Howto:Voice Recording 2014 as a Service with MP3 Compr.

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3rd party input
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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IPVA, V12 | Build 12.5062 and hopefully later.
  • Voice Recording 2014 | 115100

More Information

Voice Recording is an application which is designed to run as user gui and not as Service. In most cases Innovaphone Voice Recording 2014 is installed on a Windows Server OS und should run as a service. Running the application as a service simplify the maintenance by restarting, logon, logoff the user or server. In other words it is the standard for such an application.

This article describes step by step how to install and configure a part of the PBX and especially the Windows Server System to run the whole recorder or http player as a service with additional audio compression to mp3.


PBX Preparation

We start by the pbx. First of all we generate a new dummy user, who has at least Groups/Call Forwards Onlyrights. In our case the user called _RECORDING_. We also add a new group with "active" flag, in our case called "record".

PBX dummy user.png

Users who should be recorded by server should also be within the group, without active flag.

PBX user exmaple.png

Because the Voice Recording 2014 is adjusting the recorded pcap with the CDR ticket, a working reporting must be running and for each user a reporting license is required.

PBX user reporting.png

There are multiple scenarios (record by phone or gateway etc.), for those there already other existing wiki articles.

Windows Feature

In our case we use a state of the art Windows Server 2012r2 OS. Out of the box Windows Server 2012r2 do not support audio media features. Especially if you also need to run the client software "Innovaphone Player" to hear te recorded data it is strongly recommended to install the feature. So we talk about the feature "Media Foundation" which must be added to the server. For this open the "Add Roles and Feature Wizard", progress to the "Feature", scrolldown an select "Media Foundation" and complete the feature installation.

Add Role Media Foundation.png

Folder and Recording preparation

Download and install the latest version of innovaphone Voice Recording 2014, extract it and install it in the standard program path. After that you should have files named innovaphone_Recorder.exe and pcap2wave.exe located in the installation directory.

Create a new directory (for example RecordingInnovaphone\Recorder) on the local drive. Important: The name should not have any " " (blanks), otherwise later the service registration will fail. So in our case the new path is called C:\RecordingInnovaphone\Recorder. Create now a subdirectory called data in this directory. Copy now both installation files innovaphone_Recorder.exe and pcap2wave.exe (If you want to use Audio compression to mp3 those files also should be placed here) from the program path to the new created recorder path. The data folder should be empty.

New directory and folders.png

Write now a new batch-file named open_setup_recorder.bat. And write down the following line:

innovaphone_Recorder.exe recpath=C:\RecordingInnovaphone\Recorder\data\

As described above the "recpath" should not have any blanks inside the path. Believe it, it will not work later. This batch-file is important to change settings for the recorder. To start the setup for the recorder, it always must be started with this file. The "normal" innovaphoneRecorder.exe should not be touched.

Batch file recorder.png

Double-click the created batch.file open_setup_recorder.bat. First time, it can take a while, anyway you should see after a short time the usual setup window.

Important is, that the check-box Save setup in own directory must not be checked ! Other settings can be changed like you want.

Recorder setup 1.png

PBX and Credentials which we define in "PBX preparation" should be entered here.

Recorder setup 2.png

As described above a reporting must be used.

Recorder setup 3.png

Enter here the path to the pcap files. This should be the path where, for example the phone or gateway is recording to.

Recorder setup 4.png

Enter here the path where the recorded an finish compressed files should be stored. This can be a local drive or network-drive.

Recorder setup 5.png

The other tabs are environment specific and are also in other articles more detailed explained.

After you finish all settings in your recorder, push the button "Save+Stop!" and start the batch-file again. Verify that all LED on the GUI are green.

Service Instance

Download the NSSM (Non sucking service manager). Don't worry about the name - strange name, but it works great. Extract it and save it to a destination of your choice. NSSM is not a programm which needs to be installed, more a tool to create new services. Open CMD / Command Line and navigate to the nssm downloaded folder (otherwise you can also use right-click + shift and open command line here to skip the navigation via cmd). Go to the folder of your supported OS, in our case with Windows Server 2012r2 it is the win64 folder. Now type the following:

nssm.exe install „Innovaphone DOKU Recorder“

DOKU Recorder is the name the service should have.

Setup nssm cmd.png

Now the dialogue window from NSSM is opening. Here a short description for each field.

New path where „Innovaphone Recorder exe“ is located
Startup Directory
Path to the new directory
recpath= Path to the new directory "data" folder
Service Name
Name for the new Serivce

Example of a possible configuration:

Setup nssm gui.png

The tab called Details let you give more Information about the installed Service.

Setup nssm detail.png

After you finish the configuration for the service click Install service. Open now your local services (via Windows-run services.msc) and look for your created service. Now you should be able to start and stop the service via service manager. Service will also start with boot as a service, as a usual service do.


Known Problems

Change settings

To change the setup data from the recorder you have to stop the service manually. Now you can run the created batch-file edit settings and close it. After you can start the service via service manager.

Edit Service

If you want to change settings for the created service. Open the cmd go to the nssm.exe directory and type nssm.exe edit SERVICENAME. You will find a closer description in the internet.

Update Recorder

To update your recorder just download the new version. Install the msi in the usual program path, after that you will find the new innovaphone_Recorder.exe in the program directory. Copy it to the specific folder where the real recorder is running. Do not forget to stop the service and start it after file replacement.