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Product Name

MediaRunway VIP Call

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis App is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized June 2023.


Computer Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication


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MediaRunway is an ITC enterprise that provides its customers with contemporary IT services in all areas - Your business, our solution.

MediaRunway - About us



VIP Call allows you to create a Fastlane ticket for VIP customers and other calls using a PIN. So that a team can be prioritized or an employee can be reached directly. This enables a better experience on both sides of the phone line, can speed up processes and increase customer satisfaction.

MediaRunway - About this application


Every granted user can add as many VIP Callers as needed. After the set time expires, the VIP Call is automatically removed, unless a lifetime code has been generated. As long as the VIP code is valid, the caller can transfer himself from the queue directly to the user.

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Admin Area

Select a PBX where you want to connect to. Choose a waiting queue for your VIP's. Add a license to your users. If you have to change something in the queue yourself, activate the maintenance mode first.

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Licensing: One license per user with any number of devices for one waiting queue. No floating licensing, only the users who got a configured license have access. For licensing and test licensing please contact

Example: "Hello MediaRunway, we would like to purchase the VIP Call app. Here is our authentication key 1113335557. A one year license for 10 users would fullfill our needs. Please send us the license key as fast as possible. Best reagards"

Enter license key and activate user license: Simply enter the license key that you received from us. After that, you should see the valid date of your license and the number of available user licenses. Next to the desired user name, activate or deactivate the user's license.


Knowledge about installing an App, adding the App Object for the users. The steps of the installation process are the same as described in this article "Callback - Install App from App Store" only with different names. We need to install the app, add an app instance, and the app objects, the names of these can be found in the "Installation" area of this article.

What you need is this Wiki article and a valid license. For a valid license please install the app and in the admin area of the app you will find the authentication key. Please send us this authentication key, together with the number of users and the desired license period to


Compatible innovaphone firmware versions

  • MediaRunway VIP Call 1.0 (132xxx)
    • innovaphone V13r2
    • innovaphone V13r3

Application versions used for interop testing

  • MediaRunway VIP Call 1.0 (132xxx)
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r2 sr17
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r2 sr18
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r2 sr19
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r3 final
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r3 sr1
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r3 sr5


In order for users to create VIP codes for your callers, you need a valid license, rights assigned to users and a configured queue for your VIP callers. See the previous images for more information. In the next section we will cover the installation of the app.


After installing the App, adding the App instance and the App Object for the users and the admin, one can start using "VIP Call". The steps of the installation process are the same as described in this article "Callback - Install App from App Store" only with different names.

AP manager settings

Vip inst ap manager.png

PBX manager settings

Checkmark your users config and admin config for the corresponding app object while adding the object.

Vip inst pbx manager.png

Please restart the application using the "Ap Manager" after adding the user and admin objects (make sure you don't onlyrestart the instance).

Afterthat you can proceed with your PBX and waiting queue configuration and the licensing part inside VIP admin area.


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For any questions please refer to our contact page.