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Applies To

This information applies to

  • Innovaphone App Platform
  • any device running a PBX in V13 or up


  • To restore the App Platform you need the administrative password which was created during the initial installation or which you may have changed yourself afterwards.
  • Furthermore you'll need the PBX config and the .dump files of every App which is created by the backup process of the Devices App.

Restore PBX

At first we need to restore the PBX. Therefore we need to change the admin password of the device to its original state. Go to Advanced Admin UI to Admin and configure the emergency password as admin password. Afterwards you can upload the PBX config from the backup folder and reboot the PBX.

  • Hint : keep in mind that by restoring on another hardware, may involve change in the configuration (e.g: local gateway registration with mac address) and licenses need to be uploaded as well.

Restore Applications

Restore Manager

To restore a Application Platform you need set up an empty one at first. Just go to and choose App Plaftom and download it.

After the successful installation you can browse to the IP of the App Patform and use the password "pwd" to login.

At first we are going to restore the configuration of the App Manager. Click on Manager and then restore at the top. A dialogue will open which allows you to select the manager.dump file. You need to upload it this file.

App manager restore.png

Restore all Apps

After that we need to reinstall all needed apps individually from the store.

Restore install app.png

To restore the specific app configuration click on the app in the left menu and then choose restore in the top menu. Then upload the .dump file of the app from the backup folder and upload it.

  • Hint : Special care for the Files application service, it contains 2 instances files and backup-files, do not forget to restore both instances