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Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone IP110, IP150, IP200A, IP240 operated with
  • innovaphone firmware V10


This article gives an overview about the different v10-firmware variants for above mentioned innovaphone phone types.

New V10 features such as video and upgrades in terms of telephony features shall be available within already existing phones - independent of their type, age and available on-board memory.

To protect these investments, starting with V10 several new firmware variants providing a subset of functionality have been generated. These variants are part of the V10-firmware-packages and are explained in the table below:

FW-name Display* SIP H.323 PPP Video Note
ipxxx no yes yes yes no SIP
ipxxx-sip ps yes no yes yes no H.323
ipxxx-no-ppp hs yes yes no yes no PPP

xxx stands for the phone model (110, 150, 200A, 240).

* Abbreviation displayed in the General/Info screen next to the version-number

Depending on the use-case (mainly the required communication protocol), a dedicated firmware -version has to be used.


Above mentioned settings do not apply for phones with sufficent memory able to operate with the full-featured firmware:

  • IP222, IP232 and IP241


  • IP110A, IP200B, IP240A