Howto:MyApps Cloud - Configuration of a Standby from the master PBX

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • v13
  • The local Standby PBX is connecting to the Master PBX in the Cloud.

How to configure a Standby from the master PBX on the Cloud

The following configuration is important to have a Standby PBX (from the Master PBX in the Cloud) configured

  • PBX Mode


  • System Name

This stands for the Domaine Name of the Customer. Example:

  • PBX Name

This muss be the same name configured in the master. In this case "master" is the correct one.

  • Registration to the Master

Should be with encryption (H.323/TLS)

  • Master

IP Address of the Master PBX: Use the Public one

  • Replicate from Master using TLS


Standby Registration.jpg