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VoiceDirector enables you to lookup phone numbers in a corporate directory or LDAP via an IVR interface, using only voice as user input.

The key feature tested was call transfer on BRI interface performed by VoiceDirector. From the large range of possible call transfer methods supported by VoiceDirector two of them, Explicit Call Transfer (ECT) and Call Transfer on Disconnect (DCT), were tested. DCT was successfully tested with no restrictions. ECT was tested with some restrictions: ECT is supported by innovaphone only in V7, DCT can be used on V6 installations as workaround.

Certification Status

Image:Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized July 1st, 2008.


Firmware Version:


innovaphone Firmware:

V6 sr2-hotfix5, Build 08-6090068
V7, Build 08-70047

Test Scenario

This test report describes connection of VoiceDirector to innovaphone PBX via BRI interface. The BRI interface of VoiceDirector was connected to the BRI interface on innovaphone device registered to gateway object on the PBX.

Following order of events occurs while call transfer via VoiceDirector:

  • User calls VoiceDirector number
  • after VoiceDirectors announce user says desired contact name
  • after successful lookup VoiceDirector announces the contacts
  • VoiceDirector set user on hold
  • user hears MoH
  • after connect to 3rd party VoiceDirector performs transfer
  • User is connected to 3rd party dialed by VoiceDirector

Call Transfer on Disconnect (DCT)

Call Transfer on Disconnect is supported on innovaphone BRI interfaces. The only restriction on this method is complete blocking of BRI interface with single client for the time of lookup, so only single lookup at time is possible.

Explicit Call Transfer (ECT)

Explicit Call Transfer enables two simultaneous phone book lookups at same time on single BRI interface to VoiceDirector. ECT is only available in the upcoming innovaphone Firmware Version 7.


Two methods to accomplish call transfer was tested: Call Transfer on Disconnect (DCT) and Explicit Call Transfer (ECT).

Call Transfer on Disconnect (DCT)

Call Transfer on Disconnect was successfully tested with VoiceDirector.

Explicit Call Transfer (ECT)

Explicit Call Transfer was only successfully tested with V7 firmware. V6 does not support ECT, no MoH is played by innovaphone PBX while VoiceDirector was connecting to 3rd party.

Configuration of innovaphone PBX

Configure TEL interface as follows:

Image:Voice Director PBX Config 01.PNG

Create Gateway Object in PBX:

Image:Voice Director PBX Config 02.PNG

Register TEL Interface connected to VoiceDirector on Gateway Object:

Image:Voice Director PBX Config 03.PNG

Additional configuration for DCT

In case only V6 PBX is available and DCT is used instead of ECT, only one concurrent lookup is possible. Hence you have to prevent that 2 connections are established to VoiceDirector at the same time by placing call counter with max. 1 possible calls on the route from PBX to BRI interface voiceDirector is connected to.

Product Setup

Basic configuration of VoiceDirector in scenario using ECT:

Image:Voice Director ECT hold 01.PNG

For DCT usage change ECT-imp to DCT.

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