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This information applies to:

Migration Policy

Here is how you upgrade a system to 13r3 from 13r2. For hints on upgrading a system to 13r2 see Howto:V13_Firmware_Upgrade_V13r1_V13r2.

Single AP/Single PBX

  • Create a new update job in devices and select 13r3 as major version

Common AP/Several PBX'es

If not all systems are to be updated at once, the update jobs are split in the preferred order described below:

  1. Update the PBXs first. Ensure the PBXs are separated in different categories. Create dedicated update jobs for the PBXs in those categories. Execute/Schedule PBX update jobs separated in time according to your update plan with the end customer. After successful update of all PBXs proceed with step 2.
  2. Create & execute a dedicated update job for the common AP.
  3. Finally, update the common AP's version under AP Manager/Update (not mandatory)

Configuration Changes

In 13r3 we have introduced some new features which are automatically configured if you use the installer to setup your new 13r3 from scratch. If you upgrade an existing installation, you have to configure the following settings manually.

Default SRTP key exchange value in device configuration of Phones/Interfaces

Previous to v13r3, the default value for SRTP key exchange was SDES-DTLS - with v13r3 it changes to the more secure DTLS-SDES. Therefore innovaphone devices now use DTLS instead - if the called endpoint has this preference. We recommend adjusting the SRTP key exchange setting in the Devices App, Device Configuration for phones and analog endpoints. An exception to this recommendation is if you are using old phone models (IP110A, IP240A, IP150, IP150A) in your setup - as these phones may have CPU performance issues in the connection setup phase. In that case, use SDES-DTLS as value for the SRTP key exchange for all devices, not only for the old phone models.

Improved Conference Rooms

  • The Web Access allowed checkbox in the conference app has to be set in order to access the Conference Web Access UI.
  • To create an HTTP link for external participants with your conferencing app, a conferencing app license is required.
  • Update the announcements for your conference rooms, to include also the Web Access announcements.
Image:Tools clipart.png FIXME: Update sample announcements for web access

App Service Queues, Switchboard App

Configure a group with the name queues in the PBX and assign it as Static to all Waiting Queues used by the Switchboard App and assign it also as Static and Active to all Switchboard Users.


The Beta firmware releases do not contain all existing 13r2 SIP-profiles. Existing SIP-interfaces will still work in any case. However, the reconfiguration of a SIP interface which uses a missing profile does not work.

Application Platform and its applications

App Platform image

It is not mandatory but recommended to update the App Platform image to the latest version to receive a newer kernel and updated Linux packages.

Recordings App

The Recording App is not yet included in the 13r3 beta release. A 13r3 installation and 13r3 PBX can operate using the 13r2 Recording App.

Reports App

The Reports App will improve missed calls queries by adding a new database index. Depending on the size of the reporting database, this database adjustment can take some minutes and results also in high CPU-load and missed CDRs during that time.

New 13r3 Apps

New Apps will not be installed automatically by the 13r2 to 13r3 upgrade. The installation description of new 13r3 apps is usually in the concept article. New apps are:

Changes visible to end customers

Here are listed changes that should be communicated by resellers to the end customers before a 13r3 upgrade, since the change in the behavior of the application/device will be visible/hearable.

Rework of Phone & Softphone UI

New UI

CallForwarding in Profile App

Added configuration option on call diversions: call forwardings depending on myApps online and Presence state. This can be switched on or off by the user in the Profile App.

Hardware Restrictions

For a list of devices with no/restricted support in 13r3, see the Firmware Upgrade article.

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