Howto:Setting time and date without using an NTP

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • All gateways, V6

Problem Details

Sometimes it is temporarely impossible to access a NTP-server. Here' s a short possibility to set time and date via the web interface.

System Requirements

In the simpliest manner a working PBX - or any other accessible Innovaphone gateway running under V6


Set system time on running gateway

Simply use the following syntax in your webbrowser: http://<ip-of-your-Innovaphone-gateway>/!


Please keep in mind that the time will be lost when rebooting

Set static startup time

If you don't care about the correct time but just need the box to have a valid time, you can add the ctime argument to NTP0 in your config file.

config add NTP0 /ctime 21.02.2008-15:05

This way, your box will always start with this (probably wrong but valid) time.

Manual time and TLS

Remark about TLS certificates "not before" date. All certificates have a date "not before" so if you chose a date before the "not before" date, your certificate is not valid and cannot be used for example for "TLS only" device registration. So you should choose a date "after" the most recent certificate date of device you in your system.

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