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These release notes describe the V10 (that is, Reference10:Concept_Faxserver based) Faxserver based on the linux application platform.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Faxserver V10

V10 Service Release 1 (100062)

3669 - Logrotation didn't work due to updated logrotate package

Ticket #103856. The updated packages required permission changes on and in some files.

3644 - New end user languages for Exchange/Fax

Ticket #103219. The following languages for end user visible strings have been added:

Administrator UIs are not affected!

V10 Service Release 2 (100067)

3697 - Faxserver: Support for usage in a node

Ticket #104533. The fax server does not consider the node number of the fax server gateway object. This is fixed now.

V10 Service Release 3 (100079)

3776 - Avoid hanging of multiple soffice instances

Ticket #106486. It might have happened, that multiple soffice instances have been started which blocked the fax server.

3746 - Correctly check running processes in application installation files

Ticket #106040. This check failed without correct system time (no NTP server).

3837 - Fax server: SOAP connection failure

Ticket #107972. If the PBX device is rebooted, the SOAP connection can fail and incoming fax calls aren't handled. This is fixed now.

3838 - Fax server: Special characters in user's H323 id

Ticket #107991. The fax server can't receive fax documents if the user's H323 id includes special characters. This is fixed now.

3782 - Fax server: Support for user's send number

Ticket #106592. The fax server considers the user's configured send number now.

V10 Service Release 4 (100083)

3847 - Correctly encode non latin1 languages

Ticket #108269. Languages like russian have not been treated correctly for fax server related message strings.

3840 - Fixed fax server restart in certain circumstances

Ticket #108152. An installation with more than nine fax servers didn't work properly anymore, as an internal conversion has been wrong.

3845 - Fixed increment of backup serials of fax server backup files

Ticket #108246. A folder for backup serials didn't exist, so the index stayed 0. This is fixed now.

3850 - Updated translations

Ticket #108349. Updated translations

V10 Service Release 5 (100086)

3928 - Fax server: Better diagnostics if outgoing call fails

Ticket #110951. The cause code for the failed calls in the relay is recorded. The error description "script error: wrong fax call state" is replaced for failed calls in the PBX and the relay.

3951 - Fax server: CN case independent

Ticket #111439. The CN of an user isn't case independent for the fax server, but for the PBX. This is fixed now.

3950 - Fax server: Configurable modem class

Ticket #111407. Now it is possible to configure the supported modem class of the fax server interface. There are available:
- V.17, V.29 and V.27
- V.29 and V.27
- V.27

3948 - Fax server: Support for 'no channel available'

Ticket #111335. If the fax call is released with the release code 'no channel available', the call counter isn't increased and the call is retried one minute later for maximum 2 hours. This is useful to queue more fax jobs (fax documents and multiple fax recipients) than channels are available for the fax server.

3904 - Faxserver: Failed calls with wrong header line definition

Ticket #109856. Some translations of the default header line definition are wrong. There is also no check for the PHP SOAP function call for setting the header line. This results in hanging fax calls in the fax diagnostics call list and is fixed now.

V10 Service Release 6 (100088)

3971 - Fax server: TIFF format and user text

Ticket #111834. There are new configuration options available for the fax server:
With 'File format of forwarded fax document' can be changed that the incoming fax document is forwarded as a TIFF instead of a PDF document.
The user's mail content can be ignored with disabled 'Cover page includes user's text' option.

V10 Service Release 8 (100105)

4106 - Allow a single '+' as fax subscriber ID

Ticket #115753. A single '+' can be used as fax subscriber ID now.

4127 - Fax server: Multi-page TIFF documents

Ticket #116207. LibreOffice isn't able to convert multi-page TIFF documents into an outgoing fax document. Now tiff2pdf is used and it succeeds.

4078 - Fax server: Reuse TCP connection for SOAP

Ticket #114976. The SOAP connection is changed: the TCP connection is reused instead of a new TCP connection every SOAP request now.

4081 - Fax server: User number prefix for incoming calls

Ticket #115005. The user number prefix does not work correctly for incoming fax calls, the PBX users are not found. The feature is fixed now.

4091 - Updated translations

Ticket #115368. Updated translations of Linux and its applications.

V10 Service Release 9 (100111)

4191 - Fax server: Configuration with PBX Map objects

Ticket #117935. There is a new configuration possibility for the fax server with PBX Number Map objects now: If an PBX user is a Number Map object, the fax number is composed without the fax gateway number and an alternative subscriber id is used.
It is also possible to use only the fax gateway object as fax destination number. The innovaphone firmware must be V10 SR9 or later.
See also: Howto: Faxserver Number Plan

4185 - Fax server: Cover sheet user variables from emails

Ticket #117592. Now it is possible to define variables in the emails which can be used in the cover document. Usage in the email: @var_name=var_value

4176 - Fax server: Cover sheet variable 'UserMail'

Ticket #117396. Now there is a new field variable in the cover sheet available with the name 'UserMail' and the string value of the sender email address.

4171 - Fax server: File name with date and time

Ticket #117336. The name of the file which is sent by the fax server includes the date and time now. So the file doesn't overwrite a previous saved file without name changing.

4172 - Fax server: Users with 'Hide from LDAP' option

Ticket #117337. Users with the enabled 'Hide from LDAP' option aren't found by the fax server. This is fixed now.

4189 - Updated translations

Ticket #117837. Updated translations of the fax server application.

V10 Service Release 10 (100114)

4237 - Support digest only authentication for PBX connection too

Ticket #119567. The PBX is now connected with Basic OR Digest authentication.

V10 Service Release 11 (100118)

V10 Service Release 12 (100124)

4306 - Fax server: NAT IP address and port configurable

Ticket #121658. If there is a NAT router between the Linux AP and the PBX, the NAT IP address and the forwarded port can be configured now.

4348 - Fax server: SOAP error message

Ticket #123149. Some error messages aren't shown with the SOAP connection test button. This is fixed now.

4335 - Updated translations

Ticket #122668. Updated translations.

V10 Service Release 13 (100127)

4356 - Fax server: Authorized hosts without SMTP Auth

Ticket #123519. Now it is possible to send mails without SMTP Authentication from a host which was authorized with his IP address before.

4351 - Fax server: Compatibility with later cURL PHP versions

Ticket #123341. The current code isn't compatible with later cURL PHP versions. The SOAP error occurs that the peer's certification name doesn't match. This is changed now.

4357 - Increased PHP memory limit on VM

Ticket #123725. We doubled the PHP memory limit for the linux VM. This is e.g. usefull for huge faxes.

V10 Service Release 14 (100136)

4403 - Fax server: Installation failed, Authorized hosts without SMTP Auth

Ticket #125942. The new feature "Authorized hosts without SMTP Auth" doesn't correctly work because files aren't correctly installed. This is fixed now.

4413 - Fax server: Large incoming fax splitting

Ticket #126405. Large incoming faxes are split in files with maximum 30 pages to prevent mail sending errors now.

4396 - Fax server: No channel available resend

Ticket #125713. The fax application doesn't consider all release codes which should be handled as no channel available. This is fixed now.

4395 - Fax server: Prevent disturbing UUI from provider

Ticket #125712. The provider can send a UUI which can disturb the transmit of the fax file name to the FAX interface and the fax file can't be opened. This is fixed now.

V10 Service Release 15 (100147)

4441 - Fax server: Relay host configuration fails with incoming fax documents

Ticket #127422. The relay host configuration fails because the mail with an incoming fax document is sent with a wrong envelope sender address. This bug is related to the hotfix 14 and is fixed again.

4454 - Fax server: Remove FAX prefix from recipient for SAP support

Ticket #127819. Now the FAX prefix "FAX=" from recipient address is removed to support a SAP system.

4462 - Log files didn't work after uninstall and reinstall of an application

Ticket #128001. The application specific log files didn't work after uninstall and reinstall of the application.

V10 Service Release 16 (100154)

4510 - Added Polish translation

Ticket #130261. We added the Polish translation.
Mainly innovaphone Reporting has been translated, but innovaphone Faxserver and innovaphone Exchange Calendar Connector are also mostly translated.

The innovaphone application platform itself still remains untranslated for Polish.

4485 - Fax server: Incoming fax documents fit to page

Ticket #129297. If the pages of an incoming fax document are longer than size A4, the pages are truncated. Now longer pages are fit to A4.

4486 - Validation check for email adresses

Ticket #129306. A new validation check also checked DNS records for the email domain which produced false results.

V10 Service Release 17 (100157)

V10 Service Release 18 (100160)

4576 - Destroy session data for php scripts which are not used within web UI

Ticket #133075. This reduces the amount of session files and speeds up the session cleanup script.

4588 - IP305, include interface licenses in firmware

Ticket #133913. IP305 is sold with full interface licenses only

4584 - Updated translations

Ticket #133817. Some translations have been updated.

V10 Service Release 19 (100163)

4590 - Fax server: License check for slave PBX users

Ticket #134140. The fax server gateway PBX object must be present on the slave PBX for the user's license check. This is fixed now and only a TAPI login is needed.

4591 - Fax server: Restricted number support for the subscriber ID

Ticket #134141. Restricted number support for the subscriber ID added.

V10 Service Release 20 (100168)

V10 Service Release 21 (100173)

V10 Service Release 22 (100174)

V10 Service Release 23 (100176)

4894 - Fax server: IMCEA FAX without recipient name

Ticket #146224. Now it is possible to send a fax in the IMCEA format without a recipient name.

V10 Service Release 24 (100178)

5018 - Do not redirect output of faxserver check

Ticket #150414. The output of the cron job which checks the faxserver won't be redirected any more.

V10 Service Release 25 (100181)

5070 - Added French, Russian and Czech translations to Linux and its applications

Ticket #151956. French, Russian and Czech translations are now integrated.

V10 Service Release 26 (100183)

5148 - Fax server: Forward partial received fax documents to the user

Ticket #154366. Now a partial received fax document is also forwarded to the user.

5147 - Fax server: Mail error received from Ferrari fax

Ticket #154343. The attachments of mails received from Ferrari fax can't be saved and is fixed now.

5149 - Fax server: Maximum message size and minimum free disc space

Ticket #154416. The maximum SMTP message size is increased to 20000kB and a minimum free disc space to accept mails is set to 1,5GB.

V10 Service Release 27 (100190)

5221 - Fax server: Less outgoing calls for smaller PBX

Ticket #156930. The fax server starts more outgoing fax calls with SOAP first if more successful connections are found step by step. This prevents too much load for smaller PBX.

V10 Service Release 28 (100193)

5269 - Fax server: Rejected calls hungs up outgoing fax calls

Ticket #159806. If calls are rejected by the fax server, these calls aren't deleted in the shared memory. With V10sr27 "Less outgoing calls for smaller PBX" the call list is used and the fax server is blocked for further outgoing calls. This is fixed now.

5266 - Fax server: Unfinished job caused by deleted user mail address

Ticket #159646. A fax job isn't completed if the user mail address is deleted between converting documents and sending the fax. This is fixed now.

V10 Service Release 29 (100194)

5324 - Fixed custom faxserver translations

Ticket #162852. If the english text has been changed, e.g. the german text didn't show anything anymore.
Now the original german text is shown.

V10 Service Release 30 (100195)

V10 Service Release 31 (100199)

5416 - Fax server: Duplicate sent fax

Ticket #168209. Fax documents are sent duplicate. This is fixed now.

V10 Service Release 32 (100210)

V10 Service Release 33 (100215)

V10 Service Release 34 (100218)

V10 Service Release 35 (100221)

V10 Service Release 36 (100225)

V10 Service Release 37 (100227)

V10 Service Release 38 (100234)

11362 - Faxserver: Converting of received documents with 400 dpi

The tool tiff2pdf doesn't correctly convert documents with 203 dpi horizontal and 400 dpi vertical resolution with the option fit to page. The option fit to page was added in sr16 and shouldn't be used if the horizontal and the vertical resolution differ. Now the target resolutions are calculated by the fax server itself.
Ok, dann machen wir doch beide Fixes.
Den Fax-Fix veröffentlichen wir gleich für den Kunden. Und der Firmwarefix nur in 12r2
D.h. vorher kam bei der Auflösung einfach nichts, wenn man Fit to Page gesetzt hat? - Doch, das Dokument wird verzerrt und verkleinert in A5 auf A4 angezeigt. Beispiel vom Kunden angefügt.

Der Workaround hilft, weil es so oft nicht vor kommt, dass zu große Bilder gesendet werden? - Ja, er hilft perfekt, wenn eine eingehende Seite nicht größer als A4 ist. Man kann annehmen, dass Geräte, die 400lpi senden, sich auch auf A4 beschränken. Ein Fax selbst ist nicht auf eine Länge beschränkt. Ich füge die Option fit to page bei der Konvertierung hinzu, wenn die Länge A4 überschreitet. Dabei wird nicht auf 400lpi überprüft und die Anzahl der Zeilen bei 400ldi überschreitet mit dem doppelten Wert natürlich immer die A4-Länge mit 203lpi. Die Lösung ist, dies zu unterscheiden, und im Normalfall kein fit to page zu setzen, erst wenn die Zeilenanzahl die A4-Länge merklich überschreitet, damit nichts abgeschnitten wird. Die Alternative ist, das Tool zu korrigieren oder ein anderes Tool zu finden. Dieses Konvertierungsproblem wird man auch auf dem neuen Linux haben.
Oder man verhindert im FAX-Interface allgemein das Empfangen vom Dokumenten in der vertikalen Auflösung mit 400lpi, weil wir Überlänge in dieser Auflösung mit diesem Tool nicht korrekt auf A4 konvertieren können.

Jetzt ist mir noch eine andere Idee gekommen: das FAX-Interface kann keine 400 dpi empfangen, das könnte man im T.4 und T.30 ändern und davon ausgehen, dass die Dokumente mit 400x400 statt mit 203x400 rein kommen und das Konvertierungstool dann keinen Mist mehr macht.

Dein Vorschlag ist also das echte Problem nicht zu lösen?

V10 Service Release 39 (100235)

V10 Service Release 40 (100238)

15999 - Fax server: File names in ms-tnef attachments not escaped

The file names in ms-tnef attachments aren't escaped, so a shell command fails if the file name contains special characters. This is fixed now.

V10 Service Release 41 (100239)

V10 Service Release 42 (100241)

18104 - Fax server: Delayed converting of incoming fax documents

If the converting of the incoming fax file is started too fast, the file written by the WebDAV server isn't found and the converting fails. Now this step is delayed one minute.

V10 Service Release 43 (100242)

20922 - Fax server: Failed send notification with document

The notification about a failed outgoing fax is sent with the complete fax pages now (converted document with the cover page, not the original files).

V10 Service Release 44 (100243)

22311 - Fax server: Not correctly decoded file name type in e-mail

The file name of an attached file in e-mails isn't correctly decoded. This results in wrong file extentions and wrongly converted documents by the fax server. Occured with Zimbra webmail.

V10 Service Release 45 (100246)

24333 - Fax server: Node number not added

When sending faxes the node number of an user isn't added if the user is configured with a node. This is fixed now.

V10 Service Release 46 (100247)

V10 Service Release 47 (100249)

V10 Service Release 48 (100251)

V10 Service Release 49 (10025300)

V10 Service Release 50 (100254)

V10 Service Release 51 (100256)

V10 Service Release 52 (100257)

V10 Service Release 53 (100258)

46532 - Disabled sslverifyhost for pbx SOAP connection

Solves compatibility with newer PHP versions.

46533 - soffice binary now started with sudo

solves compatibility issues

V10 Service Release 54 (100259)

49805 - Fax server: Not correctly decoded file name loops the convert process

If the filename of an attached file is MIME encoded the filename isn't correctly decoded. The convert process runs in a loop.

V10 Service Release 55 (100260)

52666 - FaxServer - attachment - base64 encoded filenames loop convert

If a mailclient use base64 encoding in the "Content-Disposition" filename attribute, the convert prozess create more then 1000 pages to convert. Wrong filename decoding fixed.

V10 Service Release 56 (10026300)

54752 - Fax Server: ignore S/MIME attachments

Ignore S/MIME attachments from incoming emails

V10 Service Release 57 (100264)

55886 - Faxserver - Plaintext Email missing BOM

Missing BOM (Byte Order Mark) in Plaintext content breaks special chars like öäü. (some mail clients doesnt sent it)

V10 Service Release 58 (100265)

V10 Service Release 59 (100266)

61730 - Wrong encoded text in cover page from email body

The text from an email body used for the cover page isn't correctly converted .

V10 Service Release 60 (100267)

65449 - No line breaks in cover page from email body

The text from an email body used for the cover page isn't correctly converted, the line breaks are missed. Fix for #61730.

V10 Service Release 61 (100268)

V10 Service Release 62 (100269)

V10 Service Release 63 (100270)

V10 Service Release 64 (100271)

V10 Service Release 65