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This function hides certain phone functions and is used in scenarios where heavyweighted "Hide Complete Configuration at Phone" and "Hide Administration Configuration at Phone" do not exactly match the hiding principles and requirements of a customer organisation.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP232 V11
  • IP222 V11
  • IP111 V11

More Information

The bitmask hides certain phone functions. Use the WEB user interface and insert a hexadecimal value into the field marked "Phone/Protect/Fine grained Function Hiding".

The same information can be entered by config upload'ing the following command line:

config change PHONE ADMIN-UI /hide-mask <hide-mask>

Depending on the user interface version, the available bit masks vary. The old user interface is available on all phones up to and including firmware version 10. The new user interface is available for the IP222, IP232 and IP111 from version 11r1 on. Other phone models continue to use the old user interface

Currently the following functions can be hidden:

Function Bit mask Impact on old user interface Impact on new user interface
PHONE_HIDE_ADMIN_INFO_MAC 0x01000000 hide serial/mac from admin->info screen hide serial/mac from info screen
PHONE_HIDE_ADMIN_CONFIG 0x10000000 hide config entries from admin-menu (keep admin->info only) hide config entries from admin-menu
PHONE_HIDE_MM_USER_LIST 0x20000000 hide user-list entry from main-menu hide account-list entry from main-menu
PHONE_HIDE_MM_USER_SETTINGS 0x80000000 hide user-settings entry from main-menu hide account-settings entry from main-menu
PHONE_HIDE_MM_PHONE_SETTINGS 0x40000000 hide phone-settings entry from main-menu hide phone-settings entry from main-menu
PHONE_HIDE_MM_ADMIN 0x08000000 hide admin entry from main-menu (hide from main-menu) hide admin entry from main-menu
PHONE_HIDE_MM_FAVORITES 0x04000000 - hide favorites entry from main-menu
PHONE_HIDE_MM_PHONEBOOK 0x00800000 - hide phonebook entry from main-menu
PHONE_HIDE_MM_INFORMATION 0x00400000 - hide information entry from main-menu (v11r2 sr2 or later)
PHONE_HIDE_US_PREFERENCES 0x00000100 hide preferences from user-list hide language and clock-format from account-settings
PHONE_HIDE_US_RING_MELODY 0x00000200 hide ring melody from user-list hide ring melody from account-settings
PHONE_HIDE_US_REGISTRATION 0x00001000 hide registration entry from user-list hide registration config from account-list
PHONE_HIDE_CALL_PARK 0x00100000 - hide call-park option from call-context
PHONE_HIDE_CALL_INTRUSION 0x00200000 - no call-intrusion in context-menus (v12r2 sr11 or later)
PHONE_HIDE_CALL_SETTINGS 0x00000001 - hide call-settings menu on APP_PHONE
PHONE_HIDE_PRESENCE_CONTROL 0x00000002 - hide presence-control from home-screen
PHONE_HIDE_FKEYS 0x00000004 - hide fkeys (v11r2 sr2 or later)
PHONE_HIDE_APP_HOME 0x00000008 - hide home-app (v11r2 sr2 or later)
PHONE_HIDE_APP_FAVS 0x00000010 - hide favs-app
PHONE_HIDE_APP_CONFIG 0x00000020 - hide config-app (v11r2 sr2 or later)
PHONE_HIDE_APP_LIST 0x00000040 - hide list-app (v11r2 sr2 or later)
PHONE_HIDE_APP_DIR 0x00000080 - hide dir-app (v11r2 sr2 or later)


To hide all the functions from main menu:

  0x20000000 (hide account-list entry from main-menu)
+ 0x80000000 (hide account-settings entry from main-menu)
+ 0x40000000 (hide phone-settings entry from main-menu)
+ 0x08000000 (hide admin entry from main-menu)
+ 0x04000000 (hide favorites entry from main-menu)
+ 0x02000000 (hide visibility entry from main-menu)
+ 0x00800000 (hide phonebook entry from main-menu)
  0xEE800000 <---- hide-mask

To hide all functions except basic telephony:

  0x00000010 (hide APP_FAVS)
+ 0x00000020 (hide APP_CONFIG)
+ 0x00000040 (hide APP_LIST)
+ 0x00000080 (hide APP_DIR)
+ 0x00000008 (hide APP_HOME)
+ 0x00000001 (hide call-settings menu from remaining APP_PHONE)
  0x000000f9 <---- hide-mask

Hide all.png


  • Administration screen can not actually be hidden, the main manu entry "Administration" will always leave the "Information" submenu available
  • "Hide Complete Configuration at Phone" from Phone/Protect Menu is identical with hide-mask 0xFFFFFFFF.
  • "Hide Administration Configuration at Phone" from Phone/Protect Menu is identical with hide-mask 0x10000000.

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