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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IPxx11 with mSata slot (IP311, IP411, IP511, IP811, IP0011, IP3011)
  • mSata modules for the IPxx11 should consume less than 2500mW to avoid high temperatures in the gateway.
  • The powerconsumption depends on the IO activity of the card, usually it is higher during write.
  • Larger mSata modules also need more current.
  • Some mSata modules reduce throughput if the temperature is too high.
  • Write endurance is another important parameter to consider when selecting a mSata module
  • mSata state can be checked with the linux smartmontools package

Note: This article DOES NOT APPLY to IP0013 and IP6013 SSDs! For information to those devices, refer to this article.

More Information

Modules tested in 2016

The modules where tested by writing a 5GByte file with the linux DD command. The write speed and POE current consumption were measured.

Apacer 32G mSata module APSDM032GM1HN-GTM1
max power 600mW
write speed 125Mbyte/s
Transcend 32G
max power 1050mW
write speed 45Mbyte/s
SanDisk Z400 32G ATA-9
SanDisk SD8SFAT032G1122, Z2201000, max UDMA/133
max power 950mW
write speed 44Mbyte/s

innovaphone mSATAs since 2017

Starting with release of pricelist in June 2017, innovaphone offers following mSATAs listed below. Those mSATAs correspond to above mentioned specifications and can be ordered via usual ordering process:

  • Order-no 03-00010-009 - 32GB
  • Order-no 03-00010-010 - 128 GB
  • Order-no 03-00010-011 - 256 GB

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