Howto:Printer driver solution for innovaphone faxserver

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • Innovaphone Faxserver

Problem Details

Most of faxserver server solution of the market comes with a printer drivers. This driver add a new printer in the windows printer list.

This printer can be use on any application to print document with a custom interface to add the target fax number.

Innovaphone Fax server doesn't propose that kind of solution. So this article describe how to add this feature on Innovaphone Faxserver with PDFcreator application

System Requirements

PDFcreator application is compliant with Windows 7/8/wista/xp/2000/NT


Before using that feature you will need to install PDFcreator application. Follow all the steps of the installation process.


This application comes already configured. Nothing to do for the configuration.

Using that application with Innovaphone Faxserver

On your document application, click on print menu and select the new pdfcreator printer.

Printer application.png

Print your document and you will have the following windows.

PDF Creator.png

Click on Email and this will open your email application. Just add the target URI like

Mail Interface.png

That's all !