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[edit] Applies To

This information applies to all innovaphone products.

[edit] More Information

[edit] Overview

innovaphone and its partners have developed many solutions for special applications and scenarios over the years.

We make these solutions publicly available under the BSD-3-Clause license. The publication and maintenance of these solutions takes place on the innovaphone GitHub Account.

[edit] Structure

The following things are provided for a public solution:

  • Wiki article with the concept of the solution as well as a description how to use it
  • A GitHub repository
  • A listing in this article including a short description and links to the documentation, the direct download and the GitHub repository

[edit] Solutions

[edit] absencememo

Leave a voice absence memo on your phone / a caller will hear first the message and after that your phone rings. Works from anywhere and on any type of phone.

[edit] acddirectory

A external caller stored in the PBX directory is connected automatically to a defined extension.

[edit] advonbusy

The BusyAdvice service gives the caller multiple choices when the person he is calling not is available.

[edit] alarmxml

innovaphone Call Sequencer: localized version (German and Italian only).

[edit] annualcal

Work around for using in version 8 a annual calendar function.

[edit] autocallback

A external caller will be connected automatically to the internal user called him before.

[edit] autogreet

A caller will hear automatically a recorded greeting when you answer the call. The greeting can be recorded directly with the phone set.

[edit] blacklst

This script allows to create and to maintain a simple blacklist for incoming calls. Blacklisted calls to the PBX are immediately rejected or transferred to a default destination. Numbers can be easily added or removed by calling the Blacklist Service object and by following the instructions. Additionally a number can be put in the blacklist by simply transferring the undesired ringing/active call to a specific object.

[edit] busyadv

If a busy innovaphone IP-Phone (with max. nr. of calls=1) receives a call an instant message containing the caller number is immediately forwarded to the set. If the phone is idle again the user can see who was calling him during busy.

[edit] callid

A caller can digit a number, the called user will see this additional information.

[edit] callmeback

An external user can signal to an innovaphone IP-Phone using instant message that he wants to be called back. Typical feature in case of asymmetric calling costs.

[edit] callmonitor

Classic passive busy lamp field for up to 400 users. Run on PC with Windows OS XP or higher.

[edit] call_limit

Limit the duration and number of calls for certain extensions.

[edit] cfstatus

Check the CFU status of the own telephone set (usefully for analog or dect phones).

[edit] checkinout

A filter can be switched on and off from an other phone set.

[edit] controlcfx

Known as "Follow me" this feature allows setting a call forward (CFU) using a remote set (also form external for example a GSM set). All operations are voice guided.

[edit] doorcontrol

Working with multiple Door Cameras

[edit] ext_ann

This xml allows playing a pre-registered audio message to an external announcement facility (PA system).

[edit] g711towav

Batch files to convert G711 files recorded by innovaphone devices to WAV files.

[edit] ibl

innovaphone Babylook: localized version (German and Italian only)

[edit] idd

Reproduce the display of an IP240 on the PC and map the PC-Keyboard to the Phone. Simple CTI-Solution, active busy lamp field, interface for visual impaired and blind operator. Run on Windows OS.

[edit] imcallback

If a DID call return to the operator because the user was absent or busy the operator can leave an automatic instant message the called user. The message contains the number of the caller.

[edit] innoconf

Enhanced Conference Bridge for the innovaphone BC-Conference unit. Users are announced with name when joining and leaving the conference.

[edit] ipcallback

Provides middleware for implementig a Callback via simple HTTP GET or POST request.

[edit] iqm_cbr

XML for the innovaphone Queue Monitor (iQM), see description.

[edit] lcr

Last Call Recording, see article if matching with your requests.

[edit] learnpin

A self learning PIN-code suite.

[edit] licsummary

License Summary

[edit] linearacd

One particularly ACD strategy, see article if matching with your requests.

[edit] mail_cfna

Missed Calls are notified with an email.

[edit] mapdid

Calls done using a map object in the PBX can dial additional digits to the number mapped. PIN code calls can be stored on defined numbers.

[edit] notify

The calling Party will get a simple notification without possibility to leave a message (for example for calls beyond working hours).

[edit] p2n

Switch a Boolean abject in the innovaphone PBX using an external button.

[edit] phonerec

Record using the phone set voice messages and activate them. See also the related article "Simple Message Management" for simple administration of the prompts for users (using a voice menu).

[edit] phonerec2

Script to record dynamic announcements using a phone for announcing public holidays or special on-the-fly messages.

[edit] php-update-server

A PHP based Update Server Utility.

[edit] pinfortrunk

Voice recording using a XML and storage on the CF.

[edit] routepoint

An ACD VoiceMail Script with logic implemented on external server.

[edit] rrobinacd

One particularly ACD strategy, see article if matching with your requests.

[edit] savecdrs

Some sample CDRs and two scripts to save CDRs in a text file or SQL database.

[edit] simplerec

Voice recording using a XML and storage on the CF.

[edit] sivr

Use a XML script for IVR.

[edit] soapcsharp

SOAP sample code in C#.

[edit] soapphp5

SOAP sample code in PHP.

[edit] soapvbdotnet

SOAP sample code in Visual-Basic.Net.

[edit] speakclock

Speaking Clock with Voicemail XML Script.

[edit] spokepre

Spoken presence means that you take your smart phones and set activity (busy, vacation, meeting, lunch etc.) and time (when you are back).

[edit] spokpres

Implement the spoken Presence Feature for DECT and analogue Phones.

[edit] ticketing

Create a simple ticketing system with voice recording.

[edit] trackrecord

You can record Tracks and build your own voice main-menu for recording them.

[edit] tvm-simplified

Announcement Before Answering (simplified).

[edit] vmvoicen

You will be called if a new Voicemail is stored.

[edit] vm_note

If a user has one or more messages in his voicemail the following XML sample plays a voice message instead of the usual dial tone.

[edit] websocketphp5

Talking to the v13 Application Platform using PHP.

[edit] whitelst

White List Service XML Script For Outgoing Calls.

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