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Product Name

TeamView Unified Operator

Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized February 8th, 2011.



  • Reception/switchboard application


  • Innovaphone AG - IP800 - 8.00 hotfix6 IP800[80500.20], Bootcode[09-8050000], Hardware[400]
  • Innovaphone® PBX V8 TAPI Service Provider (32-bit) - 8058
  • Scantalk ApS TeamView Unified Operator
  • Scantalk ApS TeamView Statusserver
  • Scantalk ApS TeamView AD Look Up


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Scantalk ApS
Ryttermarken 8
3520 Farum
Tel: +45 70 222 080

Scantalk ApS


TeamView® Unified Operator constitutes the main application in TeamView® Application Suite. The application is designed solely for the purpose of supporting the company’s reception/switchboard function in its daily work of interfacing with customers, partners and colleagues.

TeamView® Unified Operator provides the user with a complete overview of, as well as status information for, all of the company’s employees. Using the very comprehensive search capabilities along with the associated filters enables a desired employee to be found immediately, solely by use of a keyboard and without stressful waiting times.

The application offers traditional functionality for this function, as well as a queue overview for call groups, department overviews, automatic replies, login/logout, etc. Finally, the application gives the employees access to relevant data services, for example E-mail, text messaging and Microsoft Live Communication Server, by virtue of complete integration with these systems.

Short summary of the most important features:

  • Switchboard with Call Answer, Transfer, Blindtransfer, Hold and Department overview
  • Keyboard operation (Optional mouse)
  • MS AD integration
  • Calendar integration to MS Exchange 20XX or Lotus Notes 6.X, 7.X, 8.X
  • E-mail, phonetic search
  • Advanced presence with Presence Manager
  • Mobile phone status integration depending on Carriers
  • Supported language: English, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Finish. (You can create your own languages with MS Access)

Competitive Analysis

  • Business area and competencies

Scantalk develop and markets a range of functional and service-oriented standard applications under the common name TeamView® application Suite. In addition, activities around consultancy and development of advanced customized CTI solutions.

TeamView® application Suite is designed to provide extensive support to employees who have daily contact with customers and partners. The suite is composed of dedicated client applications for switchboard, client applications for other customer-facing staff (e.g. contact centers), client applications which can be usefully applied by all employees and finally a group of service applications that integrate client applications with other systems, applications, databases and communication services.

Our ambitions are to develop applications which in any situation goes a little beyond the ordinary, and our collective abilities are constantly challenged, especially on issues such as business insight and understanding, creativity, quality and vision.

  • A strategic choice

Many factors affect a company's success and momentum. One of these is necessarily the issue of how customers experience the company when they make contact with this - where the entrance in 2011 is rarely covered with construction materials, but with a varying amount of electronic equipment.

The choice of communication platform is therefore of great strategic importance and should not be made from a short term economic perspective. The aim is to provide optimal working conditions for employees serving customers and partners every day.

  • Design

In our efforts to ensure the user an intuitive approach and a good overview, we invest significant resources in visualizing information using icons, images, shapes, colors and graphics - rather than text - without talking about color leave. Many specific values are signaled clear, quickly and efficiently with this technique.

  • Maintenance

In almost all companies data about employees' contact-related and organizational matters are registered and maintained in the central database, Active Directory - an integral part of the company's office system. TeamView® applications operate with a background in data from Active Directory, meaning that - in principle – there is no data maintenance is associated with TeamView® applications.


This solution proved to meet the expectations in the following customer projects:

  • Matas


Between EUR 1.200 – 12.000 depending on configuration


Scantalk Sales
Tel: +45 48 104 910
Scantalk Support
Tel: +45 48 104 911
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