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You have to unmount/remove the SSD, before you can upload an SSD image to your card.

Image size

As uploads of files > 2 GB are not supported by browsers, images must be downloaded and uploaded in 2 GB parts.
Select the current part and submit the change before you download or upload the part.


Select an uncompressed image file and upload it to your SSD.

 Warning: this will delete all partitions and files, which are currently present on your SSD!


Downloads the currently selected part.

Image file parts needs to be downloaded manually and one after the other. You have to select the first image part and download it. After the first one as been completly downloaded (Size of the disk_image File about 2GB), then select the next one, download this etc. until the last image part. The name of the image part indicates the actual image part and last image part to be downloaded. Example: disk_image-1(15).img 1: image file part 1 (the first one). 15: the last image file part to be downloaded.

External tools

To create an own image from an SSD under windows, you can use the Securepoint Imaging Tool.
If you want to upload such an image, you have to split it into 2.147.483.136 bytes sized parts. There are enough free tools available for this job.