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Recos IC Suite

Recos IC Meta-Directory Suite

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Vendor report was received July, 2018.


Directory Services



Innovative Ideas, Swiss Quality – the foundation of Your success for more than 10 years. Solutions and ideas for more transparency and productivity to your corporate communication.

Since 2008 we do our best to help you get the best out of your IT infrastructure. RECOS IC AG, headquartered in Lachen SZ, is the leading Swiss provider of Telesnap computer telephony integration (CTI), automatic call distribution (ACD), Unified Communications and Switchboard solutions for all of your business communications.


Recos IC Directory is the Meta Directory for all telephony data in the enterprise network. It is a web based application which allows access and manipulation of data within the corporate address book. To use the application, an Internet browser is therefore only required.

Recos IC Presence Management provides intelligent presence management for all personal and departmental phone numbers within the organization. It is an extension of the Recos Meta Directory.

Feature Summary

Recos IC Directory

  • Synchronization with Active Directory or other LDAP directory
  • Import from csv & txt data
  • Rules of permissions using Active Directory groups
  • Creating own contacts & addresses
  • Detailed views and integration of images
  • Automatic language setting
  • Automatic and manual Backup

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Recos metadir2.png

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Recos IC Presence Management

  • Administration of personal telephone number
  • Administration of department numbers
  • Rules of access permissions using Active Directory
  • Status display of team members and teams. The login and logoff to a team number can be done by the user itself or be forced by the head of the department.
  • Automatic redirections based on personal and team availability.
  • Definition and execution of forwarding rules within status based or manual profiles:
    • For the own extension consisting of the calling number (exact or using regex) depending on time (office hours) or period (days or date period) and destination.
    • For the team numbers consisting of the calling number (exact or using regex) on time or period and destination.
  • Administrator mode: global profiles for a group of extensions, access to existing user profiles
  • Sending messages via chat or mail
  • Journal: list of missed calls
  • Calendar integration with Outlook

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Example: Profiles on a personal phone number:

Recos presence2.png

Example: Profiles on a team phone number:

Recos presence3.png

Tested with

  • Recos IC Meta-Directory Suite Version 5.12.2
  • innovaphone V13R2 sr4


Recos IC Meta-Directory Suite

The Recos Directory - Presence & Reception Suite is installed and configured via a setup routine.

innovaphone setup

The Recos Directory - Presence & Reception Suite can be connected to the innovaphone PABX via innovaphone SIP interface or Gatekeeper.

Innovaphone SIP-Gateway.png

Contact Details


RECOS IC Deutschland GmbH
Am Eckschachen 6
87509 Immenstadt
Tel: +49 7141 48866 80


Schützenstrasse 7
8853 Lachen
Tel: +41 55 451 05 80