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These release notes describe the V10 (that is, Reference10:Concept_Reporting based) Reporting based on the linux application platform.

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Reporting V10

V10 Service Release 1 (100062)

3669 - Logrotation didn't work due to updated logrotate package

Ticket #103856. The updated packages required permission changes on and in some files.

V10 Service Release 2 (100067)

3719 - myPBX call list: Script error when retrieving history from reporting

Ticket #104948. remote_ajax.htm, Line 77:
"Die für diesen Vorgang erforderlichen Daten sind noch nicht verfügbar".

Cross-domain problem with Force-https on ILAP.

V10 Service Release 3 (100079)

3746 - Correctly check running processes in application installation files

Ticket #106040. This check failed without correct system time (no NTP server).

3815 - Correctly escape long name and pbx/system name

Ticket #107723. Otherwise the report generation failed.

3805 - Increased max length of report mails field

Ticket #107134. From 60 to 1024 chars.

3712 - Reporting: Scheduled clean-up for old CDR data

Ticket #104815. It can be configured now, after how many months CDRs are automatically deleted.

V10 Service Release 4 (100083)

3863 - Correctly show connected number in report if no alert is present and setup is empty

Ticket #108667. The connected number was shown as "N/A". Now the correct connected number is shown.

3862 - LDAP: rebind needed to follow referrals

Ticket #108647. If we try to follow the referrals we need to re-authenticate. If not done the LDAP library attempts with anonymous and the server responds with an error.

3846 - Performance optimization of mypbx call list query

Ticket #108259. Certain users with a non standard call behavior (e.g. 1 call/month) couldn't retrieve the mypbx call list within the mypbx timeout.
The query has been optimized and this optimization also positivly affects most other users.

3895 - Report compatibility with IE 11

Ticket #109496. Microsoft changed their navigator.appName to "Netscape" (obviously) so we needed another check to test for Internet Explorer...

V10 Service Release 5 (100086)

3941 - LDAP: name resolution for an internal number in special case

Ticket #111136. setup-from before an unconditional diversion contains no name information.

3920 - LDAP: search filter was not correct

Ticket #110893. LDAP filter was not built correctly, add exact number dialed

3908 - Support client timezone for call list in myPBX

Ticket #110032. myPBX shows times in the client timezone now.

V10 Service Release 6 (100088)

3985 - Fixed wrong reporting data for certain call forwards

Ticket #112365. Certain call forward scenarios produced wrong caller information reports.
Old CDRs will be still wrongly shown. Just new CDRs are fixed.

3988 - Increased number of relay cdr files from 6 to 10

Ticket #112413.

V10 Service Release 7 (100097)

4049 - Increased maximum length of LDAP user name

Ticket #114217. Increased maximum length to 128 characters.

4038 - Reporting cleanup might have failed

Ticket #113885. e.g. if the database connection broke down during cleanup, the database was in a bad state afterwards.

V10 Service Release 8 (100105)

4080 - Reporting-LDAP: case insensitive comparison for name- and numberattributes

Ticket #114996. Name attributes were not found.

4090 - Reporting-LDAP: search only for configured name- and number attributes

Ticket #115349. Client was asking for all existing attributes. We save now some bandwidth.

4091 - Updated translations

Ticket #115368. Updated translations of Linux and its applications.

V10 Service Release 10 (100114)

4284 - Do not use HTML5 number type for dialing location input fields

Ticket #121162. Now a configured '00' is shown, not '0' anymore.

4225 - Duplicate misleading entries in call list if a user has multiple endpoints registered

Ticket #119192. If a user has multiple endpoints and one of these endpoints is not responding (e.g. a wireless endpoint out of range) a failed call was displayed even if the call was accepted by another endpoint in addition to the connected call.

4212 - Web reports support playback of recorded calls with the innovaphone Voice Player

Ticket #118559. If calls have been recorded with the innovaphone Voice Recorder, they can be now played with the innovaphone Voice Player inside a report generated on the web UI of the Reporting.

4216 - XML escape callback information in reports

Ticket #118658. Otherwise the report can't be displayed.

V10 Service Release 11 (100118)

4262 - Added another trace output for CDR retrieval if alarm sending fails

Ticket #120491. The URL is now also printed.

4260 - Added missing index for filters with group conditions

Ticket #120417. Filters with group conditions are now faster as a missing index has been added.

4257 - CSV with separate columns time and date

Ticket #120283. Two additional columns time and date added.

V10 Service Release 12 (100124)

4326 - Report mail attachment name with correct UTF-8 encoding

Ticket #122460. The attachment name encoding wasn't correctly set for report mails.

4335 - Updated translations

Ticket #122668. Updated translations.

V10 Service Release 13 (100127)

V10 Service Release 14 (100136)

V10 Service Release 15 (100147)

4455 - LDAP: no external line defined, direct dialing case.

Ticket #127830. Reporting was not resolving names in this special situation where no Trunk Object was defined.

4462 - Log files didn't work after uninstall and reinstall of an application

Ticket #128001. The application specific log files didn't work after uninstall and reinstall of the application.

4467 - Optimized sorting for CDRs with the same timestamps

Ticket #128195. CDRs with the same timestamp are now additionally sorted by their database ID.

V10 Service Release 16 (100154)

4510 - Added Polish translation

Ticket #130261. We added the Polish translation.
Mainly innovaphone Reporting has been translated, but innovaphone Faxserver and innovaphone Exchange Calendar Connector are also mostly translated.

The innovaphone application platform itself still remains untranslated for Polish.

4491 - Fixed potential failure of reporting replication due to duplicated CDR guids

Ticket #129490. If there have been duplicated CDR guids the replication might have failed.
This is fixed now.

4486 - Validation check for email adresses

Ticket #129306. A new validation check also checked DNS records for the email domain which produced false results.

V10 Service Release 17 (100157)

4561 - Do not return a server error 500 on CDR XML parse errors

Ticket #132424. Otherwise the PBX always tries to send the same CDR again.
Instead ignore this CDR and set up an event on the PBX with the failed XML.

V10 Service Release 18 (100160)

4576 - Destroy session data for php scripts which are not used within web UI

Ticket #133075. This reduces the amount of session files and speeds up the session cleanup script.

V10 Service Release 19 (100163)

4628 - LDAP: no name resolution if external line prefix was longer than one digit

Ticket #138518. external line can be longer.

V10 Service Release 20 (100168)

V10 Service Release 21 (100173)

4760 - Correct handling of missing msg/time attribute in CDR xml

Ticket #141662. A missing msg attribute could have caused a trap of an application on the Linux AP.

4782 - Optimized query for missed calls in myPBX with Reporting

Ticket #142479. The query for missed calls might have taken quite long, so that other call list request got stuck and caused "Call list not available" errors in myPBX.

V10 Service Release 22 (100174)

V10 Service Release 23 (100176)

V10 Service Release 24 (100178)

4977 - Call-Lists: Calls to users with multiple registrations, which were forwarded, were shown multiple times

Ticket #148583. Indicate in CDRs that there are more CDRs for the same call

4970 - Reporting/myPBX: handling of calls to unregistered users

Ticket #148399. These calls were shown as missed calls although they just contained setup und release events without an alert event.

Now these calls are not shown as missed call in myPBX anymore although the call itself will be still shown in the call list.
In the call details, the call will be shown with an error symbol.

Cause Codes:
18 == No User Responding
19 == No Response from User

V10 Service Release 25 (100181)

5070 - Added French, Russian and Czech translations to Linux and its applications

Ticket #151956. French, Russian and Czech translations are now integrated.

5056 - Added possibility to configure also weeks for CDR cleanup

Ticket #151698. Weeks can be also configured now, in addition to months.

V10 Service Release 26 (100183)

5151 - Fixed negative call durations in reports

Ticket #154447. A certain waiting queue call could have caused negative call durations within the reporting database.

5150 - Show calls with CFNR to another user as missed call in the myPBX call list

Ticket #154442. These CFNR calls are now shown as missed call in the myPBX call list.
The myPBX and phone call list now behaves the same.

Such calls are also missed if the user, to which the CFNR pointed, connects the call.

V10 Service Release 27 (100090)

5247 - Do not show connected calls from WQs as missed call in myPBX

Ticket #158104. This was caused by a previous hotfix.

5192 - Fixed filters with multiple same report times for different days

Ticket #155942. A false primary key definition prevented such configurations.

V10 Service Release 28 (100193)

5230 - Possible deadlock with CDRs and database reindex

Ticket #157441. The deadlock itself can't be avoided, but the database connection itself went bad.
Now, the database connection is restarted in such a situation.

5249 - Renamed filter property "Call duration" to "Call duration (User)"

Ticket #158305. It now matches the name of the call duration which can be selected on the report page.
The filter currently doesn't allow to filter for "Call duration (Total)".

V10 Service Release 29 (100194)

5339 - Speedup CDR deletion and database cleanup afterwards

Ticket #163231. A separate REINDEX of the database is not neccessary anymore since PostgreSQL 9.0.
Additionally more RAM is now assigned to the process which cleans the database.
RAM is calculated based on free RAM with a minimum value of 32MB.

The general setting of maintenance_work_mem has been changed according to the total system RAM (5%).

A warning is now shown that CDR deletion might prevent CDRs from being written to the database.

V10 Service Release 30 (100195)

V10 Service Release 31 (100199)

V10 Service Release 32 (100210)

5436 - Do not perform vacuum full after CDR cleanup

Ticket #169045. VACUUM FULL requires too much additional disk space.
Without the FULL option, freed disk space cannot be reclaimed by the OS, but PostgreSQL will still reuse it for further CDRs.

V10 Service Release 33 (100215)

5456 - Fixed possible NULL pointer trap in CDR/myPBX calllist application

Ticket #169695. In case a user didn't exist, the application could have trapped.

5507 - Increased name/number attribute field length of LDAP servers

Ticket #171666. To 1024 chars.

5445 - Reporting: accept fcgi requests even if no threads are available

Ticket #169428. we were waiting for a thread to become available before accepting new fcgi requests. Now we will accept requests and respond with 500 if no thread is available. This request should come again later.

V10 Service Release 34 (100218)

5550 - Fixed memory leak on CSV report creation

Ticket #173465. CSV reports caused memory leaks.

5542 - LDAP: name resolution for internal numbers now optional

Ticket #173201. a checkbox was added in the LDAP Parameters section

V10 Service Release 35 (100221)

8421 - Reporting: alerting calls with only setup and release are wrongly displayed.

Some unanswered calls do not contain an alert event but they are however correct. These calls were shown in reporting as wrong calls. They will be now shown as no responded calls. Cause code in CDR is Null or not present.

V10 Service Release 36 (100225)

V10 Service Release 37 (100227)

9399 - Reporting: web reports didn't work in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge doesn't support certain XSL elements anymore. There is already an active bug report at MS:

But there is also a workaround for this issue which works in all major browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, IE11). Untested in IE10 and below.

V10 Service Release 38 (100234)

13945 - Report generation crashed for calls with many events

The report generation crashed if calls contained too many events.

10354 - Reporting filters with names containing a slash didn't work

A filename didn't work due to a slash which broke the file access. Therefor such filters didn't work at all.

V10 Service Release 39 (100235)

15692 - Added new tracing option to trace just the CDR XML on the LAP

Running a long wireshark trace might be not possible, if the problem is not reproducable.
By just tracing the CDR XML on the LAP the reporting trace size is reduced to a minimum.

16074 - Reporting: reports for the day of the time change didn't show results

Reports for the day of the time change (daylight saving time, e.g. 30.10.2016) didn't show results, as one time was wrongly calculated.

V10 Service Release 40 (100238)

V10 Service Release 41 (100239)

17160 - Different report results for report mails and web UI reports

An automatically created mail report used a different query than a report created with the web UI due to a bug.
This created unexpected results for filters with remote display name/number conditions and calls with transfers.

17063 - Reporting may hang if too many file descriptors are open on the LAP

The reporting CDR process didn't exit correctly in case of too many open file descriptors.
In this case CDR may got lost.

V10 Service Release 42 (100241)

V10 Service Release 43 (100242)

20948 - cdr.fcgi process crashes building LDAP request

Not enough memory was allocated for the LDAP filter.

21305 - Crash during the generation of a report in PDF or CSV format

Null pointer access

21604 - Crash if LDAP bind procedure fails after LDAP referral

Reporting crashes if the bind method fails after LDAP referral.

V10 Service Release 44 (100243)

22075 - Reporting CDR cleanup didn't work due to broken script

There was a typo inside the cron job which prevented a correct script execution.

22323 - Reporting: allow longer values in LDAP configuration

LDAP base, LDAP object filter and LDAP meta attributes maximum length increased from 60 to 1024.

V10 Service Release 45 (100246)

24948 - Standby reporting didn't replicate recording updates

- master and standby reporting
- recording "talks" to the master reporting and updates CDRs to point to the available records
- customer uses the web reports of the standby reporting to listen to records (no idea why he doesn't use the master, but maybe intentionally)
- depending on the time of the replication, the CDRs already have or have not the recording information written, as the current replication doesn't replicate updated CDRs, just new CDRs

V10 Service Release 46 (100247)

V10 Service Release 47 (100249)

V10 Service Release 48 (100251)

31577 - Fixed reporting PDF/CSV/XML download for multiple PBX installations

If an installation has multiple PBXes which send CDRs, the PBX selection didn't work for report downloads, just for the shown report in the web UI.

35605 - myPBX: wrong missed call if CFU is configured and call was connected after diversion

myPBX with CFU configured should not show a missed call if the call is connected after diversion.

30168 - Namensauflösung im myPBX-Client

V10 Service Release 49 (10025300)

36815 - LDAP: External line field should accept any character

We only accept digits as valid characters for the external line field but any character should be ok.

V10 Service Release 50 (100254)

V10 Service Release 51 (100256)

V10 Service Release 52 (100257)

V10 Service Release 53 (100258)

V10 Service Release 54 (100259)

V10 Service Release 55 (100260)

V10 Service Release 56 (10026300)

56012 - Do only request the last three months for missing calls in myPBX

Otherwise the query could last half a minute depending on the database size.

56011 - Prevent hanging mypbx calllist requests

In situations with multiple parallel myPBX calllist requests, the calllist application could hang.

55898 - Redirct user logins correctly to report.php so that first report creation does not fail

The first report creation for the special user logins failed because there was no correct redirect in the login.php page.

55726 - Reporting: Logo not shown in landscape format for pdf reports

position for the logo was outside the page

V10 Service Release 57 (100264)

60494 - Fixed not always working missed call notifications

V10 Service Release 59 (100266)

61181 - Reporting: V13 CDRs were discarded if LDAP event message was present in the CDR

This LDAP event message (lookup) is now processed and the name information is also stored in the DDBB

V10 Service Release 60 (100267)

V10 Service Release 61 (100268)

65943 - App Reporting: calculate alert duration for CDRs without alert message before connect

CDRs which didn't contain an alert message but a connect message directly after the setup didn't have an alert duration.

V10 Service Release 62 (100269)

75090 - App Reporting: calculate alert duration for CDRs without alert message before connect

Something was still not ok with the calculation.

V10 Service Release 63 (100270)

V10 Service Release 64 (100271)

101351 - Anonymize object CN in anonym CSV/XML export

V10 Service Release 65