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Applies To

  • on-premises innovaphone PBX from version 12 or later

The article describes

The Workflow howto migrate an innovaphone on-premises PBX to the myApps Cloud Platform

Step 1: Order the cloud instance in the standard process (by partner)

  • Prior to executing the install link, respond to innovaphone – using the same email in which you received the install link – that you would like to migrate an existing on-premises PBX to the myApps Cloud.
  • Attach the following Data from the source PBX
    • Download config (vermutl. mit Std. Passwort, muss ich klären)
    • Inform admin UID and PWD
    • Inform one PBX User UID and PWD

Step 2: Preparation (by Cloud Team)

  • Adapting the old PBX config to match the myApps Cloud conditions
  • Import the edited config to the respective myApps Cloud PBX

Step 3: Install and verification (jointly)

  • Execute the Install URL
  • Create a new Admin Account
  • Copy and secure the emergency passwords
  • Finalise the installation and start the PBX in Testmode
  • Check:
    • Users Admin App:
      • Are all users available?
      • Password match?
    • PBX Mgr.:
      • Templates visibility.
    • Users App
      • All users are visible?

Step 4: Remaining configuration according to v.13 procedures (by partner)

  • Waiting queues
  • Voicemail
  • Any other specifics not covered above.

Step 5: Cut over (by partner)

  • Activate the imported SIP trunk
  • Import phones to the Devices App of the respective Cloud Instance
    Depending on the firmware of the source PBX there are different ways to go:
    1. In case of V.12 and innovaphone Update Service
      • When using innovaphone PHP Update Service, All phones can be updated to V.13 via the Update Service
      • When using innovaphone PHP Update Service, provide the phones with a changed config, new Primary Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper-ID
      • Provide via the Update Service, the Device registration URL together with domain and category values which will add all phones automatically in the desired domain and category
      • Finally, via the update service, delete the Update Server path in the phones.
      • Further provisioning can be done via V13 Devices App, Domain, Device Configuration, Phone Configuration.
    2. In case of V.12 and NO innovaphone Update Service
      • Either Provision those phones manually to the respective user in the cloud via the Adv. GUI of the Phone (Provide Primary Gatekeeper and GK-ID and add Device Registration URL including domain and category part.
      • Further provisioning can be done via V13 Devices App, Domain, Device Configuration, Phone Configuration.
    3. In case of V.13 (min. V13r1, SR13 or higher)
      • By using the process of “Automatic provisioning” the devices can be provisioned with the new Primary Gatekeeper settings.
      • The devices registration URL should be changed to the new Cloud System on all phones. (How to do this?)

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