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Prefixer client for android enables a user friendly access to the functions of the mobility object and PBX DTMF-features from mobile phones. This client is for free, available in the android market.

Current test state

This product is being tested right now. The test is not yet completed.


Product name:







HTC Magic, Android Version 2.2.1

innovaphone Firmware:

V9 Build 90484

Configured Scenario

The client test based on a simple configuration scenario with flat numbering plan and single dial-in trunk. The Mobility Object and DTMF-Features are accessible via PBX prefix.

Test Result

Call Methods

  • No - The default value. No popup will trigger.
  • Yes - A confirmation dialog will popup asking you to verify that you really want to make the call.
  • Manual - The standard dialing application will popup allowing you to make manual adjustments to the number.
  • Challenge (Party filter) - A confirmation dialog will popup challenging you with a mathematical question. Unless you know the answer to the question, you will not be able to make the call.

Call Through (2-stage-dialling via mobility object)

Numbers can be dialled via the native android mobile phone application by dialling a number, select a number from phone book or call list. The call will be intercepted by android client and terminated. Then a call to access number (mobility object) will be established, followed by the original number dialled via DTMF.

For internal calls you have to dial only the extension without the main number.

The client can set rules for outgoing calls based on:

  • matching number on regular expressions (example: outgoing rule should only work for 3 digits --> [0-9] {3} )
  • on time and day
  • number in contact list
  • Roaming (if the phone is currently roaming or not)

Calls from PBX Users to Client

Incoming calls can be configured by incoming rules.

Tools clipart.png FIXME: "Test not finished yet"

DTMF Features


We installed the prefixer client on a HTC Magic from the android market.


PBX Settings

External Trunk Number 0049703173009
Internal Trunk Access Number 0
PBX Prefix 2200
Mobility Object 2200.69
DTMF-Features 2200.6xx

Product Settings

Outgoing call rule

Operational Settings
Call Method no
Add prefix 0049703173009

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