Howto:Upload configuration file to device with changed or different admin password

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Sometimes you have to upload config file to device where admin password was changed. This will fail cause wrong vars check bf80684dc2b64f8f at the beginning of config file.

Applies To

This information applies to all innovaphone devices with web interface.

More Information

Tools clipart.png FIXME: PBX and LDAP Passwords should be deleted also

vars check bf0b684d2cb648f7 line that you will find at the beginning of each config file is hash from admin password that is defined on the device at the moment of config file save.

To upload a config file that was downloaded from device with other admin password than actual device, you must delete the first line of config file and make sure that you redefine all passwords in the configuration after uploading it.

Better way is to change actual admin password to password stored in the config file, to avoid password lost.

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