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myApps Cloud: Howto configure the Fax App out of the myApps Cloud

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • Howto configure the Fax App out of the myApps Cloud
  • myApps Cloud v13

Direct connection of Analogue FAX devices

Even if the general use of fax machines is on the decline, many companies want to continue to use this familiar device out the cloud. Therefore, classic analog fax machines - of course - can be integrated into the myApps Cloud solution. Analogue gateways are used for this purpose. For simple administration, just like other components, Those can be managed and controlled via the Devices App.

Required Hardware:

  • IP29 – analog adapter with 2, 4, 8 or 20 analog interfaces (FXS)
    (further info here, data sheets here), or
  • Any other gateway supporting V.13 with analog interface (such as IP311, IP411).
  • In addition to the hardware, a port license is required to activate the respective analog interface.
By the way:
* The same method can be applied to integrate analog phones
or DECT single-user solutions through an analog connection.

Sending and Receiving faxes directly via the Fax App of the myApps Client

In contrast to integrate an old school analog fax device, a pure digital fax solution offers many additional advantages. The Fax App can be used to send and receive faxes - all in the familiar responsive myApps design. Operation is identical on all of your devices, regardless of whether they are smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs. A fax server in the cloud background controls the transmission automatically and transparently. Additional hardware is not necessary in this case.

  • The Fax App is used to operate and monitor the fax transmission (status).
  • It is possible to assign a personal faxnumber (extension) for each user, or a number for a group of users / department faxnumbers.
  • In the cloud background a fax server controls transmission and reception.
  • Due to the myApps Client, faxes can be sent and received regardless of operating system and location.
  • Users can send faxes by uploading a PDF file inside the Fax App. Frequently used fax numbers can be stored in the Contacts App.
  • Received faxes are displayed in the Fax App using so-called "badge counts" and can be downloaded as PDFs.
  • In a standard configuration, for every user - simultaneously - a send and a receive channel are available. If desired and on request, additional channels can be made available heavy fax users.

Required Software:

  • Fax User License or UC License (which is already including Fax License)

Further readings:

  • Concept article to Fax App (here)
* With this method, no dedicated analog fax machine and no complex fax server are necessary.
* And yet you won't miss an important fax again 😊.
* In addition, everything is environmentally friendly 😉!