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3rd party input
this is 3rd party content not provided by innovaphone, see history for authors.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone PBX, V6 SR1 and later
  • innovaphone Voicemail
  • innovaphone phones, including softphone, waiting queue etc.

More Information

This article explains how to create a voicebox without recording with a modified voicemail-script

Problem Details

The default-script allows only to use the voicemail with recording, but in many cases a box without recording is wanted. Mostly the users want to decide between a box with an a box without recording.

System Requirements

  • Running innovaphone PBX V6 SR1 and later
  • Installed compact flash card or external WebServer with webdav funtionatilty
  • Running innovaphone voicemail


There are 3 ways to use the script

  • use it exclusive and give no user the choice for recording
  • use it in the same voicemail-folder like recording (the greeting is the same in booth modes)
  • use it in a separated voicemail-folder like recording (the greeting is separated from the greeting with recording)

Whatever - you have to create a webdav-folder for the vm-script or you have already an existing vm-folder. If not already done copy the complete content of the vm-script which delivered by innovaphone-download into the folder. After that you can replace the XML-script with the new one. Don't worry, the function of your existing voicemail is still the same!


Configure a voicemail-object as you know it. You descide with a new parameter (_norec) in the URL to the script over record or no-record:


Known Problems

The script is only tested with V12R1 and V12R2, but there are no problems with other versions to expect