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Sometimes customers want to record a dynamic announcement (eg for a holiday) using a phone. This can be done by a Voicemailscript based on the innovaphone Voicemail. Voicemail licenses are mandatory since the script uses audio files of the innovaphone voicemail package. If you change the script file to use own recorded messages, no voicemail licenses are needed.


Download the necessary files

There is a Dutch, German, French and Norwegian version in the Download section available.

Copy the files

From V13 on you can upload files to the AP-Platform via the Files-app. On previous versions a WebDAV-server (like the built-in 'Compact Flash'- or Flash-drive) is needed.

Using V13 Files-app as storage location

Step 1: Open the Files-App, create a logical directory and drag and drop the downloaded files in this directory:

001 - Copy-Files.png

[Please note: some languages only have .g711a files]

Step 2: Share the directory with a username and password, but do not enter a username nor a password (this is a small hack):

002 - Share-with-pwd.png

Step 3: Get the URL to the directory (copy it, as it will be needed further on):

003 - Get-Link.png

Step 4: Adjust the URL<file>&fileskey=lvlXiv_l!lyLpZyV

  • Remove the filekey:<file>

  • Replace UI by root:<file>

  • Replace <file> by Record.xml:

Using WebDav as storage location

Step 1: Open a WebDAV-client (like WinSCP); connect to the CF-or Flash-drive of the PBX and create a logical directory. Copy all downloaded files into this directory.

101 - Copy-Files.png

[Please note: some languages only have .g711a files]

Step 2: Get the URL to the 'Record.xml'-file (copy it, as it will be needed further on):

102 - Get-Link.png

Create Voicemail-object to reach this script

By configuring a Voicemail-object we will be able to reach this Record-script and this way record an Announcement. Go to Administration -> PBX -> Objects and select 'Voicemail' in the listbox. Click on 'new' to make an new Voicemail-object.

  • General -> Long Name: 'Record Holiday'
  • General -> Name: 'record_holiday'
  • General -> Number: ##1
  • Voicemail -> Script URL: paste the retrieved URL and append (optionally) with the desired filename (?$_fileName=Holiday):
  • URL from the Files-app:$_fileName=Holiday
  • URL from the CF- or Flash-drive:$_fileName=Holiday

201 Object.png

202 Object.png

The URL of the script can have some options:

  • $_fileName : specifies the name of the file of the recorded message (if omitted this will be 'RecordedMessage'). By creating multiple Voicemail-objects pointing to the same script, but with a different fileName you can record multiple dynamic announcements.

Record an announcement

When you now call to the object, you will be able to record an announcement, just as you would do to record a personal greeting of your innovaphone voicemail (speechfiles and logic are taken from the innovaphone Voicemail-script).

The file will be saved in the same directory as this recordAnnouncement-script. Each time you call this Voicemail-object you will be able to listen to the recorded announcement, delete this announcement or record a new announcement.

Using the recorded file

After recording a file, this file can be used to be played by a Waiting Queue-object.

Via the Advanced UI

Just create an new Waiting Queue-object under Adminstration -> PBX -> Objects and point to the file:

  • General -> Long Name: Play Holiday
  • General -> Name: play_holiday
  • General -> Number: ##2
  • Queue -> 1st Announcement -> URL:$coder?coder=g711a&repeat=true
  • Queue -> Alert TimeOut: 0

The last two options will play the file 'Holiday.g711a' located in the /Scripts/Record/-maf of the Compact Flash-card directly (TimeOut: 0) and constantly (repeat=true).

301 Object.png

302 Object.png

Via the 'PBX-Manager -> Waiting Queues'-app

  • Open the 'PBX Manager'-app followed by the 'Waiting Queues'-app.

401 Add Queue.png

  • Click on '+ Add a waiting queue'-button and enter the needed information for the Waiting Queue:
* Waiting queue: 'Play Holiday'
* SIP: 'play_holiday'
* Number: ##2

402 Add Queue.png

  • Click on the 'OK'-button; re-open the Waiting Queue and select the correct annnouncement (here Holiday):

403 Add Queue.png

404 Add Queue.png

  • Adjust the URL if needed (here: play in a loop):

405 Add Queue.png

  • Adjust the Time to Announcement(s), so that the message is played (here immediately):

406 Add Queue.png


The recorded announcement can only be in one codec (g711a or g729).

Recorded files are stored in the same directory as the script.

This script now uses only the Dutch, French, German and Norwegian speech files of the innovaphone Voicemail. It should be easy to change this to use the other languages provided by the innovaphone Voicemail.


Download the complete file package of scripts and files described in this article

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