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If a network uses several VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network), a VLAN can be specified for every Ethernet interface. This ensures that the data packets are transmitted to the specified VLAN only. Usually the VLAN configuration (both VLAN ID and Priority) for innovaphone devices will be provided either by a DHCP Server or a network switch via LLDP. In both cases the values configured here are ignored.

ID The ID of the VLAN. The value 0 is applied if the ID entry field is empty. The VLAN ID with the value 0 switches the QoS (Quality of Service) off according to 802.1q.
Priority If the switch at the port to the innovaphone gateway happens to be configured to a different ID, the same value must be entered here to allow the Ethernet packets to be prioritised. A priority value between 0 and 7 is entered here (configuration on the Ethernet switch).

Since v10 by factory default the innovaphone devices accept VLAN configuration via LLDP provided by the switch. If an LLDP VLAN setting is received from the switch, it takes precedence over both local configurations on the device and VLAN information received in a DHCP lease.

[edit] Troubleshooting

disable LLDP

  • config add LLDP0 /disable

ignore LLDP packets, log received packets in trace

  • config add LLDP0 /ignore

log send/received packets in trace

  • config add LLDP0 /trace

Note: For ETH0 use LLDP0, for ETH1 use LLDP1.

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