Howto:Troubleshooting WLAN Problems with IP72

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP72

innovaphone Firmware V8hotfix2 and later


See Howto:How to Read WLAN Traces on IP72.

WLAN Alarms

Starting with Version 9, IP72 triggers alarms when following events occur:

  • Battery capacity falls under 10%
  • Link Speed falls under 5 Mbps
  • RSSI falls under -80 dBm (or connectivity lost)

Check statistics

Starting with Version 9, WLAN statistics can be fetched (and resetted) from a web page.


Check the Domain

A typical problem arises with access points not supporting IEEE 802.11d - World Mode. Although the WLAN seems to be correct, there is no connectivity. Without world mode support, the IP72 must be configured manually to country of usage through Menu -> Administration -> WLAN-Advanced.

Show WLAN/Call status information on IP72 display

1. Place IP72 into USB charger

2. Log into command interface (default login : admin,ip72)

usbload.exe interactive


 config change PHONE FORMS /state-information
 config activate

The bottom line showing e.g. -42,13,02 contains following information:

  • RSSI -42dBm,
  • channel 13
  • 0 for idle mode (0 - idle, 1 - connecting, 2 - call active)
  • 2 for long doze (0 - active wlan, no power save, 1 - short doze, 2 - long doze)

During a call, the status line shows RTCP information for local/remote endpoints.

e.g. 85,5,0/100,2,1 for

  • Roundtrip delay in ms (85)
  • Interarrival jitter in ms (5)
  • Packet Loss (0)

4. remove state information by resetting phone or alternatively

 config change PHONE FORMS
 config activate

Meru WLAN Infrastructure

Some special configuration is required to achieve satisfactory WLAN access for IP72 in a Meru environment. Here the steps to take:

  • Use http:// or usbload to enter following commands
!config change WLAN0 /beacon-recv-time 110 /ssid-filter 2 /keep-alive-period 2000
!config write
  • Make sure the actions have taken effect by looking for a following entry in trace/log after reboot:
0:0000:141:1 - start WLAN_drv WLAN0
0:0000:141:1 - wlan_drv: beacon-recv-time=110
0:0000:141:2 - wlan_drv: ssid-filter=2
0:0000:141:2 - wlan_drv: keep-alive-period=2000
  • Here a short description of the parameters changed:

beacon-recv-time : defines for how long the handset will listen for a beacon at the moment where the radio wakes up from power-save

keep-alive-period : defines how often the handset shall transmit Null data frames to the system (in ms)

ssid-filter : defines how the handset shall filter sites

Please contact innovaphone support for further assistance You may need to setup Meru and IP72.

Fine Tuning WLAN

Tools clipart.png FIXME: TODO: channelmask/RSSI threshold