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Applies To

This information applies to

  • V13

The Idea

This description is to simplify the installation of "one PBX and one Application Platform per customer" that can be used for Cloud setups

  • Starting with the download of the images from our store,
  • doing a set-up, based on the environment of the hosting platform
  • copy a template (1 x IPVA; 1 x AP)
  • finalising the set-up of admin devices (central Devices App, Revers Proxy, NAT)
  • finalising the configuration of templates
  • copying the template to a customer system

If you set up a Hosting scenario, please check our Considerations

Configuration we used in the setup

In the example we use the following options:
It is important to use a Subdomain, to be able to create later on for every customer their own DNS and insert it to your Devices App.
Folder: 00-AP and 00-IPVA

For the first customer:
Folder: 01-AP and 01-IPVA

Download respective images

Select in the innovaphone store

  • Firmware / IPVA
  • App Platform / App Platform x86_64
  • Download Package

Install images on virtualisation platform

Installation of the above images on the virtualisation platform.

For example:

  • on Hyper-V, use the files with extensions *.vhd
    (Hyper-V Manager > ....)

Initial Set-Up

of the IPVA

In order to run the IPVA we suggest the following configuration, which has to be done manually via the PBX console:
This IP address should be available and not in use by anything else!

login: admin / ipva
* config change DHCP0 /mode off
* config show DHCP0
* config change IP0 ETH0 /addr /mask /dns /dns2
* config show IP0 ETH0
* config change IP0 RT0 /gateway
* config show IP0 RT0
* config change NTP0 /addr /alt-addr /interval 60
* config show NTP0
* config change SYSCLIENT /sysadmin ws://
* config write
* reset

of the AP

Configuration via console of the respective virtual platform client:

login: root / iplinux
* loadkeys de
* setip --addr= --mask= --dns1= --dns2= --gateway=
* ifconfig
* exit

Connect to Application Platform via Web (Standard Password: pwd) and insert to Settings > Devices app URL


Create template before you run through the Installer!

Create a Template

This template will serve in a later stage as a pair of devices, to produce a preconfigured customer setup. The customer then, runs the installer on this copy, to finalize the own installation.

  • Copy 00-IPVA --> IPVA Template
  • copy 00-AP --> AP Template

Setup of Admin Devices

  • Set another fix IP for your IPVA and AP (not the one you already used for the template)
  • Delete sysclient Info in Devices and AP.
  • Click through Installer of IPVA (as learned in the training)
  • During Install process connect to Application Platform

Create your first customer PBX

  • Connect to your devices
  • Add customer domain and password (pwd)
  • Don't choose the flag "Deploy the domain password on all devices" (Noch mal überprüfen!)
  • Rename new PBX and new AP
  • Insert IP for IPVA via Advanced GUI
  • Insert new IP for AP via console

Install customer PBX and AP

Insert the following line into your browser: (adjusted to your needs)

Explanation: - DNS of first customer PBX - Domain/System Name of first customer PBX
apaddr= - IP of App Platform - DNS of App Platform from customer PBX
location=master - Choose master or slave depending on your scenario.

Click through Installer.


Be sure to use this URL! If you don't use this URL and use our normal Installer than your new installed IPVA, AP will not have any Devices App due to the already set sysclient. This is on purpose for other scenarios.

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