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These release notes describe the V10 Voice Recorder.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Recorder V10

Recording Hotfix 01

4737 - Build 1084

Ticket #141033. From Build 1084 on the recorder will not map drives but access via http to the CF/webdav.
Slaves operations is possible.
TCR recording is diseabled in this build.

4918 - Do not Record empty Files

Ticket #146861. All records, even small one, are recorded.
Solved in Build 10092

4198 - Enhanced Layout

Ticket #118144.
- Setup: Allow delete records without connection to the recorder (for future synchronization with the reporting DB)
- Setup: Allow export of encoded files
- Setup: Allow instant Play
- Setup: Allow transcription
- Screen setup more than 100% is supported
- New layout/symbols
- Automatic hide of unused/unusable symbols: The playlist and Clockdisplay keys are displayed only if the situation allows an action
- Additional time information: elapsed and time to end is displayed always under the progress slider
- Hiding of additional information: Player, Memory, Volume and Call Details can be hided from the user. The setup is automatically saved and available even after a restart.

5248 - Missing Records

Ticket #158245. If in a call are involved more than 10 objects (for example because the call initially was distributed with a broadcast object) the recorder is not able to recognize if the user was involved. That depends off the position because the recorder sear up to 10 levels in the XML response. Extended to 90 levels (objects involved in a call).
In some situation the number of am agent is not his internal number but extended with a called object number. For example the user 36 appears in the reporting as user 5736 because he was called through that object. The result is that the recording again is not recognizing that this user is to record. Now also the name will be checked to avoid that.

Solved in Build 1102, see also ###156608###

5092 - No TCR on Webdav

Ticket #152767. TCR works just on the CF, not the Webdav.
Solved in build Buidl 1099.

4472 - Numbers with * and #

Ticket #128340. If a called numbers contains # the record is stored but not synchronized with the reporting, a reporting error is displayed.
If a number contains a * then record is not stored and a program error is displayed.
Solved in Build 1072

4132 - Player Version Trial04

Ticket #116245. In the previous version Trial 03 if many records are selected and played in a playlist it could happen that each track jof the list is reproduced just for few seconds. Can not be reproduced in any case, depends on various factors.
Solved in this Version, build 1018 is updated in the unofficial trials.

4487 - Player via http

Ticket #129321. See relative Wiki article for description

4547 - Player: filter for more exension

Ticket #132109. See just numbers:
It is also possible indicate a filter for more extension numbers separated by a semicolon. In this case a drop down selection field will appear and the desired extension as filter can be selected. This is usefully when for example a supervisor should see all his agents’ calls (but not any recorded call).

Build 1077

4890 - Port in IP-Address

Ticket #146158. If in the IP-Address a Port is indicated the web Version of the Recorder would fail.
Resolved in Build 1091
See also ###145312###

4147 - Recorder: Problem with CF in Trial 24

Ticket #116820. Access to the CF fails in some installationswith build 1018.
Even the length of some fields seems to be too short (20 Character), adjusted to 100 Characters

Should be solved in Trial 25 (Build 1019)

4629 - Recording Build 1080 Edition 111

Ticket #138529. Former Build works bad if the webdav is done on a innovaphone HW Plattform but works fine on a CF and IPVA. The timeout in the Request was too short and the result is a CF down message.

If the working directory has space in the name the Pcap2Wave fails. Solved.

4983 - Recording on large PBX

Ticket #148630. see

4982 - Recording time error at 12:00

Ticket #148628. At 12:00 time will be displayed "00:00"
Solved with build 1094


4997 - Recording wrong date/time and delete timeout

Ticket #149724. In some situations date and/or time information could be wrong. On top if webdav is selected (not on pure CF) day and month can be swapped manually.
If on a CF there are many file to delete one after another the results are unpredictable. The CF (pure CF, not over webdav) is very sensitive and slow, therefore a delay of at least one second between delete commands must be observed.
Solved in Build 1097

5019 - TCR works wrong and 12:00 AM is stored as 00:00 if CF

Ticket #150482.
Solved in Build 1098

4099 - test

Ticket #115625. das ist der test

4837 - Voice Recording PCAP file Transfer fails

Ticket #144582. See ticket ###139679

Recording Hotfix 02

5419 - Pcap without CDR - Build 1114

Ticket #168330. The number of cycles before a pcap file without CDR ticket is deleted can be set. On top can be selected if before deleting the pcap a emergency copy in the TMP directory should be done or not.

5437 - Player path

Ticket #169054. In the Player the path can not be set.
The recorder has still the problem with * in the number.
Both items fixed in build 1119

5403 - Recorder Loop in PBX

Ticket #167429. If an incomming call is directed to a CFU to an external destination this will not recordet (message "no Agent").
Fixed in Build 1112

5518 - Recorder on CF and Webdav Build 1123

Ticket #171860. On CF date/Time Error in file parsing are possible.

5432 - Recording fails when numer contain more than one *

Ticket #168921. fixed in Build 1114

5544 - Voice Recorder - Format error - Build 1124.

Ticket #173249. If there is no CDR ticket a format Error causes a not correct deleting of the file.

Please note that the Player rework is still in beta.

Recording Hotfix 03

9161 - Master Slave singe Recorder

If a customer has a Master Slave scenario where the slave users are registered in the slave and the master act just a as a license, and there is a recorder in the slave the licenses has to be checked in the master. In the setup of the recorder the credentials of the master can be set. Normal operations if those filed are left blank.

Build 1131 - Ticket 180688

9682 - Player mit 4 Augen Prinzip

Nico Finzel, 4 Augen Prinzip
Erweiterte Anmeldeoption
Build 1132

11934 - Recorder als Dienst

The Recorder run as a Windows Service

9018 - Recording Storage Path mapping

It seems that in Windows Server 2008 editions (probably in all Windows Server editions) the mapping of a network drive is inherit to applications. Therefore while in the explorer a mapped drive is visible in the path dialog such drive is invisible.
There are some articles in the web about that problem and how to fix it, but customers told me that this hints won’t work.
A simple and quick solution would be doing the mapping of the network drive inside of the recording application.

Recording Hotfix 04

13736 - All fix reported in Hotfix 3

All fix reported in Hotfix 3

13735 - Freeze at midnight

Freeze at midnight. If there are records to process during midnight the recorder up to HF 4 could freeze.

Recording Hotfix 05

17669 - http Player

Some Firewalls do not like ping. In the Player Setup Ping can be switched off.
Bug: Some times files are shows as "manipulated" even if not.
After calling pcap2wave and Sox the resource are forced to unload (dispose).

Build 1149


13759 - Not Standard port for email alarm

After the main adress a port can be indicatet, default = 25.

Build 1138

Recording Hotfix 06

16469 - Number of digits in IP address

In Setup Salves the maximum length of an IP Address is 20 digits, now updated to 80 digits.

16479 - PBX trap

If the PBX is doing a restart during a recording no CDR record will be produced. Therefore the partial PCAP File will be dropped. If the trap of the PBX is during a file copy from the Webdav, the recorder try up to 5 minutes, but will recover the operation automatically after that time.
Note in Wiki.

16476 - PCAP delete

As default now PCAP file without CDR ticket are deleted after 5 cycles with negative answer by the reporting.

16470 - PCAP temporary directory REC

If a PCAP copy fails to the temporary directory, in a second attempt the old (or partially) file is not overwritten. Now the recorder check if a file with the same name is jet there and will delete it before the second copy try.

16471 - Pcap2wave failing

If the format conversion pcap2wav fails in a second try the old target file is not cleared. Now first will be checked if there is no target file with the same name and deleted if yes.

16472 - SOAP fails

If the SOAP connections fails but the session is still up the recorder will not clear the session before try to start up a second one.

Recording Hotfix 07

17545 - MP3 Files in Player

If in a directory are just mp3 files they are not displayed. Now the file extension option is always visible.

Recording Hotfix 08

17786 - CPU Load

CPU load during Pcap2Wave is high on some installations.

18028 - Delete record after one cyle without CDR

The CDR requesting works in the following way. If the Recorder detect from the SOAP connection that a call of a recording user is ended he ask immediately the reporting. That could be fine if anything is quick, but sometimes won’t work because there is a delay in reporting. So the recorder tries a second time after a waiting period and only if that fail, the recorder start counting down the cycle counter. Therefore the observation is correct; even if 1 is in 3 attempts are done.
From Build 1151 on if “1” is indicated as cycle after the second time the record will be cleared.
Please note anyway that any extension must have a reporting license and therefore it should never happen that records without CDR tickets are in the system!

18030 - Demo-Mode after long link failure

If the link to the PBX is up and after a period goes down the recorder start the demo-mode counter. If the PBX connection is not up after 20 minutes the recorder goes in demo-mode.

17787 - Manipulated Files

If the File time is not the same than the one in the timestamp it will be shown instead of displaying the warning message manipulated.

18027 - Old Pcap2Wave

Copy of new pcap2wave source

20255 - Voice Recorder: Handle payload type changes

If the payload type changed in a PCAP file the WAV file generated by the pcap2wav tool contained noise at this place. This tool is used in the voice recorder and caused the defect in the recording.

Recording Hotfix 09

22443 - Player pcap to wave conversion

Player should be able to convert pcap files to wave files if the source pcap files are not encrypted.
If pcap files are displayed a covert button appears automatically.

Build 1157(01)

Recording Hotfix 10

23361 - Date information from CDR

Date Information if recognized as valid is taken form the CDR Ticket (formerly from the creation time of the recording file, if not valid from the recorder PC).
The Player has also a hidden function to synchronize date with CDR Date. Double click on the “original” label on top of the file list. All listed files will be check and eventually corrected, if necessary moved to the correct directory. No synch with reporting is done.

22933 - Player remote controll from reporting using a recorder http-server

Bug: controlling the player from the reporting fails if the player works with a recorder http fileserver.

Recording Hotfix 11

24147 - MiFID II - TAN

Support TAN number

Recording Hotfix 12

28458 - Record lenght using CF

With native CF (no Linux) partial voice recording is possible. The PBX saves two PCAP files, tipically with the same lenght and contend but using a CF it could happen that writing in one file stopps. This version will take always the longer of the two files.
<!#210132 -->

Recording Hotfix 13 - Build 1177

28957 - Record lenght to short

In some situations the recorder retrieves the wrong record lenght and delete the recordet file. The bug depends on other records and is not predictable for the user.

Recording Hotfix 14 - Build 1178

29329 - XML file export

The recorder write down the XML data or each saved call without encryption. The filename ends with “.._clearXML”. The encoded XML is written too.
This feature was introduced and described and available in the setup but not active.

Recording Hotfix 15 - Build 1179

30864 - Player: No CDR details for some records.

Player: bug: if the Pcap Filename includes a user name in some records could not be displayed the CDR details.

31652 - Recording Hotfix 16 - Build 1180

Names in the PCAP Filename are deleted in the Recording Filename because not compatible with some features.

Recording Hotfix 17 - Build 1181

Recording Hotfix 18

33085 - Name as IP adress

Name is possible, up to 100 character are possible

Recording Hotfix 19 - Build 1184

34987 - email notification

The description of the values is done in a clearer mode.
Nor in the mail body there is also the last error log entry reported and the alarm status of the control pannel lamps.
<! #224288 -->

Recording Hotfix 20 - Build 1186

35193 - Agent Call Transfer with WQ

If an agent transfers a call coming form a WQ to a second agent the call is not recorded.
This is not described in the Wiki under the recording rules, but should be supported.

35394 - File size Check

The recorder checks if the size of the recorded PCAP file is higher than 30k. Such small file will not contain any usefully information because the call duration is just some second, typically the user answers and release immediately. The conversion of such a small file causes errors and also the reproduction typically is not possible even using a standard media player.
This feature was always part of the software, the fix is a better error log information as well as a check of the file size on the local harddisk.
In the previous builds the recorder checks the file size on the CF and deletes the file there if too small. Now this done in this way only if TCR option is flagged, in case of normal operation the file will be copied and the file size is checked on the local HD.

Recording Hotfix 21 - Build 1190

35890 - Check alternative Reporting

In some scenarios there is an active and a standby reporting. There are situations where the recorder does not check that the CDR tickets are stored just in one of the two reporting database. This could for example be if there is a problem between the PBX and the active reporting but not between der recorder and the active reporting. While all that is not a problem for the reporting because the records will be synchronized in a second time, the recorder will delete the records because the reporting answers with “no record”. Therefore it is possible force the recorder to look always also in the alternative reporting if the primary reporting answers with no record. If the recorder runs on the active reporting the alternative is the standby, if he runs on the standby the alternative is the active.
To switch on this feature a standby reporting must be defined and the option “Check alternative if no record” must be checked.
If the reporting (active or standby) returns an empty record (= “no record”) the recorder ask the alternative reporting.

35891 - Skip recordings

In some scenarios it should be possible to skip (not store) some conversations. This is done using a similar mechanism used with the TCR. If at the end of the conversation a xml file is there this record will be deleted. Therefore it works only if during the conversation the xml file is created. This can be done using a feature key on the phone set or using a external application.
Form Build 1188 on

Recording Hotfix 22 - Build 1194

39175 - Enhanced logging in case of TCR

If TCR is switched on and the directory structure is not correct the logging is poor. New error message if TCR directory is not found.

39008 - Keep PCAP Files

The PCAP file will not be deleted after copy and rename on the destination path (subdir “REC”) but renamed. This option can be switched on in the setup for debugging. Keep in mind that the volume of data is huge if switched on because the original file required a lot of space and there is even the copy (wave or mp3) there.

Recording Hotfix 23 - Build 1199

48227 - CFU and recording done by the IP-Phone

If an Agent A has a CFU to Agent B the number is not stored correctly. This happens only if the recording is done by the Phone while recording done by the GW shows the correct partner (as described in the recording rules).

47188 - External Callcenter

In some cases calls diverted to external numbers should be forced to be signed as incoming calls, even when they are from a Reporting point of view outgoing ones.
It is possible to define a caller A, if he did the call the direction will be forces to “I”.
Up to 50 extensions can be defined.

47196 - Manual recording with announcement

PCAP recording and automatic announcement on manual recording. See feature descriprion in Reference.

46808 - Reporting Update fails

If a ping to the reporting fails, the reporting will not be updated. The timeout for the ping response was 800ms, now 2000ms. On top if a ping fails now the recorder waits for 5 seconds and tries again. Only if also that ping fails the operation is aborted.
If the player is connected with the recorder using the button “Update”, it will force the recorder to update the selected records in the reporting (max. 10 selected records at once).

Recording Hotfix 24 - Build 1202

51133 - Player: limitation to see just one User


Recording Hotfix 25 - Build 1205

54419 - V13 user App license comaptibility

A V10 recorder can be operated using the V13 user App license. In the user the license must be switched off for comaptibility reason.

54099 - Wrong number in recorded files

Ticket 239247
PBX user xxxx number is misisng and instead of that is there remote party number.

Recording Hotfix 26 - Build 1207

57352 - License Type "Service(innovaphone-recordings)13" supportet

License Type "Recording13" and "Service(innovaphone-recordings)13" supportet.
License V10 and V11 are not longer supporten, use older version for those installations.

Recording Hotfix 27 - Build 1209

60869 - Still license problems with V12 V13

Recording Hotfix 28 - Nuild 1210

66181 - Player can reproduce pcap files

The player can reproduce in the pure player mode native pcap files without any other infos. After a play the file is avaliable also in wav format.

Recording Hotfix 29 - Build 1211

68306 - Date Format on newer Webdav is not recognized correct

68307 - Pcap copy fails

Recording Hotfix 30 - Build 1225

104150 - Layout

Layout adapted, size and position stored after restart

73685 - Player with HTTP Server and local path

Player and remote HTTP Server: if a local path is in the setup the player do not read the remote directory. This is a wrong setup, but the player should recognize that automatically.

104149 - Recording without Reporting

Just based on a SOAP connection, program must run always. Some features are not possible. Recording user can be assgined without restart. Stop can be done when idle.

Speed increased up to 100 times.

104148 - TCR Timerout

Bug: The time for the TCR Recording starts at the beginning of the conversation (not at the end)