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Innovaphone Compatibility Test Report


SIP Provider: Proximus

The tests were made by Proximus Netcenter Lab (previous name Belgacom) following their Compatibility Certification Plan for interoperability with Proximus IMS network. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Innovaphone passed all the required tests and is therefore qualified as compatible Vendor/Device for this product/service.

As main/unique features we have the Redundancy mechanism and Emergency calls handling that require a specific configuration. It's necessary to run the latest v11r2 firmware to operate with this SIP Trunk.

CLIP No Screening isn't supported by regulation and also Rerouting (SIP Redirect) isn't supported by Wireless Office Extended.

The Innovaphone Mobility Feature was tested briefly. It was possible to perform basic Mobility Calls by using a trunk with media-relay. It is recommended that the setup should consist of a unique media-relay SIP trunk, used only for the Mobility calls. However not all call scenarios were tested with Mobility, so a customer should test additionally test Mobility-calls needed in his setup.

  • Features:
    • Direct Dial In
    • DTMF
    • CGPN can be suppressed
    • Emergency Calls
    • Redundancy
    • Mobility Calls

  • Supported Codecs by the provider
    • G711
    • G729

Current test state

EngineeredProd.png The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a engineered product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized July 3rd, 2015.

Testing Enviroment

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 10.png

Test Results

Proximus Validation Report


Firmware version

All innovaphone devices use V11r2 SR2

SIP - Trunk

  • External Trunk to SIP Provider

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 1.png

  • Internal Trunk to PBX

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 2.png

  • 2 Different Trunks for Fixed and Mobile and redundancy of both, so total of 4 External Trunks

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 4.png

Number Mapping

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 3.png

  • Internal Extensions are 2XX.

Route Settings

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 5.png

Emergency Calls

When calling to emergency numbers, it's necessary to manipulate the CLIP in order to provide essential information to the emergency agents:

1. R-URI/CLIP manipulation: 1992+1AB+ZIP code as called party number
2. From-header manipulation: EVN (emergency virtual number) as CLI

Based on the location (Subnet/IP Address of the Endpoint) it's necessary to send the correct ZIP code.

  • 1. To achieve the first requirement we need to create Number MAP Object for each special Emergency Number (ex: 117, 119, 112)

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 7.png

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 8.png

In our example the two different IP addresses represent two different locations (Multi location scenario) with different ZIP codes, the number 1992 is fixed and must be prefixed always.

  • 2. For the second point (EVN) we use the CGPN MAPS at the routes.

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 9.png

Extra Options

Disable Interworking of Hold Notifications to SIP Provider

During the tests we concluded that when interworking the hold-notify message to SIP and sending to the SIP Provider two consecutive Re-Invites with "send-only" attributes, the IMS platform replies to the second re-invite with "inactive". By doing so this the call is put on hold without any Music on Hold - just silence. To avoid this behaviour we need to disable the interworking of the hold-notify message by this setting:

!config add SIP /no-hr-notify
!config write
!config activate

SIP Options Interval (Optional)

The IMS from Proximus uses SIP Options to monitor the SIP Trunks, so it's mandatory that Innovaphone replies to incoming SIP Options received. This is done by default. Additionally we can also send SIP Options to the SIP Proxy and have similar mechanism for redundancy. If the remote Proxy doesn't reply to outgoing SIP Options, the Innovaphone Gateway will send the call to the next interface. To enable sending of Options - messages, the following setting must be done:

!config add SIP /options-interval 30
!config write
!config activate

Remove Comfort Noise (CN) Capability from SDP

During the tests we found out that some specific 3rd party devices connected to the IMS network support only a single coder/payload in the offer. When doing the coder negotiation, this devices repeat the coder negotiation until they have only 1 coder in the offer or until they reach a specific number of retries. Since Innovaphone by default always include the payload 13 (Comfort Noise) in addition to the used voice coder/payload, this would make the remote device to do multiple re-invites to try to reach the single coder/payload in the offer. To avoid this we could? disable the sending of Comfort Noise capability.

!config add SIP /rem-cn-capability
!config write
!config activate

Trunkline Object Settings

Bussiness Trunking - Proximus - SIP Provider Compatibility Test 6.png

  • Reroute Supported: Rerouting is supported with Business Trunking, the original calling number will be displayed to the redirected destination.
  • Set Calling=Diverting No: This option is mandatory since Proximus always checks that the "From" Number is a part of the PSTN-number assigned to the Trunk and not an external number (original number). CLIP NO Screening isn't allowed.
  • No Presence/Dialog Subscribe : This option is optional. It avoids the sending of unnecessary SIP Presence requests to the Provider.

Known limitations

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