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Product Name

effexx SendNumber-App

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis App is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

This App was listed April 11th, 2022.


Computer Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication



In order to make your business infrastructure and your communication processes efficient and secure, you not only need innovative technologies, but also solutions that are precisely tailored to your specific goals and requirements. The areas of telecommunications, information technology, security and software technology are constantly changing. Optimizing your technology flow requires selecting products and technologies that bring measurable benefits to your business. effexx advises you reliably, competently and individually on this.

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The Sendnumber app allows users to choose which phone number they want to use to make outgoing calls. All extensions of existing waiting queue objects are automatically available for configuration.

The Sendnumber admin app allows admins to assign and remove phone numbers to users.


  • Set the outgoing number
  • Reset to own number
  • Permission management

Provided APIs

  • Websocket
  • PbxAdminApi


No license is required for this app


  • Edited trunk object with "Name as Number" option via Advanced UI
  • If you use myApps via browser, https is required


Compatible innovaphone firmware versions

  • innovaphone V13r2sr9

Application versions used for interop testing

  • effexx SendNumber-App 130001
  • innovaphone V13r2sr9
  • innovaphone AP Platform 100013


Edit the trunk object

The SendNumber app edits user objects on the "External" attribute, which has been available since software version V13R2. In order for this option to be taken into account for outgoing telephony, the trunk object must be adjusted via the Advanced UI. It is also important to note that after this adjustment, it should first be checked whether this will result in restrictions on outgoing telephony with regard to call number display or call diversions.

In rare PBX constellations, errors can occur at this point. Innovaphone support should be contacted first. This function has nothing to do with the SendNumber app, but is just a feature of the innovaphone PBX that is required.



Install the App

The following series of images shows the installation sequence of the SendNumber app from the AppStore.













SendNumber - Admin App

With Sendnumber Admin App, the outgoing phone numbers of the existing waiting queues can be assigned to individual or all users.


SendNumber - User App

With the SendNumber user app, users can select their outgoing phone number.

Known Issues

- There was an error in the app file name. When updating from 13R2 SR10 to a higher version, the old App Service must be uninstalled.
- The User needs a configured Number in PBX. Otherwise the Userapp don't show anything. Users without number are not supported.

Release Notes

130001 - SR10
- Startversion
130002 - SR11
- fixed an issue with AvatarApi in small pbx sceanrios.
- changed appname in binary with companyname as prefix
130003 - SR12
- fixed an issue with untrusted or self signed webserver certificates on pbx
130004 - SR13
- compatibility with 13R3 PbxAdminApi Security
130006 - SR14
- compatibility with 13R3 - Sendnumber-User fills external attribut with Waiting Queue or own user extension. Before that a null value was presented to own number
130007 - SR15
- Add new Option for using the "External" Field of Waiting Queues
- Add new Option for Node Support
- Add new field for individual prefix
130008 - SR16
- New Settings Checkmark did not work sometimes


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