Howto:Understanding Sync Plan with IP1200 multicell enviroment

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To create handover between radio units it is necessary to establish synchronization chains.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 1200

Build V6 and later.

More Information

As a user moves from one IP1200 radio coverage area to another, the call must be handed over to the next radio unit.

To create handover between radio units it is necessary to establish synchronization chains. If the synchronization between radio units is lost, then handover is not possible and ongoing calls will be terminated.

Each IP1200 must be placed within the radio coverage area of at least one other IP1200 or Repeater.

System Requirements

Examples of Synchronization Chains

Certain rules must be taken into consideration when establishing synchronazation chains:

The distance over which synchronization can take place is limited to a distance similar to a loss of max. 25dB.

If the loss of signal is higher than 25dB, there is no guarantee, that synchronization is stable.

It is recommended that a IP1200 synchronizes with at least two other radio units, that an alternative sync way is defined to ensure system redundancy.

If the primary sync way is not working, then the alternative sync way takes over and the synchronization chain is not broken.

Synchronization chains for the IP1200 Solution can be made with Primary and Secondary IP1200 and Repeaters.

As you can only configure a Repeater to synchronize on one radio ID, it is not possible to define alternative sync ways for repeaters.

As the IP1200 uses the DECT interface to synchronize on, one IP1200 is configured as the Sync Master.



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