Howto:Waiting Queue Announcement depending on Daytime using Boolean Object

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This article describes how to configure a Waiting Queue Object(WQ) to play announcements depending on the daytime or state of a Boolean Object.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone PBX V7 and later.

More Information

The approach to create boolean dependent CFUs on the WQ is not the optimal solution, cause it will force you to create more than one WQ Object with partially redundant configuration. The solution is to offload announcement to the Boolean Object, which is able to play announcements depending on their state.


On the Waiting Queue Object configure the 1st Announcement to point to the Name of the Boolean Object(Worktime) used to switch on-time and off-time.

Boolean Object screenshot 01.png

Now create a Boolean Object named Worktime with following configuration:

Announcement TRUE
plays a business day announcement
Announcement FALSE
plays an automatic off-time announcement
Announcement manual override TRUE
plays a business day announcement or you can set a third state like sunday work etc.
Announcement manual override FALSE
plays a manual set off-time announcement like holiday etc.

Boolean Object screenshot 02.png