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Product Name

Trapeze Networks Smart Mobile

Certification Status

The tests for this product have been completed.

Testing of this product has been finalized June 23, 2008.



Non-Stop Wireless

Smart Mobile™ from Trapeze Networks overcomes the limits of current-generation WLANs through a ground-breaking innovation.

Smart Mobile Voice

Enable toll-quality voice service for hundreds of users across your enterprise through Smart Mobile™.


Manage your WLAN, indoors and outdoors, as a single, integrated network, delivering a consistent set of enterprise services.

802.11n Ready

Future-proof your WLAN for the coming 802.11n high-speed wireless technology--without expensive infrastructure upgrades.

Voice over WLAN

Leveraging IEEE industry standards, Smart Mobile™ delivers the highest-quality voice over WLAN solution

Enterprise Security

Trapeze Smart Mobile™ combines the highest security standards for authentication, encryption, endpoint integrity, and intrusion protection.

Location Based Services

Track and locate high-value assets in real time leveraging your wireless network

Network Management

RingMaster™, the award-winning WLAN management suite, enables IT managers to centrally plan, deploy, and manage high-performance wireless networks.

SmartPass Guest Access

SmartPass is the most scalable and secure wireless LAN guest access on the market.

RingMaster Planning

RingMaster planning gets your network up and running in days not months.





Connecting Mobile Users to Applications, Anywhere, Anytime

Access to information anywhere at anytime is no longer a convenience but a requirement to remain competitive in today's rapidly changing environment.

Trapeze Networks™ was founded with two simple goals in mind: Provide uninterrupted seamless mobility to the enterprise workforce and meet the requirements of network managers and IT staffs. Trapeze's Smart Mobile™ wireless LANs meet these goals, allowing mobile users to access their applications — anytime, anywhere. Trapeze wireless technology increases the productivity of the mobile workforce by providing immediate access to applications and information regardless of location or device.

More than 3,000 large enterprises worldwide have discovered the unlimited power, ease, and flexibility of deploying Trapeze WLAN technology. Spanning all industries and geographies, Trapeze customers enjoy superior value and return on investment from their Trapeze WLAN solutions.

Products Overview


Trapeze Networks WiFi Infrastructure supports all required features to provide wireless service for innovaphone IP72 WiFi handset. WMM and U-APSD support enables battery lifetime about 10/40 hours(talk/standby).

For a detailed analysis of the product please have a look at the MXR-2 Mobility Exchange - Trapeze - Testreport.


Please contact us or one of our distributors for the latest price info.

Distributors in Central Europe are:

  • Algol
  • Avnet
  • TLK
  • Westconn


Trapeze Networks
Franz-Joseph-Strasse 9
80801 Muenchen
Tel: +49 89 5505 3880
Fax: +49 89 5505 3889
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