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Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone products/solutions

More Information

Goal of this article it's to provide short and concrete information depending on the product/solution and the problem/issue how to capture/obtain traces and logs for a proper debugging on Support case and also check if this traces/logs are OK (contain the information about the issue/problem).

In order to do we should already have knowledge about how to do remote pcap on innovaphone devices and also how to define the debug/trace flags.

Note that troubleshooting a bug/issue sometimes could be complex so the information here could not apply exactly to all cases however could help us understand were to look and how to do tracing/logging of innovaphone solutions in the right place in many of the cases.

Innovaphone Devices

DHCP Service related issues

  • Examples:
    • Device don't obtain DHCP Vendor Options from the DHCP Server.
  • At debug.xml clear all the flags and set:
 IP/TCP/UDP Traffic
 Remote PCAP/Enable

Remote pcap taken immediately after reset will show what happens.

Innovaphone Applications