CTI ready

innovaphone Reverse Proxy ready

  • STUN yes (RFC8445)
  • TURN yes (RFC8445)
  • ICE yes (RFC8445)
  • SIP/TCP yes (RFC3261)
  • SIP/TLS yes (RFC3261)

innovaphone WebRTC ready

  • Codec G.711 yes
  • Codec OPUS yes
  • DTLS encryption yes

Supported Codecs

  • G.722 yes
  • G.711 A-law yes
  • G.711 y-law yes
  • G.723.1 (53) no
  • G.729A yes
  • Opus yes (RFC, WB, NB)
  • iLBC yes

DTMF Support

• Inband - DTMF tone are sent as inband audio signal
• RFC2833 - DTMF tone events are relayed per RFC2833
• SIPInfo - DTMF tones are relayed with SIP INFO request
• Auto - Method to use based on call setup negotiation (either Inband or RFC2833 can be negotiated)

Supports RFC3261 Digest Authentication Scheme (Section 22.4)

  • Supports RFC3261 Digest Authentication Scheme (Section 22.4) yes

Support LDAP Phonebook

  • Support LDAP Phonebook no
  • Support XSI Directory yes


Product versions used for interop testing:

  • 3rd-Pty-Product Version:
  • innovaphone 13r1 sr6 IPVA[13.2105]


Innovaphone PBX: PBX--> Objects --> new
Poly VVX: load this code in an xml file and upload

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ParameterValueStruct><Name>InboundCallRoute</Name><Value X_UseDefault="Yes"></Value></ParameterValueStruct>
<ParameterValueStruct><Name>X_DisplayLabel</Name><Value>VVX D230</Value></ParameterValueStruct>
<Object><Name>DeviceInfo.Time.</Name> <ParameterValueStruct><Name>NTPServer1</Name><Value></Value></ParameterValueStruct>
<ParameterValueStruct><Name>DateFormat</Name><Value>Jan 31, 2014</Value></ParameterValueStruct>



Company Name: Poly
Contact Name: Erich Rohrmayer
Tel: +49 89 262 059 102
Mobile: +49 151 182 380 26