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Product Name

Swisscom SIP Trunking

Current test state

Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized March, 2016.


All SIP Telephony Provider (i.e. Carrier)






SIP Provider: swisscom Enterprise SIP

The provider supports all mandatory innovaphone features and is therefore qualified as recommended SIP Provider. The test was made by the Provider and has passed all mandatory requirements

Please Note, that some features are restricted or not supported by swisscom

  • Geo Location support on emergency calls
  • Modem Voice Band Data Mode (not tested)

Supported Features:

  • Basic inbound and outbound calls
  • Long duration calls
  • DTMF after call connect
  • DTMF before call connect
  • Calls to busy subscriber
  • Calls to early media phone
  • International calls
  • Calls to short numbers
  • Calls with special arrangement (spoofing calling party number with +41800XXXXXX/+4179XXXXXXX)
  • CLIP—Calling Line Identification Presentation
  • CLIR—Calling Line Identification Restriction
  • Attended call transfer
  • Blind call transfer
  • CFU—Call Forwarding Unconditional
  • CFB—Call Forwarding Busy
  • CFNA—Call Forwarding No Answer
  • Call hold and resume
  • Conference call
  • Inbound/outbound FAX with T.38
  • Inbound/outbound FAX with G.711 Pass-through

swisscom Test-report


For further informations on this test, please contact swisscom.