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This is the Firmware 12r1 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second monday each month.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Firmware 12r1

12r1 Final (120857)

9126 - Collaboration: do not read outside of the array boundaries

@ldi hatte einen Absturz in der Collaboration Library.
Diese Leseoperation wurde oft ausgeführt, deswegen bin ich nicht sicher das ist der Grund für den Absturz.

9043 - Collaboration: possible trap closing application sharing

Try to send a SCTP message while DTLS is being closed.

9223 - Collaboration: possible trap during retransmissions of lost blocks

only if shared application resolution is not multiple of 32. Writing outside of an array boundary.

9401 - Collaboration: wrong mouse position if taskbar is located at the left side

reported by @can

8834 - ICE failed sometimes because of a timer problem

This happened under Special tiuming condutions when a timer was retstarted at the time a RTP channel was bound to a DSP channel

9009 - IP-DECT: E164 support for further calls with call on hold

When having a call on hold and making a new call that starts with a + sign, the + sign is removed. This is fixed now.

9010 - IP-DECT: International number support for unattended call transfers

Now it is possible to use an international number for an unattended call transfer on IP-DECT devices.

9045 - IP111/IP112: Deny access to the AC-DSP0 audio parameters

These parameters are dependent on the implementation of audio processing which may change at any time and therefore they must not be accessible.

9014 - IP111/IP112: Echo canceller failed after silence in handsfree mode

The IP111/IP112 echo canceller diverged in handsfree mode.

9013 - IP111/IP112: Handset monitoring volume control not correct

IP111/IP112 used a separate volume setting during monitoring mode that controlled handset and speaker simultaneously. Instead it should maintain the handset volume and only affect the speaker volume.

9052 - IP111/IP112: More microphone gain in speakerphone mode

This improves the volume with talkers that are farer away from the telephone.

9060 - IP111: G.729Channel license did not work sometimes

This could happen if the IP111 was restarted right after the Registration. The PBX did not regard this as new Registration but as retransmission of the first and delivered a license with the original challenge value.

8905 - IP1200: added web files for myPBX

Added missing web files in IP1200 for myPBX support.

8906 - IP222/232/111/112: Diagnostics for Favorites

IP222/232/111/112: Diagnostics for Favorites.

8866 - IP232: New touch controller init sometimes fails

Seen on IP232 HW1301.
Now we send an additional 10ms reset pulse to the touch controller, that helps

9024 - IPV6 Extension Headers did not extract correctly

In IPv6 the extension headers did not extract correctly, so that the upper layer headers in the IPv6 packet are not found

8860 - IPVA: Post-Mortem Stack-Backtracing Below Stack-Low

Stack-unwinding didn't start from stack locations below stack-low.

9039 - ipxx11-ethernet: discard transmit packets while link is down

if the ethernet layer passes a packet to the driver while the link is down and the driver responds with 'pending', all packets directed to this interface are queued by the ethernet layer and sent when the link comes up again. If the link is down for a long time this may be thousands of outdated packets. Thus it seems better to drop any packets while link is down.

8870 - IPxx11: Improved DSP tracing

Suppress repeated "no space" message.

Repeated messages tend to flood the trace buffer and overwrite the messages before.

8978 - Linux modul still used absolute paths

Now relative paths are used to be compatible with the sysadmin.

9181 - myPBX Android/iOS: Report a reasonable bootcode build number

This is needed to avoid the error message
"boot code 0 too old - must be at least 80500"

9175 - myPBX iOS: Audio chopped in speakerphone mode on specific device/iOS

On iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3.2 audio became chopped if switched to speakerphone mode.

9172 - myPBX iOS: Blank page if opening WEB UI or on the iPhone

Since iOS 9.0 only a blank page appeared when opening the WEB UI or from within myPBX iOS.

9057 - myPBX iOS: Freeze on switch to speakerphone mode

On certain devices and OS versions the app freezes if it is switched to speakerphone mode.

9162 - myPBX iOS: Strip the bitcode from the .ipa to bring it back to a reasonable size.

This only applies for ad-hoc distribution and only shrinks the size of the ready to use .ipa build result back to a reasonable size by stripping the optional bitcode. On TestFlight and app store distribution this is done by the store itself.

9053 - myPBX iOS: Trap if sending logs per e-mail

If crash dump files were present the function to send the logs trapped.

9449 - myPBX-Video: possible trap if setup of h264 hardware decoding fails

If the setup of dxva2 (hardware decoding) fails, I started the windows h264 decoder.
This fallback did not work out for Martin and the video library repeatedly tried to initialize dxva2 until myPBX crashed.

9137 - myPBX-Video: Webcam samples were queued during renegotiation

Webcam samples are still delivered and encoded with h264 or vp8 during a renegotiation but the SRTP Api may be still not initialized and these webcam samples were queued in the DTLS module instead of being dropped.
If the ICE/DTLS renegotiation process was done quickly (2-3 webcam samples), the delay was unnoticeable but if this process took long (several webcam samples) the accumulated video delay was clearly visible at the receiving side.
This should fix the video delay problem during a conference.

9419 - myPBX: Average video bitrate is now 350 kbps

Previous Bitrate was 250 kbps but the quality was sometimes too bad.

9025 - myPBX: handling of Office contacts which are not in favorite list improved

An Office application can now only request one unknown contact at once. This reduces the system load and prevents Office to get confused by a constant adding/removing from the contact list.

9139 - myPBX: optimize webcam delivery process

Webcam samples are obtained asynchronously. Once we get a sample, we should just queue this sample and ask for the next one.
I was doing too much in this funtion and the frame rate was lower as expected, 8 fps instead of 15 fps. Tested with a Logitech webcam.

9042 - myPBX: Password policy

The admin can now configure a password policy that affects password changes in myPBX for all users of the PBX.
* Password complexity (number of characters, number of categories)
* Possibility to disable password changes

9127 - myPBX: possible trap using h264 windows decoder

Video input sample may be freed too soon.

9112 - ONFI: Cluster has not been written completely

If a new logical to physical relationship has to be build and also there are outstanding data from FAT driver, the outstanding data have not been written.

8926 - ONFI: Eliminate double Blocks due to traps during write nand flash

8892 - onfi: small timeout for reading page

8998 - Optionally restart myPBX during installation

The MSI parameter FORCERESTART=true closes and restarts myPBX after a successfull installation if myPBX has been running.

9059 - PBX Conference: More static rooms

The maximum number of static rooms of the PBX conference object is increased; it is possible to create 30 instead of 10 now.

8861 - phone ip222/232/112: support Jabra SPEAK 510 MS

One more product ID for the USB Bluetooth dongle Jabra LINK 360 coming with this Headset version.

8896 - Phones: Auto-remove disconnected multicast call from phone

Auto-remove disconnected multicast call from phone.
Already happened when this was the only call.
But not when another call is pending (forced on hold).

15417 - Phones: New user config option "Visual Ringing Indication"

New user config option "Visual Ringing Indication".
If set, the phone lamp will blink during ringing.

8968 - Phones: Terminate all subscriptions when registration goes down

Terminate all subscriptions when registration goes down.

9390 - Possible trap when closing RTP channel while DTLS is running

9142 - Prevent possible loop in websocket clients DNS resolution

The websocket client tries DNS resolution until it receives a response with IP_ANYADDRESS.
This behaviour changed with "Fix: #167863: DNS resolver: Made support for iteration through results optional" and IP_ANYADDRESS wasn't received any more => loop.

With an additional flag DNS_GETHOSTBYNAME_ITERATE the IP_ANYADDRESS is received again.

9136 - Prohibit reboots on corrupt trace buffer

A corrupt trace buffer results in a trap when the trace is read. Some checks are added to prevent this. If it still happens at least after the restart the trace buffer will be ok, so the next time the trace is read, no restart will happen.

8982 - Reverse Proxy: Trap on some special invalid HTTP requests

Looks like some sort of attack. Null pointer check was missing in some General packet read function.

8949 - SCTP: Trap on call end with App Sharing

A trap can occur on call end with application sharing. This is fixed now.

8869 - SIP: Drop call with Q931_CAUSE_RecoveryOnTimerExpiry if registration is not refreshed

Drop call with Q931_CAUSE_RecoveryOnTimerExpiry if registration is not refreshed.
Better that dropping without a dedicated cause code.

8877 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

Fix for media negotiation in case of mutual hold.
Call did not return to Connected state.
*Recv HOLD (->Suspended)
*Send HOLD (-> Suspended and Holding)
*Send RETRIEVE (-> Suspended)
*Recv RETRIEVE (-> Connected)

8987 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

Fix for media negotiation.
Fix for problem where HOLD/RETRIEVE overlaps with renegotiation.

8885 - SIP: Fix for trap

Fix for trap when deleting already deleted transaction.

9016 - SIP: New SIP interop tweak "/forward-connection-only"

SIP stack may detect that a client is behind NAT (src address of incoming request is different than address in Via header).
In this case SIP stack sends own request to where the initial inbound request came from.
But a client may provide Route header the initial inbound request.
This explicitely declares where requests are to be sent to.
Our SIP stack ignores this Route header information in case the client is behind NAT.
With this option set the SIP stack honors this Route header information even in case the client is behind NAT.

9022 - SIP: Reduce load when polling primary SIP server for availability

Reduce load when polling primary SIP server for availability.
For large DECT applications.
The delay between polling increases the more DECT users are configured.

8979 - Support Microsofts restart manager which is used during MSI setup

If myPBX is running, a user installs myPBX and confirms the question to stop and restart the application afterwards, the restart now really works.

9371 - Video: set 352x288 und 320x240 as standard resolution again.

we now support 640x480 and 640x360 for Windows surface tables.
The video library checked first for webcam formats instead of available resolutions. That is why some users were sending 640x480 when they actually support smaller resolutions.


12r1 Service Release 1 (120875)

10757 - All routes were deleted if a SIP trunk was added without filling in the internal registration

For example just opening a the add trunk dialog an pressing enter could delete all previously configured routes, for all interfaces.

10313 - Compatibility issue with certificates and CSRs

The ASN.1 encoding of certificates and certificate signing requests created on the box, did not include (null) algorithm parameters for RSA encryption types. Some CAs did not accept CSRs created on our boxes, because of that.
Now we include "null" as algorithm parameters, as described in RFC 3279.

9859 - Display of LDAP search results different in phones and myPBX

Value of config option "Detail Attributes" is a list of LDAP attribute names.
Can be separated by comma or blank.
All listed LDAP attributes are gathered and displayed.
If LDAP attribute names are separated by comma, they are presented in separate lines (same on myPBX and phones).
If LDAP attribute names are separated by blank, they are presented on one line on myPBX, but on phones they are presented in separate lines.
WIth this fix it is on the phone as it is already on myPBX.

10828 - Fax: T.38 flag of relay not correctly recognized

The T.38 enabled flag of the fax interface registration isn't correctly considered:
* Calls should be directly released if T.38 is disabled, and audio fax isn't supported or isn't enabled.
* If T.38 is disabled, the fax interface shouldn't try to switch to a T.38 coder.

11666 - Fix default coder settings

In 12r1 we changed the default coder settings to "G711A,20ms" instead of "G729, 60ms" on the IP2x2 and IP11x platform.
Now it applies to all phones.

10746 - Gateway/SIP Advanced options lost, when edititing interface maps

When saving interface maps, the entries from "Advanced" disappeared.

9494 - Gateway: Routing table user interface problem with screening setting

The screening indicator setting was lost on newly added MAP and it was lost, when not the MAP but the route itself was changed.

9128 - H.323/TLS: Hanging registrations in case of collision of registration-confirm and socket shutdown

Was seen when with software updates on systems with Reverse Proxy.

10738 - Highlighting missing on fkeys of type "Boolean"

Highlighting missing on fkeys of type "Boolean".
Customer expects highlighting in "ON" states ("Auto ON" and "Manual ON").

11580 - IP222/232/111/112: Redirect inbound calls with REDIAL+TARGET+REDIAL procedure

In old phones there was a procedure to blindly redirect or transfer calls:
Pressing REDIAL key, entering destination phone number and pressing REDIAL key again.
On old phones this procedure works on connected calls and on inbound ringing calls.
On new phones this procedure works on connected calls, but not on inbound ringing calls.

10020 - ip6010 debug buffer corrupt after a trap reboot

the top of the ip6010 debug buffer is placed directly below '_start' of the primary bootcode. the stack of the primary grows downward from the same location. Thus the upper part of the trace buffer is overwritten when the primary bootcode loads the firmware after a trap.
This is prevented now by placing the top of debug buffer 32kB below '_start'.

10797 - Mobility: Switching to a held call when disconnecting the active could fail

This failed randomly (access to uninitialized memory)

11467 - more product IDs for Plantronics BT600 (USB-Bluetooth dongle) and Jabra BIZ 2400 II USB UC headset

the alredy known BT600 dongle and the BIZ 2400 II headsets are delivered with different product IDs but identical function

9426 - myPBX Android/iOS: Wrong number dialed via GSM if phone number started with '+'

If dialing via GSM was configured on myPBX Android/iOS and a number beginning with '+' was entered, this number was incorrectly prefixed with the complete dialing location information.

11057 - myPBX iOS: Didn't show the incoming call phone number in the notification

If the incoming call didn't have a H.323 name or could not be resolved to a name myPBX iOS showed nothing but should of course show the plain phone number in the notification.

11294 - myPBX iOS: Registration not going up again if iPhone is back in WLAN

If connectivity changed to mobile data and the PBX was not reachable from the public internet the attempt to connect didn't complete until the app was brought to the foreground again. Even if the iPhone got WLAN connectivity in the meantime.

11361 - myPBX iOS: Search in iPhone contacts not correct

iPhone contact matches were not found if the search string consisted of first and last name separated by space. The space and second part was not treated correctly.

11667 - myPBX iOS: Webdav access did not work

Due to a bug in TCP flow control in the socket implementation, file transfers for larger files sometimes failed.

9452 - myPBX iOS: WebDAV access not working properly

The reported timestamps were fancy and therefore Windows reported an error when mapping a drive to the WebDAV directory.

9454 - myPBX iOS: WebDAV sends wrong time value

9884 - myPBX-Video: monitor not correctly set after RemoteMediaConnect

The video window remained grey (preview and received video) until the user moved the video window with the mouse.
This movement triggered a call to the MonitorChange function.

10929 - myPBX: Avoid false positive in Windows Defender

Change the code of innovaphone.common.crypto.js slightly, because Windows Defender virus detection finds a false positive in hex2str conversion.

9969 - myPBX: Protect against accumulation of pending status update messages

The web application gets status updates from the PBX using long polling. In the gap between sending a status update and the next request from the browser, the PBX buffers the status updates. In order to avoid problems with too much buffered data we changed the behaviour of myPBX in the following way:
* The data is not copied any more to stack buffers for calculating hashes.
* The maximum amount of buffered data is set to 128 KB per session. If the limit is exceeded, the corresponding session is dropped.

9902 - myPBX: Updated translations

Improved translations are available for myPBX.

10737 - No media in case of switch from IPv6(ICE) to IPv4(no ICE) after transfer

Special case which will rarely happen in real life

11164 - PBX potential restart on SOAP transfer operation

Only happened under rare hard to define circumstances. A null pointer check was missing.

10748 - PBX SOAP: LocationUrl did not work if no DNS name was configured for the PBX

In this case a URL with the registration address should be generated. Instead a URL with an empty host part was returned.

9495 - PBX SOAP: UserClear when calling a Broadcast object with round-robin did not work

Only the call to the current destination was cleared and this was handled as if the call was rejected, which means the next round-robin destination was called.

9635 - PBX Websocket: Disallow login for users with empty password

If no password is configured in the PBX, the login should be rejected.

10156 - Phone-UI: Reject usage of ESC/HOME button in a config dialog with unsaved changes

Keep user from unwanted loosing of config changes.
Reject usage of ESC/HOME button in a config dialog with unsaved changes.
Show popup "Unsaved Changes!" to the user.
Allow leaving of config dialog via explicit buttons "Exit with Discard" or "Exit with Saving" only.

10021 - Phone: Avoid negotiation loops in 3PTY conference during media escalation

When video or application sharing is activated on one call of a three-party conference, the conference endpoint tries to activate it on the other call as well.
Due to a bug this triggered activation happened over and over again, if the remote endpoint didn't accept the medium.

9718 - Prevent trap with call-lists which path starts with a leading space

If one configures a path for call-lists, e.g. " /DRIVE/FLASH/call-lists", which starts with a leading space, the call list service tries to create a directory with name " " (just one space) which the fat32 driver didn't reject.

9975 - Reverse Proxy did not close current sessions on blacklist entry

If a new address is added to the blacklist, all sessions from this address should be closed, to avoid further requests sent on this session.

11685 - SIP Interface stuck in 'Registering' state

SIP Interface stuck in 'Registering' state.
This could happen after handling of 401 response.
Timers in the non-INVITE client transaction where not re-initialized when re-starting the REGISTER transaction with re-calculated authorization information.

9504 - SIP: Must put value of 'nextnonce' in quotes

Interoperability with Gigaset phones.
Must put value of 'nextnonce' in quotes when sending Authentication-Info.

10928 - SIP: Registration of a Gateway interface or phone may go down sporadically

Registration of a Gateway interface or phone may go down sporadically.
But only if SIP server provides "nextnonce" in 200/OK.

11512 - softwarephone: intermittend crash when headset detected/removed

when softwarephone starts or when a headset event (add/remove) is detected it can crash intermittendly

11315 - Sporadic ICE fails on phone, causing calls disconnect with "No channel available"

Happened mostly on incoming calls. Was caused by a timer malfunction when the priority level of the RTP was adjusted to the priority level of the DSP.

10833 - Web config: Primary Gatekeeper Address -> Primary Gatekeeper

Merge changes from reg_edit_reg.xsl to 12r1:
Primary Gatekeeper Address -> Primary Gatekeeper
Secondary Gatekeeper Address -> Secondary Gatekeeper

9453 - WebRTC-Collaboration: Mouse not seen using Javascript Widgets

12r1 Service Release 2 (120922)

13935 - Box certificate lost after invalidating license

When the user invalidates licenses the box gets a new device certificate. Due to bug, the new new box certificate was not written correctly, so the box ended up without a certificate.

Collateral damage from: #161060: Support for ECDSA certificates - refactoring of RSA key structures

13182 - Collaboration: shared application not displayed correctly if application sharing window was minimized

13999 - Disable internal sysadmin connections

Disables the internal sysadmin connection which has been just used for internal use.

13553 - DNS: Consider the priority hint in selecting a SRV result

The priority hint in the SRV query results was not yet considered when selecting one of the host names.

13729 - DNS: With non-standard ports SRV results were not used round robin

Only the first out of multiple DNS SRV results was used if the port number in the SRV record was another than the standard port.

12842 - Gateway: If a route with multiple CGPN maps was configured, adding another map to same route did not work

The new map was added, but all but the first CGPN maps of the previous maps were lost.
Collateral damage from #9494 - Gateway: Routing table user interface problem with screening setting

12844 - H.323 potential unexpected restart on re-registration

Collateral damage from #9060 - IP111: G.729Channel license did not work sometimes

13092 - H.323/TLS Registration to dyn PBX did not work thru Reverse Proxy

The verfification of the RP certificate did not work in this case

13761 - H.323: Opus frame size was not signaled

Because of this always the locally configured frame size was used and not adapted to the settings of the other side.

11310 - Httpclient: Increase max authenticated URL from 10 to 20

12640 - ICE: Don't remove duplicate RELAY candidates

The ICE implementation removes duplicate addresses from the local candidates. But this should not be done for RELAY candidates. Otherwise calls could fail, if only the TURN media path works.

This problem occurs only in very strange scenarios, where an endpoint has HOST or SRVFLX candidates that have the same IP address as the TURN server.

13189 - ICE: TURN was not working if the endpoint was located on the same box as the TURN server.

No audio was established e.g. if the conference object was located on the same box than the TURN server.

13053 - ip110/200/230/240/ip241: sometimes off-hook did not connect a ringing call, but caused a new outgoing call

This was only observed with external calls

9179 - IP111/IP112: Allow higher volumes in speakerphone mode

Presently the maximum loudspeaker amplitude in speakerphone mode is limited to minimize vibration and possible distortion from that.

12888 - IP111/IP112: Speaker volume of headset monitoring mode could not be controlled

In headset monitoring mode the speaker volume was not controllable.

12836 - IP111/IP112: USB headset speaker unity gain at 60 percent volume

Unity gain at the USB headset speaker was achieved at 80 percent volume but the default of 60 percent volume should represent unity gain. This creates more headroom to boost the headset volume for headsets with no own volume control.

13049 - IP22/IP24/IP302: Fix slow startup

Startup of FXS interfaces took more than 1min. Increase of VBAT reduced this time to less than 10s.

11796 - IP222/232/111/112: Upload of csv into local directory not possible

Upload of csv into local directory not possible due to bug in phone's Admin-UI.
Admin-UI returns "?" when trying to upload csv.

12880 - IP811 config wizard did not work

Pages could be stepped thru, but config was not applied.

11252 - IPxx11: Disallow null pointer access

no access to first 64k

13048 - IPxx11: Enable modem bypass also if T38 is enabled.

Modem detect for bypass was only enabled if T38 was disabled.

11309 - IPxx11: Increase trace buffer size

14018 - IPxx11: Trap when configuring Alarm and Event Forward Server as Type LOCAL-AP or LOCAL-AP-S

When the Alarm and Event Forward Server is set to Type LOCAL-AP or LOCAL-AP-S after boot the box traps

11311 - IPxx11: Try to fix DSP fifo overrun

by limiting write rate to the fifo to 5ms per packet and using a queue.
If the DSP doesnt respond after 100ms the box is restarted.

In some cases a close_rtp was sent in the wrong state.

The size of the open_rpt and close_rtp and messages was reduced.

The device bus timing was relaxed.

Reload DSP function added

The device bus timing fixed, slower writes.

13204 - myPBX Android/iOS: Avoid trap for plain SIP stack

A trap occurred if the SIP stack was used without phone UI.

13952 - myPBX Android/iOS: IPv6 DNS address caused a crash

The app could crash if a DNS address happened to be IPv6.

12644 - myPBX Android: Ask for whitelisting the app as exception to battery optimization

Android 6.0 introduces battery optimization functions Doze and App Standby that prevent the app from accessing the network during idle periods. This causes the registration to go down and incoming calls to be not indicated. Network access can be re-gained by whitelisting the app in "Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization".
Add a check if myPBX for Android is whitelisted and, if not, present a dialog that prompts the user to grant whitelisting.

13991 - myPBX iOS: Added support for IPv6 DNS server addresses

Only IPv4 DNS server addresses were supported.

12500 - myPBX iOS: After closing search favorite entries not responding

After a search in the phone list and click on the close search button there was no reaction any more if a favorite entry was clicked. Even switching to another screen and back to favorites didn't fix the non-responding state.

13181 - myPBX iOS: Disarranged appearance of parked call

If a parked call appeared while the app showed other than the phone screen, the UI elements of the call were not layed out properly once switched to the phone screen.

13060 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a debug print that would have caused a plain trap

However, the debug line was never printed in normal operation.

13957 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a trap if the battery state changed during start of the app

The battery state change monitor was set up too soon.

12501 - myPBX iOS: Quickly typing a number from the phone screen lost digits

Digits were lost if a phone number was typed quickly from the phone screen. The first digit causes a switch to the directory screen and this switch was not seamless.

13491 - myPBX iOS: Secondary exchange contact folders not searchable from myPBX

Only the members of the primary contact folders appeared among the search results.

12531 - myPBX iOS: Since iOS 10 beta3 the app exits immediately when started

Since iOS 10 beta 3 myPBX for iOS cannot be started any more it exits immediately again.

13959 - myPBX iOS: Trap if a background image was configured

If a background image was configured traps occurred in various situations.

13955 - myPBX iOS: Try to fix a trap during reachability change

This is a trap collected by the app store that has to do with reachability changes.

12846 - NAT/TURN user interface: TURN accounts and TURN TCP port were lost, when NAT mapping was deleted

Respective config fields were cleared when delete was clicked on the NAT mapping.

13281 - OPUS: Fixed compile issue with CELT

Didn't cause problems in practice since CELT is not used for voice mode.

12841 - PBX CDRs for calls to mobile user wrong in case of configuration with nodes

As remote number the normalized number including all nodes without escapes were displayed, instead of the relative number (shortest possible number, which could be used to call back).

13558 - PBX Quick-Dial: Ringback Tone Wasn't Audible

The "user dialling" tone was still audible while the call destination was already ringing.

12879 - PBX Trunk: Adjustment of CT-Complete facility was missing

So that when the connected number was updated because of a transfer of the remote side, the trunk prefix was not added to this number

11509 - PBX Waiting Queue: Round robin not working for next call sent, when the first is connected

If there are several calls in the queue and the first call is answered by an operator, the next call from the queue is sent to the operators. In this case round robin was not working, but the call was sent simultanously to all remaining operators.

13196 - PBX: Call intrusion failed, if intruded endpoint had subscription active

The intrusion was attempted for subscription call.

12843 - PBX: Unexpected restart on some rare call sequences

null pointer check was missing

13057 - phone - USB Headsets - include additional product ID for Jabra Speak 810

The Jabra SPEAK 810 headset is alredy supported, thus only the ID list has to be extended.

14030 - phone ip222/232/112 - support new Versions of Jabra EVOLVE 20 USB headset

There are different versions of Jabra EVOLVE 20 which can be handled identically but come with different product IDs. This previously unknown product IDs are added to the list of supported IDs

13058 - Phone UI: Rename "Primary IP Address" to "Primary Gatekeeper"

A gatekeeper can ba addressed via an IP address or a domain name , this is reflected now in WEB-GUI and pone-GUI

13201 - Phone UI: Timestamp of parked calls not correct

The timestamp of parked calls was set to an incorrect value. Fortunately it was not displayed anywhere.

13793 - Phone-UI: Call duration not displayed on IP112

Call duration not displayed on IP112.

13763 - Phones: Bug in fine grained function hiding

Bug was:
Flag 0x00000040 (PHONE_HIDE_APP_LIST) hides LIST-APP and DIR-APP.
Flag 0x00000080 (PHONE_HIDE_APP_DIR) hides nothing.

Flag 0x00000040 (PHONE_HIDE_APP_LIST) hides LIST-APP.
Flag 0x00000080 (PHONE_HIDE_APP_DIR) hides DIR-APP.

13947 - Potential trap in Gateway application

Potential trap in Gateway application if multiple "Gatekeeper / Registrar" interfaces are configured with different protocol (H323/SIP) but identical alias.

13817 - SIP calls not accepted

When INVITE is received SIP stack tries to lookup corresponding registration.
This is done by matching the received Contact-URI of the previously received REGISTER or by matching the remote IP address and port of the previously received REGISTER .
If both fails, INVITE was rejected with "403 Forbidden".
From now on the remote port is not required to match.

12616 - SIP not always uses the IP address with highest priority

SIP not always uses the IP address with highest priority.
Even worse: SIP sometime sends BYE to different proxy address than INVITE.

13918 - SIP-Provider Profile - XSLT-Stylesheet error when saving profile

13496 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-NetCologne-SIP_Premium

12812 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Keyyo-SIP_Trunk

14021 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-OpenIP-SIP_Trunk

Update of SIP Profile OpenIP

13497 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-OVH_Telecom-SIP_Trunk

13202 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-Telmekom-SIP_Trunk

12871 - SIP-Provider Profile LU-MIXvoip-SIP_Trunk

Profile and Wiki updated

11921 - SIP: Bug on media negotiation when trying to switch to T.38

Sometimes an INVITE with T.38 offer is sent (with zero port) although T.38 is disabled on the interface.

14003 - SIP: Inbound authentication may fail in some cases

Interop with Spectralink DECT Server.
Device sometimes sends REGISTER with 2 authorization headers.
Authorization header and Proxy-Authorization header.
SIP stack validates only one auth header (not respecting the other).
Must check all provided auth headers for valid authorization.

13794 - SIP: New config option /ignore-nat-type

New config option /ignore-nat-type
If set, mapped ports will be used if STUN server is configured.
Regardless of the detected NAT type.
Eventhough mapped ports are un-usable in case of symmetric NAT.

12374 - SIP: New interop tweak /single-audio-description

New interop tweak /single-audio-description
Calls with OPTIONAL media encryption are usually offered with SDP containing 2 media descriptions.
One for RTP/SAVP and one for RTP/AVP.
Some equipment cannot deal with multiple audio descriptions.
With this option only one audio description will be sent.

12533 - SIP: No media encryption offered on outbound call

On Media-Relay scenarios:
No media encryption offered on outbound call although media encryption is enabled on interface.
Media encryption was only offered, if inbound call has media encryption in its offer.
Both sides of media relay should be independent and should follow the interface config only.

12477 - SIP: Rare trap when using SIP/TCP or SIP/TLS

Rare trap when using SIP/TCP or SIP/TLS.
May happen when outbound transaction is cancelled before TCP connection has been established.

13956 - SIP: Support for 'epid' parameter

SIP: Support for 'epid' parameter.

11767 - softwarephone icon erroneously installed in program files

a duplicate of the softwarephone icon is also installed in the Program files directory,

13998 - softwarephone: enable recording to the webserver

<! 11r2: webdav service was not included in softwarephone so that recording to url did not work

13063 - softwarephone: Make mypbx registration credentials temporary

13490 - support for Jabra Handset 450

12310 - The LLDP provided VLAN Priority must be set in the VLAN header instead of zero

The LLDP TIA Network Policy TLV provides the VLAN Identifier and the VLAN Priority to be set in the VLAN header but erroneously the Priority was always set to zero.

13200 - Trap on flash disk format

By formatting the flash after restart of the box and no action is done (write), the box traps.

13090 - TURN over TCP did not work sometimes

Padding which is received on TCP must not be forwarded on RTP/DTLS

12838 - TURN server missing padding for channeldata messages over TCP

This caused the connection to break if data was sent which had a length not multiple of 4.

13856 - TURN: Support TURN over long delay links

Gathering of STUN and TURN candidates was done with a tight timeout to make sure that audio is switched through instantaneously. On long delay links STUN and TURN couldn't be established due to this.

13961 - Video: SPS/PPS wrongly dropped

Before I start to decode h264 I need SPS/PPS and I also wait for an IDR Frame.
Chrome sent SPS/PPS but not together with an IDR Frame and I dropped these messages. This should not be a problem because SPS/PPS should be repeated after some time but Chrome does not do that and that is why we did not see Video.
I will open a Bug Report in Chrome because they should repeat these frames since it is likely that these two frames go missing.
This must be fixed in v12r1, v12r2 and v13r1

13960 - Video: wrong video format delivered to encoder if video codec changed

Video format delivered by the webcam is RGB24.
WebRTC calling with VP8. myPBX starts application sharing and h264 is now negotiated.
I had to adapt the video format delivered to the h264 encoder because it only accepts YUY2.

13103 - Voicemail: <store-getstat name="NULL"../> Didn't Work

Querying local system time by means of <store-getstat name="NULL"../> lost functionality. The year 1970 was always returned.

13195 - Waiting queue: Potential restart on some rare call sequences

Missing check for null pointer

12809 - Webmedia: Tolerate more jitter and clock drift

Enhance webmedia to tolerate more jitter and clock drift from the network for recording.

13051 - wrong conversion from UTC to local time in areas without daylight saving time

When a timezone without daylight saving time was configured under"Services/NTP/Timezone" a wrong "Last sync" time was displayed. On phones a wrong local time was displayed in call lists.

This applies to the USA timezones Arizona (UTC-7), Hawai (UTC-10) and Indiana (UTC-5) and to manually configured strings of the form <zone-name><offset>, for example EST5 .

12r1 Service Release 3 (120936)

14103 - Adding SIG_OPTION_TAKE_REINVITE_AS_ERROR for interop with CUCM


14310 - after tracing an event flush the modified trace buffer area to RAM

to make sure that an event written to the trace buffer can be read out after a trap the written area must be flushed to RAM.

14110 - Better SSD compatibility

A customer tried a Plextor mSATA which was not recognized.
The error checking has been changed so that this mSATA is now recognized.

14263 - Check and display of UDP/RTP port ranges was incorrect

The port range is configured as number of first port and number of ports. The number of last port in range is computed as (first port + number of ports) and thus is one too high.

14000 - Collaboration: 3rd party conference forwarding problem

A initiates the conference. B shares something. A has to forward data from B to C.
The problem is that even during a normal call I try to forward the data. Nothing happens because there is no third participant but it adds unnecessary load.
It is just a check if the participant is the originator of a 3rd party conference.

14393 - DNS: Fixed a trap if the static DNS entries were dumped

Dumping the static entries of the DNS resolver could result in a trap.

14485 - Fax: Accept wrong T.30 messages after correctly received document

If an incoming document is correctly and completely received and wrong T.30 messages instead of a disconnect are received after this, no protocol error should be reported. This error prevents from converting and forwarding the document. This is fixed now.

14525 - HTTP: Problems when configuring 10 allowed stations

The admin UI allows configuring up to 10 allowed stations in the IP filters. But after configuring the 10th station, the box was not available any more.

14232 - IP111/IP112: Fix sporadic traps

IMX6SL Errata ERR003721 ARM: 751473
Under very rare circumstances, Automatic Data prefetcher can lead to deadlock or data corruption.

14105 - ip1202: trace buffer could not be read after trap

after a reboot caused by a trap, an assertion or a watchdog interrupt the trace buffer could not be read because on reboot some part of the buffer at a 128kB boundary as overridden by a DDR training sequence. This is fixed now by placing the buffer out of the critical area.

14235 - IP22 IP24: Faster initialisation of the TEL interfaces

On some boxes the TEL ports need a long time, e.g. more that 10 seconds to iniitialize. This fix reduces the time.

14234 - IPxx11: Add G722 and G723 coder

14901 - IPxx11: Added DSP core dump option

If the DSP doesnt respond we have the option to stop the trace and read the DSP memory ( core dump )
This function is actived with the Web UI. Thick the checkmark
"DSP traceoff/coredump" at http://addr/debug.xml ->Tracing
Usually it is reasonable to tick also "DSP" and DSP control messages" and "DSP data messages"

If the DSP shows an error an event is generated, like:
06.10.2016-12:08:23 Error 0x001f0000 Indeterminate AC-DSP0 dsp status timeout

If the core dump is written, another event is generated:
06.10.2016-12:08:32 Error 0x001f0000 Indeterminate AC-DSP0 core dump written, status=2

Then the core dump can be downloaded the http://addr/debug.xml -> Tracing -> download DSP core dump
The core dump is large, around 64Mbyte.
Once the coredump is downloaded the trace should be read and the system is ready to write another core dump if needed.

14069 - IPxx11: Adjust webfax channels

IP1130, IP3011 IP0011: 15 channels
IP29: 0 channels

14036 - IPxx11: Disable modem bypass for CED signals

Fix IPxx11: Enable modem bypass also if T38 is enabled
caused a problem with testcase media/fax

14504 - LDAP: En-/Decoding of Larger RootDSE Result Failed

The encoding of a search result for a root DSE with lots of namingContexts attributes failed. A temporary buffer was placed incorrectly.

14231 - myPBX Android/iOS: Wrong phone number when creating a contact

If a smartphone contact was created from a phone number that started with '+' the number filled in the field of the contact form was wrong.

14387 - myPBX Android: Avoid missing audio at the start of a call

The Android API operations to setup and release audio tend to block for a substantial time causing the first split of audio at the beginning of a call to be missing.

14415 - myPBX Android: First digit duplicated if number is typed in dial screen

If a number is typed beginning in the dial screen, the first digit is duplicated.

14479 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap if the name in a smartphone contact was empty

The trap happened on start of the app if there was a smartphone contact with no name.

14067 - myPBX Android: Fixed two traps seen in the app store crash reports

The crash logs in the app store showed two traps that are fixed now.

14495 - myPBX Android: Swipe should toggle on/off switch

A swipe gesture should toggle the on/off switch.

14730 - myPBX iOS: Incoming WLAN call not rejected if GSM call active

If call waiting is off an incoming WLAN call should be rejected.

14388 - myPBX iOS: Not possible to edit the favorite list name and delete a favorite list

The "details" angle to edit the name of a favorite list or delete a favorite list was missing in myPBX iOS.

14244 - myPBX iOS: Set WLAN Caller on hold if GSM call arrives

Right now the WLAN caller stays connected but hears silence. He should be placed on hold automatically instead.

14499 - myPBX iOS: Web config on iPhone only showed the general info tab

None of the other Web UI config pages showed up if viewed via the "Web configuration" button of the config screen.

14332 - myPBX: Allow more decorational characters for phone numbers

Now the allowed characters are "+1234567890*#., /-()", like on the phones.

13920 - phone - USB Headsets - support Plantronics D100-M USB/Bluetooth Adapter

support for a similar variant of the Plantronics D100 USB/Bluetooth adapter was alredy implemented, thus only the ID list has to be extended.

14032 - phone ip222/232/112: permit more than one mapping of USB headset product IDs to an already known ID

New USB headsets with characteristics similar to an already supported headset but a different ID can be mapped to the existing ID with "config add KEYS0 /hid-map ...".. The config command did permit only one mapping.

14870 - Phone: Adding a new favourite may fail

Adding a new favourite for an external number may fail.
Phone may remain in stuck in "searching".
Happens if the external number to be added is turned to an zero-length number by dialing location.

14236 - Phone: Decorated phone number treated as H.323 ID

If a phone number with structuring characters was dialed, it was incorrectly treated as H.323 ID.
Now the allowed characters are: "+1234567890*#., /-()"
The fix applies to IP222, IP232, IP111, IP112, myPBX iOS, myPBX Android.

14840 - Phones: Fixed display of LDAP results

When phone performs an automatic number lookup on inbound or outbound calls the result was displayed in this order: sn,givenName,company
Phone better follows directory configuration.
E.g. givenName,sn,company

14066 - Phones: Fkey 'Diversion-Override' does not work as expected

Fkey 'Diversion-Override' does not work as expected.

14151 - Phones: Strange behaviour if 3rd call is accepted

Strange behaviour if 3rd call is accepted.
Accepted call does not get into 'speaking' state.
When going onhook an unwanted transfer may be executed.
Devices IP222/IP232/IP111/IP112 only.

14764 - Possible trap when dumping large VARs

If a VAR contained a lot of data, dumping the config could cause a trap.
This fix just prevents the trap. It doesn't make long vars working, that didn't work before.

14496 - Prevent possible traps when connecting ICE

There could be a trap depending on the candidate list of the remote party.

14358 - Restart if H.323 TCP/TLS registration send to a gateway without GK

A GK in this context is either a PBX or a Gatekeeper gateway definition. A check for a null pointer was missing.

14486 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Swisscom-Smart_Business_Connect

14817 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-DeutschlandLAN_SIP_Trunk

14149 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-MagentaZuhause

14914 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-QSC-IPFonie_Extended

14106 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-Telmekom-SIP_Trunk

14199 - SIP: Bad SDP offer sent by PBX

Bad SDP offer sent by PBX when a SIP call is answered by Waiting Queue and passed to Voice Mail.

14916 - SIP: BYE is sometimes sent to other IP address

BYE request is sometimes sent to other IP address.
Not the IP address where INVITE was sent to or received from.

14255 - SIP: Don't drop call if inbound re-INVITE is rejected with 488

An inbound re-INVITE with SDP offer with unsupported codec is rejected with 488.
Do not terminate the call in this case.
Keep it established with current coder config.

14031 - SIP: Registration-Down is not reported if server rejects with 500 and gives Retry-After

Registration-Down is not reported to application if SIP server rejects with "500 Server Error" and gives Retry-After header.
SIP stack should report Registration-Down to application.
SIP stack should not switch-over to alternative server address.
SIP stack should re-try after given delay.

14497 - SIP: Sporadic problems on authentication

Sporadic problems on authentication.
Handling of 401 includes check whether server nonce has changed.
If so an immediate re-try is performed using the new server nonce.
Sometimes this immediate re-try is missing if different transactions over-crossing.

14019 - SIP: Use proxy name to build AOR if domain name left un-configured

Use proxy name to build AOR if domain name left un-configured.
Instead of (volatile) proxy address.

14118 - SIP: Wrong default RTP address in SDP

Wrong default RTP address in SDP.
May happen on SIP interfaces without registration on boxes with multiple local IP addresses.
No problem if remote side supports ICE.

12498 - Support for Plantronics DA 70/80/90 USB Adapters for Encore Pro corded Headsets

The Plantronics DA 70/80/90 USB Adapters connect different Variants of Encore Pro corded Headsets to USB ports

14905 - Trap in Flash Directory

A check for a deleted database view was missing.
v12r1, ein NULL-check fehlt.

14904 - Webmedia: Fix for inband ringback tone

Inband ringback tone is provided by PBX to a transferred endpoint while a blind transfer is ongoing (waiting for the transferred-to party to answer).
The rinback tone (and other tones) should start with an initial delay (or initial period of silence).
This delay was missing.

12r1 Service Release 4 (120969)

15768 - Config: Could not change option "Local Domain" on SIP interfaces

Could not change config option "Local Domain" on SIP interfaces.

16165 - DNS: NTP service stops to mark unsuitable addresses after 20 retries

The NTP service doesn't mark further addresses as unsuitable any more after 20 unsuccessful attempts to connect.

15672 - DNS: Query list of all result addresses not working

Asking for all results of a DNS query didn't provide a response at all.

16076 - DNS: Resolve all SRV results

If a SRV query returns multiple host names all of them need to be resolved into addresses to enable redundancy. Until now we only picked the host with the highest priority and if this host failed didn't fall back to another from the SRV result.

16186 - Fax: T.38 flag of relay not correctly recognized

Fix for 10828 - Fax: T.38 flag of relay not correctly recognized
The call is disconnected although T.38 is enabled.

15961 - Fix for Out-of-Memory trap

Fix for Out-of-Memory trap in SIP.
May occur under special load conditions.

14944 - Fixed trap in PBX ICP object on firmware reset

The PBX ICP object may have caused a trap if a firmware reset has been started.

14473 - H.323: Restart on registration with source port 0

This caused an assertion.

15956 - ICE not working under certain conditions

ICE stopped checking candidates under certain conditions.

15959 - Include Maintainence/Update

Checking for possible updates at innovaphone

15753 - IP-DECT: LDAP query for diverted calls, fix for #8340

The fix #8340 should fix the name resolution of outgoing diverted calls with the number of the nominated party. Instead the name resolution for incoming diverted calls with the caller number was changed to the diverting party or originally called number which deactivates the previously correctly working name resolution.
This is revised. And now, the name resolution for outgoing diverted calls is changed to the nominated party number.

16166 - IP-DECT: Trap during endpoint updating or deleting

If an endpoint is updated or deleted, a trap can occur if special OEM PBX subscription calls are pending. This is fixed now.

15273 - IP111/IP112: Improved audio quality

Mostly echo canceller. Verified by independent lab.

15915 - IP111/IP112: Still limit the maximum amplitude in speakerphone mode

This maximum amplitude limitation got lost during all the audio related changes and should be put in place again.

14246 - IP112 was missing in legacy hardware Id translation

A IP112 registration with mac address to a device configured with a hardware-id of IP112-xx-xx-xx, did not work.

15898 - IP222/232/111/112: User's phone-config was written without cause

User's phone-config was written without cause every time the config dialog "Call settings" ("Anrufeinstellungen") was closed.

15716 - ip29/311/411 FXS : pulse dialing does not work

Driver cannot detect pulses shorter than 200ms.
Setting has been changed to cover pulses down to 31ms length.

16047 - IPxx11: Potential DSP Unreliability fixed

14967 - LDAP Server: New Checkmark "Apply Hide"

A new checkmark "LDAP/Server/Accounts/Apply Hide" allows to control whether hideable PBX objects won't be returned within LDAP search results.

15475 - LDAP Server: RootDSE Encoding Failed With 200+ Dyn-PBXes

Replies to LDAP RootDSE search request weren't returned, if hundreds of Dyn-PBXes were configured.

15747 - myPBX Android/iOS: Make sure that the random serial number doesn't change

The locally created serial number sometimes changed.

15435 - myPBX Android/iOS: Multicast announcement not working any more

Since the introduction of full IPv6 in version 11r2 multicast announcements on myPBX Android/iOS were not working anymore.

15481 - myPBX Android/iOS: Non fetched zero length packet caused missing audio

A zero length UDP packet could block RTP stream reception since this packet was never fetched.

16183 - myPBX Android/iOS: Trap on certificate upload

Fixed a trap if a certificate with no password was uploaded.

16089 - myPBX iOS: Fix for a trap on shutdown

There was likely a trap if the app was shut down.

15541 - myPBX iOS: Traffic class not set on IPv6

On iOS the IPv4 command to set the traffic class is not supported.

15704 - myPBX iOS: Trap on iPhone 6 and 7 if SIP was used

If SIP was configured on iPhone 6 or 7 the app trapped.

14921 - PBX restarted on special registration/unregistration sequences

It could happen that a de-registration was reported twice to the PBX.

14465 - PBX Waiting: DTMF forward to voicemail did not work in all cases

Problem is a waiting queue with announcement without connect together with forward to a destination with CFU to voicemail.
kein I VR-Transfer auf Voicemailuser möglich - Reichelt, Carsten <
gebraucht in 12r1

14470 - PBX-SOAP: Reading a user with the Admin function, with a cn of a single character failed

Instead all users were returned

14365 - PBX/E.164: Wrong number was sent on CFNR from Gateway/Trunk in case of no registration

A typical configuration in which this problem happened is a trunk object with a cfnr to another trunk object for redundancy

14245 - PBX: Disconnect call if a transfer loop is detected

If an endpoint has established a call to itself and then does a transfer to connect these two ends of the same call, the call should be disconnected. Not doing so could result in a restart, because out of memory.

14368 - PBX: Diversion Override did not work for overlap dialing

14390 - PBX: LDAP replication by dyn PBX standby slave from a dyn PBX did not work

The configured dyn PBX id was not used correctly.

16054 - Phone UI: STUN and TURN server shown URL encoded

The config items in STUN were shown in their URL encoding, i.e. ',' appeared as %2C.

14501 - phone: display the active STUN/TURN configuration in WEB GUI

The STUN/TURN values configured via WEB GUI are silently overridden by the values provided via DHCP but the TURN values are not correctly displayed in WB GUI.

15543 - Phone: non-default ring volumes in a template were propagated as 0 when editing a higher level template

If a config-template has non-default volumes set under "Phone/Preferences/Ring Tones/x/Volume" and this template is then referenced by another template which adds any other "Ring Tones" settings this results in volume being set to zero in this second template..

15836 - phone: USB headsets - add Plantronics APU-75 EHS Adapter, Jabra EVOLVE 30 II Mono UC, Jabra EVOLVE 30 II Stereo MS

APU-75another version of APU-70/72 EHS/USB adapter controlled via regular HID reports, Jabra EVOLVE 30... new EVOLVE series devices

14922 - Phones: Audible signal not working on pickup fkey

Config option "Audible signal" not working on pickup fkey.

15472 - Phones: Call Completion cannot be activated

Call Completion cannot be activated.
But only if the phone is able to retrieve a display-name for the called party (from directory or favourites).

15662 - Phones: Call display changes during silent call intrusion

Call display changes during silent call intrusion.
Monitored phones get CT_COMPLETE upon completion of silent monitoring.
This CT_COMPLETE does not report any changes in current remote peer, but adds userX.

15524 - Phones: dialing location not applied when starting a call transfer to a number from directory

local numbers stored in directory as complete international numbers were not reduced to local numbers before transfer and thus the transfer failed.

14818 - Problems with oversize certificates

Certificates were lost after restore from backup

16115 - Reset link under Linux/IP didn't work

The relative path to the reset page was broken.

15495 - SCTP: Memory leak in application sharing conferences

Failure to dispose packets used in application sharing conferences lead to unlimited memory usage in the CONF interface.

15941 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-DeutschlandLAN_SIP_Trunk

Profile updated

15881 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-MK_Network-VoiceConnect

15689 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-OVH_Telecom-SIP_Trunk

15832 - SIP-Provider Profile LU-MIXvoip-SIP_Trunk

15085 - SIP: Calls from carrier sometimes not accepted

Calls from carrier sometimes rejected with "404 Not Found".
Reason is: The source IP address of the INVITE is not the IP address where the interface is currently registered at. The source IP address is not evaluated as a carrier IP address at all.
Only 20 of them where cached by SIP stack.
INVITES from any of the un-cached IP addresses were rejected.

15936 - SIP: Decode CGPN from incoming INVITE even if "Privacy: id" is present

Decode CGPN from incoming INVITE even if "Privacy: id" is present.
CGPN will get "presentation restricted" flag.

15476 - SIP: Fix dummy SDP in OPTIONS response

Fix for dummy SDP in OPTIONS response.
Better include all mandatory lines:

o=- 1 1 IN IP4
t=0 0
c=IN IP4
m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 8 0

16000 - SIP: Fix for asymmetric codec problem

If SDP answer is received with more than one Audio codec we take the top-most codec as the selected one.
We send and receive this codec.
But the remote endpoint may send the other codec.
Our endpoints can only send/receive one codec at a time.
In order to pinpoint the selected codec to only one, we now send a re-INVITE with a single-coder-offer right after negotiation (RFC-4317).

15754 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

On an inbound SIP call on a Gateway directly routed to ISDN Interface the SDP answer may miss a Audio codec.

16117 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

Media negotiation fails on calls without offer (late offer/answer exchange) when interop-tweak "/single-audio-description" is set.

15872 - SIP: Identity header in responses must contain connected party URI

Identity header in responses must contain connected party URI,
while identity header in requests must contains fixed AOR.
For registered interfaces only.

15842 - SIP: In-dialog requests are sent to IP6 address

Call was established using IP4, but in-dialog requests (e.g. BYE) may be sent to IP6 address.
Can only happens on SIP carriers that support IP4 and IP6.
Changing between IP4 and IP6 should avoided.

15493 - SIP: Incoming calls without media encryption not rejected

If an application runs in "encryption-is-mandatory" mode,
all incoming calls without media encryption should be rejected.
Did not work. Calls have been accepted and unencrypted media is streamed.

15077 - SIP: One-way audio after call transfer

During call transfer we send re-INVITE with unchanged SDP to notify about changed party.
SIP provider gives 200/OK with changed SRTP key.
Change of remote SRTP key was ignored and incoming SRTP could not be decrypted anymore.

15994 - SIP: Reuse inbound TCP connection to send requests

Reuse inbound TCP connection to send requests.
Did not work for External-UC.

15751 - SIP: Wrong hostpart in History-Info-URI's sometimes

In some Scenarios a wrong hostpart was written into in History-Info-URI's and Diversion-URI's.

15911 - STUN: Do not attempt STUN if no STUN server was given

If a domain was set via DHCP, a DNS SRV query was sent and STUN was attempted even if no STUN server had been configured.

15573 - TONE-IF did not play all dial tone types

Continuous dial tones were not played anymore.
Bug was introduced in previous release with this fix:
#14904 - Webmedia: Fix for inband ringback tone

15766 - Trap in SIP when deleting an interface

Rare trap in SIP when deleting an interface on large DECT standby installations.

15697 - Trap on myPBX/iOS when SIP is used

Trap on 64bit environment when SIP is used (e.g. myPBX/iOS).

15497 - Video conference: Looking for parameters, certain packets not parsed correctly

This caused mainly debug prints that indicated fatal errors, none of them being real.

12r1 Service Release 5 (121003)

16806 - Avoid trap on corrupted data from NAND/CF/SSD

If the read data from the NAND flash, a CF card or an SSD is corrupt, the box still shouldn't trap, but an event should be raised instead.

16184 - CDR generated for a transfered call thru WQ, did not show original calling party

If the call was transfered, before connected

16602 - Conference: Active speaker not always reported correctly

If all members were muted in a conference an active speaker indication triggered every 100 milliseconds even though the active speaker didn't change.
If the active speaker was muted and unmuted later again he didn't get an active speaker indication unless other members became active and then he again.

16761 - DNS: Trap with SIP registrations

Fixed a trap in the DNS resolver that had been introduced with a change in the last service release.

16179 - Gateway: Route to DISC with wildcards did not work for sending complete calls and incomplete number

Next route should be tried

16814 - H.323 potential trap if PBX user config was changed

This happened if a phone was registered by number, in case hardware id and name was changed at the same time. This is a fix for fix 14921 - PBX restarted on special registration/unregistration sequences, which did not yet work always.

16673 - H.323: Switching to T.38 did sometimes not work for media-relay/exclusive coder calls

There was a dependency on the timing of the calling side.

15759 - IP111: Errata Cortex A9

16252 - ip112: USB headsets - improved handling of device STALL errors caused by ESD

Certain USB headsets report a STALL error and stop working in case of electostatical discharges. To recover from this error the device must be restarted. If there was an active headset call the media stream is directed to the headset after restart, provided that the restart is completed within 2 seconds. If the restart fails or needs more than 2 seconds the media stream is directed to the handset.

16263 - IP222/IP232/IP241: Noise in speakerphone mode

Eliminate the noise floor that exists on a speakerphone connection between two of these telephones.

16235 - IP241 Improved speakerphone microphone sensitivity

Improved the microphone loudness rating of the IP241 in speakerphone mode.

16772 - Media: Possible trap in a race condition

This could cause a trap at the end of a call.

16697 - myPBX Android/iOS: !vars del must not clear the MAC or device certificate

A "!vars del" in an update script must not clear the variables that store the MAC address and device certificate.

16800 - myPBX Android/iOS: Unexpected socket error could cause a trap

An error on a RTP or UDP socket could cause the app to crash.

16280 - myPBX crashes if Windows Media Feature Pack is not installed

Media Feature Pack is usually not available in Windows N Versions. This package contains media libraries needed by myPBX. If it is not installed, myPBX will crash if Video and Application Sharing are enabled.

16831 - myPBX Hotkey should not remove * and # from phone numbers

The asterisk and hash symbols were erroneously removed, if it was decoration. This is fixed now.

16889 - myPBX iOS: Dídn't remove notifications on iOS 10

New notifications were shown without removing the old ones.

16204 - myPBX iOS: Improved trap information for endless loops

There was no useful crash information in the case of the telephone core running in an endless loop.

16762 - myPBX iOS: Make sure that the random serial number doesn't change

The locally created serial number sometimes changed.

16676 - myPBX iOS: Ringing on bluetooth headset desired

If the bluetooth device is a speaker, this should be used for ringing, if it is a headset, the phone speaker should be used.

16598 - myPBX: Avoid unneeded dom storage error message in traces

myPBX traces showed the following error messages, even in non-error cases. These messages are now avoided.
* DomStorage: Writing to registry failed
* DomStorage: Deleting in registry failed

16864 - myPBX: ICE may not find a RELAY candidate with a slow connection

We now allow longer response times for the TURN server.

16686 - Netlogon failed with STATUS_INVALID_COMPUTER_NAME

Collateral damage from #16076 - DNS: Resolve all SRV results.

Due to a bug in the DNS resolver netlogon was rejected with STATUS_INVALID_COMPUTER_NAME if DNS returned more than one hostname when resolving a SRV record.

16675 - PBX Waiting: Potential unexpected restart on some rare signaling sequences

The sequences could be a combination of transfer and new incoming calls. A null pointer check was missing.

16699 - Phone UI: Registration password containing '+' did not work

If the registration password was configured using the Phone UI of Android/iOS, special characters ('+') didn't work and the registration was rejected.

16804 - Phone UI: Trap on race condition if screen closes

If a config screen was closed by the phone due to idle timeout at the same moment when the user made a change this could cause a trap.

16509 - phone: USB-Headsets - support Jabra BIZ 2400 II Mono USB

support Jabra BIZ 2400 II Mono USB

16778 - Reverse Proxy: Trap if more then 16 HTTP maps were configured

A buffer overrun happened

16790 - SCTP: Window Zero Prove not implemented correctly

This Window Zero Prove test is used to trigger acknowledge messages from the receiver and therefore check if he is still alive.
There was a timer missing in the implementation.

16270 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-QSC-IPFonie_Extended_Connect TCP_RTP and TLS_SRTP

16698 - SIP: Dead subscription was not deleted on server side

A NOTIFY that is rejected with "481 Subscription Does Not Exist" is a dead subscription where NOTIFY no longer needs to be sent.
Notifier should delete the dead subscription immediately.

16596 - SIP: Echo cancellation not activated

Echo cancellation not activated on a SIP/ISDN gateway.

16580 - SIP: Fax fallback (audio transmission) did not work

Fax fallback (audio transmission) did not work.
re-INVITE(t38) was rejected with 488.
Call was dropped instead of let the current audio codec do the transmission.

16278 - SIP: Fix for rare trap under heavy load

Fix for rare trap under heavy load.
Observed on large scale DECT scenario.

15950 - SIP: Stop sending registration-refresh or unregister if WLAN connectivity is lost

Stop sending registration-refresh or unregister requests if WLAN connectivity is lost.
Send REGISTER after WLAN is re-gained.

16517 - Time format for remaining test mode, with leading 0s for minutes

If less then 10 minutes

16788 - Trap in Netlogon logging on IPVA

When netlogon logging was activated on IPVA, traps could occur.

16707 - Voicemail: URL Arguments Weren't Evaluated

An internal buffer was too small.

12r1 Service Release 6 (121022)

16967 - Trap in case of unexpectedly removed CF card

If a CF card is removed or not recognied any more by the driver, there might have been a trap inside a running webdav operation.

17680 - Conference: do not send collaboration data to inactive participants

Do not send data to a participant that received a Conference Stop Event. It will receive data again after receiving a Conference Start Event.

17603 - Fax: T.38 with NAT

The RTP channel didn't start sending data after the coder is changed to T.38. So the NAT mapping could be lost. Now No-signal indications are sent.
!-- teh: vgr will das auch in V10-->

17648 - Fix for trap in Gateway application

Fix for trap in Gateway application on transfer/pickup/diverting scenarios.

16926 - IPVA: Boot Failed

There was a problem calculating the firmware size, this caused the firmware not being started.

17408 - myPBX Android/iOS: Improve the immunity to unintended keypresses

While the device is held to the ear all unintended keypresses must be avoided. This is done already with the proximity sensor of the device but needs improvement. Therefore changed the threshold to 8 cm.

17614 - myPBX Android/iOS: Many configurations not reset during factory reset

A factory reset didn't reset all configurations, e.g. the password of the first registration.

17743 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap at the beginning of the first call

An uninitialized variable could cause a trap at the beginning of the first call.

17740 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap when going to background via back button

Under some conditions the app could crash if it was put to the background via back button press.

17610 - myPBX Android: Increased the configurable microphone boost

The microphone gain of audio API profiles with microphone boost (OpenSL ES (Boost), Java (Boost)) is now increased by 12 dB, instead of 6 dB.

17690 - myPBX Android: Trap when selecting a ring tone

When selecting a ring tone the app could trap.

17744 - myPBX iOS: Remove notification if call was answered on other device

The notification of an incoming call remained pending after the call was answered on another device.

17681 - myPBX-Collaboration: do not send keep alive messages at application level

SCTP protocol already provides a keep alive mechanism. Do not send additional signalling messages.

17362 - myPBX: IE9 script error during the start of myPBX

Int32Array and UInt32Array are supported from version IE10. If Internet Explorer version is older, a script error appeared during the start of myPBX.

17747 - Phone UI: TURN password URL encoded twice

Since the last SR the TURN password was URL encoded twice if configured from the phone UI.

17544 - Phone: USB Headset - support Plantronics C320-M(icrosoft)

Just another Signature for the M(icrosoft) Variant of the Plantronics Blackwire C320 Headset

17507 - Phones: Send DTMF from CAMERA app

If CAMERA app if active (in front) and there is an active call (e.g. with door) and the user presses 0-9 or * or #
it's better to take this as DTMF sending instead of jumping to DIR app.

17557 - Save stack state before reboot to get some more info about a watchdog reboot

On boxes with sufficient RAM (ipxx11, ip111/112) the stack state before a reboot together with info about last interrupt (interrupt number, stack pointer, pc) is copied to a reserved memory area before the stack is used by the firmware again. The saved stack is dumped with "mod cmd CPU saved-stack". This may help to find out the reason of some unexplained watchdog reboots..

17750 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-ecotel-SIP_Trunk_2.0

new profile

17506 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-QSC-IPFonie_Extended_Connect TCP_RTP and TLS_SRTP

adjust CDPN-OUT maps

17742 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-TELE_AG-SIP_Trunk

sent connected number was wrong

17218 - SIP: REGISTER is rejected after update to 12r1

REGISTER is rejected after update to 12r1.
Authentication is not accepted because username is not recognized.

17745 - SMTP Line Ending not correct

SMTP Line Ending not correct

17746 - Trap in PBX due to many profiles per user

Trap in PBX if a user has 14 (or more) profiles (lists of favourites).
Buffer overrun.

17671 - WebRTC: local display name deleted after detaching application sharing window

Detaching Application Sharing Window in WebRTC wrongly deleted the display name sent to remote parties.

12r1 Service Release 7 (121076)

17794 - CF Call lists, limit max calls per user to 200

A trap could happen if absurd high numbers were configured.

20476 - Conference: Changed to submit method post

The submit method of the PBX conference edit page is changed to post to prevent a too long URL.

17849 - Conference: Video and Collaboration should have lower priority than audio

Audio should be prioritized over Video and Collaboration in case the CPU is overloaded.

19343 - ConferenceId not initialized correctly for calls from WebRTC client

This caused a wrong conference id in the CDRs

17895 - FAX: False "Excessive loss of data" event after switching to T.38

The fact that not RTP data at all was received before switching to T.38, was treated as error. This is normal in case no inband detection of fax is done, but switch is done right away, this is what Fax servers normally do.

17751 - Gateway drops SIP calls due to "Emergency" flag

If Gateway drops calls due to "Emergency" flag on route a LOG should be written and a specific cause code used.
Do not drop non-emergency calls if an emergency call has failed due to wrong number dialed.

17868 - Gateway: Buffer overrun when displaying routes with many maps

This caused a restart of the gateway.

17887 - H.323 Leak, socket was not closed for calls without registration

This was a collateral damage from the RAS over TCP/TLS implementation

20850 - IP-DECT: Trap with change of the sync region

A trap is fixed which occurred with a change of the air synchronization region of an IP-DECT radio.

17845 - IP110/200a/230/240/241: Upload of csv into local directory not possible -

uploading a csv file to local phone directory via WEB-GUI failed with "XML-processing error: not wellformed"

18871 - IP112 - set USB signaling level to 3,3 V

increasing this level from 3,0 to 3,3 V makes the USB bus more robust

17682 - IPVA: OVA-File

Offer an OVA archive.

18052 - IPxx11: increase stack size to 512kB

because of the heavier load on this boxes the currently reserved size of 256 kB is too small
<!- ich habe hier mehrere ip811 pre-mortem stacks die nach watchdog traps gezogen wurden bei denen die Untergrenze des Stacks offensichtlich unterschritten wurde. Das ist zwar höchstwahrscheinlich nicht die Ursache für den watchdog aber fixen sollte man das auf jeden Fall. Schöner wäre natürlich noch wenn man eine read-only guard page für den Stack hätte damit man rechtzeitig sieht wann'S brenzlig wird. Fragt sich ab man das auch noch bei ip6000/6010 machen sollte -->

19441 - IPxx11: save more runtime state over reboot

In additionto the last interrupt cause the enabled/disabled state of the processor ist tracked and thus available after reboot together with the pre-watchdog stack

17883 - LDAP Server:Password Configuration Could Fail

Configured server passwords weren't correctly URL-processed.

20286 - Linux: Increase network driver receive buffer size

The network driver receive buffer size is increased to prevent a lot of dropped network packets.

17973 - Media: ICE failed for RTCP if only one direction used TURN

The peer not using TURN never received the checks from the peer that used TURN because only sending something would have bound the channel to receive the checks.

17970 - Media: TURN not working for T.38

TURN was not working for T.38. There was never a RELAY candidate for this. Moreover this could prevent audio connection establishment through TURN.

20167 - myPBX Android/iOS: Log forwarding via HTTP caused the app to crash on start

If log forwarding via HTTP or HTTPS was configured the app crashed on startup and could only be recovered by clearing its config data or uninstalling and re-installing.

20196 - myPBX Android/iOS: Sometimes not reachable for a moment if back in WiFi

If the smartphone switched to mobile data because WiFi was left and was brought back to WiFi it could sometimes become unreachable for incoming calls for a moment.

17985 - myPBX Android: Do not restart the audio API on every new tone

Restarting the audio API on every new tone affects the DTMF timing.

18076 - myPBX Android: List of dialers to choose from was not presented anymore

Since Android 4.3 the system doesn't present the list of dialers to choose from any more. Add a workaround for this.

19337 - myPBX did not show the call on WQ client, after transfer by the caller

If a user does a consultation call to a WQ, this user is shown as caller on the agent. When then the caller does a transfer to connect the original caller to the WQ, the calling id on the myPBX of the agent should change. This was not the case. Signaling in the WQ was missing for this.

18117 - myPBX iOS: Accepting a call on locked screen sometimes disconnects the call

If a call is accepted via the notification on the lock screen it sometimes results in disconnection of the call.

20285 - myPBX iOS: Extend battery life

Extend battery life with myPBX iOS by suspending the Phone UI timer which is not needed while the app is in background.

17752 - myPBX iOS: Inband tone not stopped on call retrieve

If a call was retrieved after a consultation call ended with busy tone, this tone continued playing and interfered with the communication.

18009 - myPBX: DTLS retransmissions not working

myPBX writes handshake messages to the openssl library and gets the following handshake message back. This message is sent to the remote peer. If lost, we'd have to retransmit it.
Retransmissions only implemented at the client side which always expects an answer.

16611 - myPBX: Matching recording number does not work with overlap dialing

"2" matches "241". But the recordings call should only be hidden if the complete number matches.

19366 - myPBX: memory not freed using TURN channels for video or application sharing

some memory was not freed using TURN channels for video or Application Sharing.

17851 - myPBX: Only merge search results with identical phone number

Results with phone numbers that head-matched were considered as the same person. Now a complete match is required.

18278 - myPBX: TURN and STUN not working if socket not bound for an address

If the socket could not be bound to one local IP:Port, TURN and STUN is not done either for the other IP addresses and therefore no STUN/TURN candidates are provided.

18190 - myPBX: Video freezes in a secondary monitor connected through a docking station

Windows update 1067 caused this problem. myPBX display driver was using an initialization flag (D3DPRESENTFLAG_DEVICECLIP) which was causing the problem.

17792 - Netlogon: Limit computer name to 15 characters

The computer name is a NetBIOS name that is limited to 15 characters. Longer names don't work, so the user should not be able to configure longer names.

20263 - ONFI: Reading no/wrong data

ONFI: Reading no/wrong data
If data is copied due to wear leveling, physical to logical assignment have not been set. If not set, data cannot be found.

17754 - Patch to help debugging traps caused by double-free

Patch to help debugging traps caused by double-free.

19233 - PBX Mobility call failed if additional forking to unregistered destination was configured

The failed forking to the unregistered destination caused the complete call to fail

19234 - PBX: A call initiated thru pickup was sent to forking destination as well

Such a call should be sent to the picking device only

19722 - Phone: Heavy CPU load during LDAP search of local directory

An LDAP search in the local directory of a phone could cause heavy CPU load depending on the number of entries.

20135 - Phone: LDAP attribute "displayName" was not displayed on inbound calls

On inbound calls the CGPN is resolved via LDAP.
Configured attributes are requested from LDAP server.
But attribute "displayName" was not shown on phone's display.

19160 - Phone: Not able to start local 3pty conference with two inbound calls

Not able to start local 3pty conference with two inbound calls.
Local conference was available on two outbound calls, but not on two inbound calls.

17893 - phone: support more Jabra EVOLVE 30 II USB headsets

There are four versions of Jabra EVOLVE 30 II now, coming with the same dongle but with different product IDs for "mono MS", "stereo MS", "mono UC", "stereo UC" ;-)

18940 - Phones: No search results when entering a phone number containing * (star sign)

No search results when entering a phone number containing * (star sign)

17890 - Phones: Ring tone volume can not be adjusted to value "6"

20346 - Phones: Trap on DND with automatic absence message

Trap on DND (do not disturb) with automatic absence message, but only if CLIR (hide own number) is ON.

18881 - Phones: Trap when some certain actions are made related with consulting call

Fix for trap when some certain actions are made related with consulting call.
But only if call recording (aka wiretapping) is active.

18072 - Phones: User-1 looses complete user-config including fkeys

User-1 looses complete user-config including fkeys if changes to registration config are applied.
Not if user-config is stored on PBX.

17852 - Potential trap in TURN server, when displaying sessions

Buffer overrun on many sessions

17853 - Reverse Proxy, increase max http path to 128 characters

This was 64 characters

17984 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-Russmedia_IT-highspeed_Telefon

updated profile, it contains now a hint regarding dialling of subscriber numbers

18008 - SIP-Provider Profile CZ-Radiokomunikace-SIP_Trunk

20518 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Easybell-Ecotel_Business_Voice.xsl

Fix of the Profile - Add of exclusive coder to avoid issues with SIP Reverse Negotiation.

18007 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Keyyo-SIP_Trunk

updated profile, disabled T.38 due to incompatibility

17881 - SIP-Provider Profile NO-Phonect-SIP_Trunk

new profile

20300 - SIP-Provider Profile PL-Netia-SIPTrunk

new profile

19475 - SIP: Don't send confidential information in OPTIONS request

Don't send confidential information in OPTIONS request.

17840 - SIP: MCID did not work anymore

MCID did not work anymore.
INFO(innovaphone/mcid) was not interworked anymore.

18292 - SIP: Update for config option /ignore-nat-type

Update for config option /ignore-nat-type
This option makes SIP stack use mapped address instead of local address even in case of SYMMETRIC-NAT.
From now on this option evaluated when local signaling address is selected (Contact-URI).
Not only when local media address is selected (SDP/RTP).

19766 - softwarephone: low volume, volume change, gaps during conversation

during a conversation effects like low volume, gaps and volume change can be experienced

18915 - Softwarephone: Make registry path check case insensitive

Appending the softwarephone path to the user defined path resulted in deleting the previous settings because the "path" key compare was case sensitive.

19367 - Softwarephone:: icollect fails when an empty dir is present

icollect fails to compress the debugging data in the softwarephone roaming dir when there is an empty (sub)dir somewhere in the tree.

18942 - TURN server unlimited channels per allocation

Not a fixed array of channels, but btrees for channels sorted by number and channels sorted by remote address

19340 - Unexpected restart if reverse proxy is used on xx10 plattform

There was a problem with 64bit alignment on the xx10 famlily..

19229 - Unexpected restart on collision of a call connect/disconnect to waiting queue

Very small window for this to happen, so it happened very rarely

17888 - Unexpected restart on some rare failed media negotiation scenarios

Happened, when a call was sent, with a media offer and first response is a close all channels.

20408 - Voicemail: Email Attachment Not Sent

A wave file email attachment wasn't sent, if the file url targeted a host with a fully qualified domain name.

18111 - Voicemail: Memory leak with <exec>

A data packet wasn't freed while within a shutdown state.

17850 - Waiting Queue option 'Excute Operator CFB/CFNR' did not work anymore

Collateral damage from fix: #173369: PBX Waiting: Announcement switched off after no-response Timeout - fix for this fix

17885 - Waiting Queue,call to primary group was not retried

This could cause that not all phones of the primary group were ringing, especially if the was a CFNR from another Waiting Queue were the same phones were already called. In this case the first call to a phone could fail, because the disconnect was not yet complete.

17971 - WebDAV: Bug in XML for PROPOFIND

A PROPFIND for a file resource (not directory) was answered with bad multistatus response.
The content of the DAV:href element had a slash at the end.

12r1 Service Release 8 (121106)

21806 - FAT32 directory listing missed some files under certain circumstances

Sometimes a single file was not listed in a sorted directory listing of a flash drive.
E.g. this could lead to missed voicemails.

20921 - Fax: Delay switching to T.38

Now there is a delay of 2s before the fax interface try to switch to T.38 for incoming calls.

20523 - H.323 hanging registrations

Sometimes registrations where not removed. This could cause duplicate registrations in the PBX, one working and the other not. This again created problems to register the video and app sharing to the phone.

21873 - ICE: Check both RTP and RTCP before nomination

After successfully checking the RTP port, the ICE implementation immediately started the nomination of RTP and RTCP, without having proved that RTCP actually worked.
In some rare cases this led to ICE connection failures. Now both ports are checked before nomination.

20851 - IP-DECT: Memory leak with Radio registration

There could be memory leaks in some situations with radio registrations in the PARI master. This is fixed now.

21852 - ip112 USB: prevent sending noise from headset microphone

Some headsets send empty audio data frames instead of frames with silence data but this frames were not detected and thus arbitrary data from the receive buffer was sent to remote side. In some cases a headset provided only empty frames after a restart leading to bad noise. Now empty frames ar detected and the corresponding part of the receive buffer is replaced by silence.

22011 - IPv6: Ignore invalid router announcements

Ignore rather than panic on reception of an invalid router announcement.

21883 - IPx11: Prewarn watchdog added

Prewarn watchdog for the IPx11 devices added.

21823 - IPxx10 IPxx11: Possible watchdog during SRTP processing

A bug in the crypto driver could cause a watchdog, when non-RTP data was received over an RTP port.

21137 - IPxx11 - trigger prewarn interrupt before the watchdog forces a restart

Raise an interrupt before the watchdog forces a restart if the firmware runs in an infinite disabled loop

21365 - IPxx11: Trap traces could be corrupted

If a device trapped the trap trace could be corrupted.

21371 - myPBX Android/iOS: Not conveniently possible to provision

Enable configuration via URI scheme to allow provisioning through e-mail.

22038 - myPBX Android/iOS: Not possible to tweak unconfigured call forwarding FKey

If a call forwarding FKey was created and not configured with any forwarding yet it was not possible to add a forwarding later on.

21306 - myPBX Android: A single quote in the search string crashed the app

Searching in the directory with a string that contained a single quote crashed the app.

22057 - myPBX Android: Avoid traps through disconnect timeout

An inappropriate watch timer caused traps of the app.

21255 - myPBX Android: Avoid unnecessary audio API reconfigurations

Avoid unnecessary audio API reconfigurations since these cause delay in audio path establishment.

20403 - myPBX Android: Fixed delayed reaction on user input

On Android 5.0 and higher user interaction might have been handled with delay.

20347 - myPBX Android: Timers too late on recent Android versions

On Android versions 5.0 and higher timers could trigger too late and cause recovery procedures.

21619 - myPBX Android: Trap on start of the app on Samsung XCover

On Samsung XCover running Android 6.0.1 myPBX Android trapped immediately on start.

21777 - myPBX iOS. Accessibility missing

Accessibility mechanisms for vision impaired people are missing.

21368 - myPBX iOS/Android: Fixed a trap if the popup during searching was cancelled

If a popup that appeared during searches in the favorite UI was cancelled manually, the app trapped afterwards.

20433 - myPBX iOS: Avoid delay through Audio API establishment

Switching the audio API takes several 100 ms on iOS as well. Avoid delay in audio channel establishment through this.

21992 - myPBX iOS: Avoid unwanted files in the ringtones directory

Build 12r2 125090 came with an unwanted file in the ringtones directory. Avoid this mistake.

21343 - myPBX iOS: Call didn't start in speakerphone mode if initiated via myPBX Windows

If a call was initiated via myPBX Windows, myPBX iOS started in handset mode and switched to speakerphone if the call was connected. It should start in speakerphone mode immediately.

21256 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a trap during UI operations

On a certain manipulation on the user interface the app could trap.

21559 - myPBX iOS: Not restarting itself on a reset command

If a reset command was carried out on myPBX iOS (e.g. by update script), the app had to be started again manually.

21345 - myPBX iOS: Speakerphone mode if Bluetooth headset paired

If a call is initiated via myPBX Windows, myPBX iOS went into speakerphone mode even if a Bluetooth headset is paired.

21351 - myPBX iOS: Trap on start of the app

Fixed a trap on start of the app that could happen randomly.

21322 - myPBX iOS: Trap when switching from SIP/TLS to H.323/TLS

myPBX iOS could trap if the VoIP signalling protocol was changed from SIP/TLS to H.323/TLS.

22016 - myPBX iOS: Try to fix frequent traps

Added range checking to track down a prominent trap in the app store report.

21822 - myPBX: ignore the SRFLX candidate if this is equal to a local candidate

The STUN Server returns as SRFLX candidate the same ip:port as the local address:port. This candidate must be ignored in this case.

21217 - On call to a user with multiple registrations, the call was premature forwarded if one was non-functioning

There is a 6s timer in the PBX to check if sending of a call succeeds on a registration. If this timer expires a CFNR is executed. But this should not be done, if there are calls on other registrations which were sent successfully

20341 - OPUS: Fixed OPUS packet with payload length 0

With OPUS coder an invalid RTP packet with payload length 0 could be sent to IP.

18903 - PBX: Pickup not always taking effect

If somebody picked the call of another member in the group this didn't always take effect.

21362 - phone IP112 USB: improved handling of USB bus errors

adjust the terminating resistance of D+ and D- line to compensate for the protective ferrites, tolerate more bus errors as long as the USB-Controller states 'enabled'

20944 - phone ip241 - prevent freezing of dispaly after long time of operation

sometimes the ip241 display did freeze after a long time of operation

20654 - phone: usb-headsets - add Plantronics Blackwire C725-UC

Support for Plantronics Blackwire C725-UC Headset

20437 - Reverse Proxy unexpected restart, when logging is enabled

Could happen on some strange HTTP requests

21800 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-MagentaZuhause

Leaving the "Account Number" field empty, resulted in a non-editable profile. Profile now requires user to enter a value for "Account Number" field

20868 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-Telmekom-SIP_Trunk

provider now supports also CLNS

21011 - SIP: Add Min-SE header to INVITE after 422 response

Add Min-SE header to INVITE after 422 response.
Not only Session-Expires header, but also Min-SE header.
Both with same value

21366 - SIP: Bug in stream-to-message processing

In case of SIP over stream-oriented transports, SIP stack must read incoming stream and turn received data into single messages.
If remote side sends single CRLF packets between real messages the following SIP message was discarded.
Found on interworking with Pexip Infinity Conferencing Platform.

21775 - SIP: Don't return 407 to INVITE if authentication failed

Return 407 if authorization data is missing.
Return 407 if authorization data contains stale nonce.
But don't return 407 if if authentication failed.
Return "403 Forbidden" instead.
Return "403 Digest replay attack detected" if authorization was rejected due to already seen digest response.

21703 - SIP: Fast re-try after polling success

Fast re-try after receiving first REGISTER response after a no-response timeout.

21321 - SIP: Fix for interop tweak /no-codec-pinpointing

Only worked when set on SIP module (for all interfaces).
Did not work when set per interface.

21369 - SIP: Fix for interworking with XCAPI

XCAPI gives us re-INVITE with SDP offer containing a single RTP/AVP description.
We must return SDP answer with also a single RTP/AVP description.
Not SDP answer with 2 m-lines (RTP/SAVP and RTP/AVP).

21620 - SIP: Fix for product names containing white space

Fix for product names containing white space when parsing "User Agent" or "Server" header.
E.g. User-Agent: My Product/1.0.1

21807 - SIP: Inbound calls through Reverse Proxy sometimes get rejected with 403

Inbound calls through Reverse Proxy sometimes get rejected with 403.
First inbound call from registered SIP client is accepted, but next inbound call is rejected.
But only on SIP clients that provide different Contact-URI in REGISTER and INVITE (which is a bug on client side).

21843 - SIP: Interop problem with CUCM and CFNR

Bug on media negotiation on inbound SIP calls without SDP offer.

21893 - SIP: Interop problem with DTAG carrier

Don't switch to backup carrier address, if re-INVITE failed (not answered by DTAG).
If 100/Trying was received, we don't switch over to backup server anymore.
Switch over to backup server only if not even 100/Trying was received.

20630 - SIP: Problems on calls to fax server

Inbound SIP call routed to fax server.
Fax server accepts and tries to switch to T38.
Calling party rejects T38.
Fax server tries again to switch to T38.
This time the calling party is not bothered anymore,
but fax server does not get reject.

21248 - SIP: Stop sending registration-refresh or unregister if WLAN connectivity is lost

Original patch did not work under some conditions.

21801 - SNMP: TCP, UDP Connection Table Index Unordered

Traversing the TCP,UDP connection table returned indexes not lexically ordered.

20522 - SOAP LocationUrl did not work correctly for slave which is unavailable

In this case the url of the PBX itself should be returned, because this would act as standby for this slave

21225 - softwarephone:12r1: cannot select audio headsets other than wildcard "headset"

With a new installation of swphone (without any previous configurations present) headset audio devices other than Jabra headset can not be configured

20390 - Standby switch to inactive caused trunk object not working correctly anymore

When a standby switched to inactive a trunk object got corrupted, so that the next time the standby switch to active, calls to the trunk where sent with the wrong number.

19351 - Support for certificate deployment by update server

The update server can now install a response to an existing signing request using vars create and restarting the box.

The response certificate(s) must be stored here in DER format:
vars create X509/REQUESTRESPONSE/00000 pb 30820...
vars create X509/REQUESTRESPONSE/00001 pb 30820...
vars create X509/REQUESTRESPONSE/00002 pb 30820...

20947 - USB - support switching VBUS power on/off

VBUS power is on by default. USB restart behaviour may be improved if the VBUS is powered off/on while restarting.

21175 - USB-Headsets: audio from remote was deleayd after a hedset restart

When the hedset was restarted in an active call because of an USB error the audio received from remote was delayed after restart

20738 - Use random key for codec registration if registration password cannot be used

In case a phone is authenticated with a device certificate, a password as shared secret to authenticate Video and App Sharing codec from the PC on the phone does not exist. In this case a random key is sent to the phone for this purpose, within the registration process

21854 - Voicemail: Pass leg2Info.diverting_name into script

New parameters
<pbx-getcallinfo out-leg2-info="$leg2-info"/>
<pbx-prepcallinfo leg2-info="$leg2-info"/>

22032 - WebDAV: Bug in XML response

Bug in XML response for PROPFIND caused BitKinex to crash.
Only when accessing the box root.

12r1 Service Release 9 (121129)

22381 - ip22/24 reduce firmware memory footprint

reduce firmware memory footprint of ip22/24 firmware

22138 - IP222/111/112: Display of multiple incoming calls does not work

If there is more than one inbound call ringing on the phone
only one is visible and action bar is missing.

22518 - IP222/232/111/112: Diversion-Override does not work when call is initiated via myPBX client

Diversion-Override does not work when call is initiated via myPBX Client.

22583 - IP222/232/111/222: Feature "Caller Override" was applied to call when dialed from call-list

Feature "Caller Override" was applied to all calls started from call-list.
But only after reboot of the phone.

22524 - IP222/ip232: record plain PCM-Data as sent/received by USB headsets

Plain PCM-Data as sent/received by USB headsets can be captured now directly at the USB interface the same way as on IP112.

22445 - IPxx10 IPxx11 Missing event initialization in Crypto Driver

The size of the crypto driver events was not set correctly. However this should cause no problems, because the events are never queued.

22328 - LDAP Client: Trap while endlessly reconnecting

Special re-connect code took action in DNS configuration scenarios and looped reconnecting.

22514 - Make WebRTC work with Chrome 57

The default value of RTCConfiguration.rtcpMuxPolicy changed from "negotiate" to "required" in Chrome 57. As we don't have RTCP-Mux in versions 11 and 12, WebRTC calls between Chrome and innovaphone endpoints failed. In that case the console showed the following message:

Abort call: Could not set remote description: Failed to set remote offer sdp: Session error code: ERROR_CONTENT. Session error description: rtcpMuxPolicy is 'require', but media description does not contain 'a=rtcp-mux'..

Now the endpoint explicitly sets the rtcpMuxPolicy to "negotiate".

22125 - myPBX Android/iOS: Battery drained by the performance counters

The performance counters had a 60 seconds heartbeat running but performance counters are not needed for Android/iOS.

22093 - myPBX Android/iOS: Battery drained if DNS names used

If DNS names were configured, the battery consumption of the app was substantial.

22082 - myPBX Android/iOS: Fixed leaks with hold/retrieve operations and IPv6

Hold and retrieve oprations could cause a leak if the media IP address was IPv6.

21940 - myPBX Android/iOS: Possibly corrupted leak info

The HTML command "!leaks info" possibly produced results with invalid HTML syntax.

22088 - myPBX Android: Status bar icon stayed in waiting state with Android 7

On Android 7 the icon in the status bar stayed in the registration waiting state, i.e. circling all the time.

22103 - myPBX launcher: Passing secondary gatekeeper to softwarephone didn't work

Due to a missing space character in the arguments the secondary gatekeeper did not work with the "Start Softwarephone" feature of myPBX.

22362 - myPBX: Redirect from inactive standby to other location didn't work

In some cases myPBX was not redirected from the standby PBX to the actual PBX of the user.

22562 - Password used for registration didn't stay empty

Some configuration changes induced that the phone registered with password even though none was set.

21370 - PBX Waiting: Call was not sent to all operators, if primary group defined and not phone registered

This was a collateral damage from
#17885 - Waiting Queue,call to primary group was not retried

22078 - PBX: Missing namespace in first SOAP response after restart

Problem with uninitialized variable

22089 - Phone may trap when using fkey after reboot

Phone may trap when using fkey after reboot, if CAMERA app was active before reboot.

22217 - Phone: Ring tone volume "0" did not work for incoming text messages

If "0" was configured, default volume ("6") was used on incoming text messages.

22127 - phone: USB Headsets - support Jabra EVOLVE 40 UC Mono, Sennheiser SC 630 USB CTRL

support Jabra EVOLVE 40 UC Mono, Sennheiser SC 630 USB CTRL

22130 - Phones: Dialog subscription started to non-normalized number

If fav-entry is added for "+49703173009102",
presence subscription is started to normalized number "102",
dialog subscription started to non-normalized number "+49703173009102" and fails.

22208 - Phones: Force overlap dialing did not work on DIAL fkey

By default a DIAL fkey starts call with Sending-Complete flag.
This can by changed by adding a trailing '+' to the destination number.

22210 - Phones: Support for multiple LDAP mobile/telephoneNumber entries

Phone numbers are multi-valued attributes in LDAP.
Eg. One person can have multiple 'mobile' phone numbers.
All phone numbers should be presented to phone user.
Also reverse lookup should work when being called from any of the phone numbers.

21805 - Reverse proxy did not forward SIP if Request URI contained transport parameter

A transport parameter can be added to a SIP request URI lile sip:<user>@<host>;transport=TCP. In this case <host>;transport=TCP was used as host name.
These parameters are now not included in the host name anymore

22383 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-ecotel-SIP_Trunk_2.0

updated domain name

22374 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-QSC-IPFonie_Extended_Connect TCP_RTP and TLS_SRTP

update CDPN-Out maps and wiki-links

22595 - SIP: Add "stale=true" to Authenticate header if used server nonce was out-dated

Add "stale=true" to Authenticate header if used server nonce was out-dated.
Try to fix interop-issue with AudioCodes device.

22315 - SIP: Config switch to reset Max-Forwards on incoming calls

Interop issue with SIP carrier that delivers calls with "Max-Forwards: 3" to customer PBX.
New config switch: /disable-loop-detection

22517 - SIP: Interop with Avaya CTI

Support for some remote control of Avaya CTI.

22548 - SIP: Media negotiation may fail on incoming calls with AVP with SDES key

Media negotiation may fail on incoming calls with an RTP/AVP-only-offer which contains an SDES crypto key.

22119 - softwarephone: do not autostart after installation anymore

versions: 12r1 and up. since we recommend to operate softwarephone under mypbx supervision (start, credentials) a conflict can arise when swphone is autostarted after installation. A subsequent start by mypbx results in 2 running swphones since the detection of a running instance does not work for some reason when the first instance is started by user SYSTEM. Existing check for running swphone only works in the same user process space

22435 - softwarephone: trace file not always in right dir

In some cases the trace file is not written to the roaming directory but to the local directory.

22376 - softwarephone: when reg mode "computername" is configured and later name in phone tab is deleted it does not start anymore

swphone crashes on start when the reg mode is computername but the name is deleted in the phone tab

22434 - softwarephone::volume on conference significantly lower than normal

12r1:in a conference the volume of the peers is significantly lower

22193 - softwarphone: add orca parameter to remove old config,

if the user does not want the old config for an upgrade or a new install, or for some reason a rollout with update url results in corrupted config the new orca para: CONFIG "REFRESH" provides a means to start anew

22618 - TLS: Don't write packets of PCAP sockets to PCAP trace

Needed for writing PCAP files over HTTPS.

22371 - Trap in Call List Service when getting a too-long directory listing via WebDAV

Out-of-memory trap in Call List Service when reading a directory listing via WebDAV with too-many directory entries.

22545 - TURN: Not working if connection to the PBX is IPv6

TURN was not working if the connection to the PBX was IPv6.

22310 - update service: URL-encode values substituted for URL Metacharacters

some values substituted for URL metacharacters may contain URL syntax characters which need to be replaced.

22459 - Writing of PCAP to URL

Configurable URL to directly write pcap trace files.

12r1 Service Release 10 (121147)

22761 - _snprintf() must not prematurely stop when an argument does not fit completely into the buffer

currently _snprintf() stops when an argument does not fit completely into the buffer. It's better to copy as much of the argument as fits in the buffer..

23117 - DNS resolver: memory leak

In some particular situations the DNS resolver exhibited a memory leak.

23672 - External-UC: PUBLISH request may contain illegal To-URI

PUBLISH request may contain illegal To-URI if PBX user has name alias containing blank. Escaping of userpart was missing.

22860 - Fax license did not work in active standby

If the standby was active, the fax server did not get a license

22866 - Gateway: Remote Address lost, when changing mappings on an interface, if DNS name used

A check to verify that it is an IP address was done here, which was wrong.

22877 - Gateway: Rerouting could fail with CGPN mismatch, if CGPN verified ist used and CGPN mapping

If a CGPN was changed by a mapping, it could happen, that CGPN verify failed on rerouting.

22869 - H.323 calls without media in case of special rerouting in PBX

The rerouting szenario which failed was a call which was routed to the master, rejected and then routed to the destination for the no-master case. But this could also happen in other situations.

23103 - H.323 Media negotiation problem with ICE

In case multiple media answers (selects) are forwarded from a media-relay interface, the ICE credentials could get corrupted

22741 - H.323 uninitialized variable could cause media problem

Only seen on IP-DECT and handover

22880 - H.323: Use of non-standard port for federation did not work

The service port from DNS has to be used for the outgoing TLS

22772 - IP111/IP112: Jitter buffer corrections not suitable with OPUS

With OPUS jitter buffer corrections happened more frequent and using finer grain than with other codecs.

22829 - IP111/IP112: Packet loss concealment not working with OPUS

With OPUS packet loss was not concealed as expected and introduced clicks.

22387 - ip112 - USB headset - clean notification signal for inbound call

an inbound call is indicated in the headset by a sequence of notification signals but the first signal was somehow disturbed.

22560 - IP112: Fixed noise burst at the beginning of a call with USB headset

At the beginning of a call a noise burst may be heard if USB headset is used on the telephone.

22708 - IP112: Noise burst if accepting a call via headset

A short noise burst was heard if a call was accepted in speakerphone mode.

23194 - IP241: Cannot enter some special character (e.g. colon and semicolon)

Cannot enter some special character (e.g. semicolon)

23198 - IP241: Selected built-in background image is not loaded at boot time

Selected built-in background image is not loaded at boot time.
After reboot the default built-in background image is displayed.

22931 - IP38 IP311: CallProgress tones on FXO not detected if level too high

CallProgress tones with levels above -3dB (==0dBm) were regarded as illegal in the DSP driver

23338 - Memory leak if an invalid "Write PCAP to" URL is configured

Every second a new file was opened and not closed when the open failed.

22648 - myPBX Android/iOS: Trap if too many ringtones

A trap could occur if the size of the ring tones description exceeded a certain limit.

22948 - myPBX iOS: Call accept without unlocking the phone didn't take effect

With certain iOS versions nothing happened if a call was accepted via the button of the notification.

22949 - myPBX iOS: Processing load peaks if connectivity ceases

With certain iOS versions there might be a high processing load peak if network connectivity ceases.

23111 - myPBX iOS: Ringing stopped prematurely on incoming calls

With iOS 10 the ring melody stopped prematurely on incoming calls.

22664 - myPBX: Usernames truncated on session page when using netlogon

When a user logged in to myPBX using the windows account, the username was displayed truncated on page PBX/myPBX:

22865 - New ISDN Interop switch: Discard Connected number

Discards any received connected number. Needed because some Cisco devices send illegal content.

22861 - No PBX CDR was generated for Number Map object

Reporting licenses can be configured, so a CDR should be generated as well

22859 - PBX CDRs for calls to mobile user wrong in case of configuration with nodes

The previous fix for this only covered the setup-to and not alert-from event in the CDRs

22864 - PBX Config Template: DND and Hide Connected Endpoint was missing

Do not disturb and Hide Connected Endpoint could not be configured in PBX config template

22863 - PBX e.164: Call to different node, with unknown number should be routed to local trunk

This did not work in case the destination node was in a different branch from the root

23151 - Phone UI: Trap if the registration was toggled between H.323 and SIP

If the primary registration was toggled from H.323 to SIP and back two times, the phone trapped.

23147 - Phone UI: TURN password at SIP registration lost

If the TURN password was entered for a SIP registration, it was not stored and shown empty when entering the user settings again.

22762 - phone: USB headsets: log the headset audio parameters each time an audio connection is set up

For analysis of PCM captures the type of the headsets audio endpoints (mono/stereo, sampling rate must be known.

22649 - Phones: CC-Exec-Possible gets lost while in another call

CC-Exec-Possible gets lost while in another call.

22757 - Phones: Complete user config may get lost when configuring a big fkey

Complete user config may get lost when configuring a big fkey.
An CF fkey may exceed a limit of 512 bytes.
This results into non-well-formed XML.

Collateral damage of #18072 - Phones: User-1 looses complete user-config including fkeys

22972 - Phones: Ringtone settings on the phone did not work

Ringtone settings page on the phone does not show current values of Volume and Speed.

22640 - Phones: When uploading CSV file into local phone book, the last entry may get lost

When uploading CSV file into local phone book,
the last entry may get lost if it is not terminated with "new-line".

22699 - RELAY: Give VOIP interfaces a speaking name

Give VOIP interfaces a speaking serial-name which indicates the selected VOIP stack/protocol.
instead of "T_VOIP_SIG" for all types.

22882 - SIP: Bug in media negotiation (wrong RTP payload type used)

Bug in media negotiation (wrong RTP payload type used).
On outbound calls with media-relay.
Interop with PolycomSoundStationIP.

23405 - SIP: Change behaviour of interop tweak /send-deprecated-diversion-header

If option /send-deprecated-diversion-header is set, Diversion header is sent in addition to History-Info header (not instead of History-Info header).
Make version 12 work like version 11 or earlier.

22670 - SIP: Fix for media-negotiation (no-audio problem)

Fix for media-negotiation (no-audio problem).

23102 - SIP: Try to keep RTP payload type assignments throughout the call

Interop with Deutsche Telekom.
Better not change RTP payload type assignments during a call.

22922 - SIP: Update for config option "Identity Header when Sending INVITE"

Update for config option "Identity Header when Sending INVITE".
When "UUI" is selected as value, the UUI can contain placeholder:

23107 - SIP: Wrong local RTP address selected

Wrong local RTP address selected.
IP address of ETH0 used instead of ETH1.
Must select local RTP address based on remote proxy address.

22665 - softwarephone:when started by mypbx passwords containing special chars do not work

the login values passed from mypbx to swphone are url encoded, must be decoded by swphone before processing

23337 - TLS: Prevent traps if device has no certificate

Boxes that have no certificate, create one on the first startup.
If TLS connections were started before that certificate was finished, there could be a trap. Now the TLS connection just fails.

23217 - USB headsets: support Plantonics Blackwire C325.1, Jabra Evolve 75

Add support for Plantonics Blackwire C325.1 and Jabra Evolve 75

12r1 Service Release 11 (121159)

24681 - BC Conf: Trap fixed

A trap with the PBX BC conference object is fixed. It can occur if the object is monitored.

24262 - CAS: Local event not working

18584 - Fix for trap when using ping on web ui

Fix for trap when using ping on web ui with Destination

24079 - Fixed trap if more than 64GB are used in a FAT32 partition

Writing more than 64 GB of files on a FAT32 partition caused a trap.

23121 - ip111,ip112: TRAP type displayed on red screen after trap incorrect

On the red screen displayed at phone after a trap the type of trap is wrong

24374 - IP241: Diagnostics of UI implementation can be turned on with /trace now

Config file line:
config change PHONE FORMS /trace
turns on extensive debug information about UI rendering.

24680 - ip38, ip311, ip411 FXO: Brazil callprogress tones also use 440Hz

Brazil callprogress tones are defined as 425Hz +/-25Hz. We therefore add a 440Hz based pattern Brazil_440Hz.

23695 - IP6010, IPxx11: Dial pause via comma not working any more

A comma in the dial string didn't cause sending of pause any more.

25031 - IPxx11: Static memory overwritten

Static memory was overwritten but didn't cause problems in released builds.

25044 - IPxx11: Trap with CAS protocols

With CAS protocols T1, E1_R2D, E1_3BIT a trap occured.

23871 - myPBX Launcher: Support TLS 1.2 in remote media websocket

Activate newer TLS versions for the websocket connections of the remote media codecs.

24796 - myPBX: Updated translations

Improved french translations

25121 - Netlogon: Support fragmentation of authentication message

Fragmented responses from the Windows Server are now supported for user login.

24878 - PBX: Chat did not work on some standby scenarios

A chat session could not be established to a user, which was defined on a slave if the user was actually registered to the master, because the slave was down.

24771 - Phone USB Headset: support Jabra EVOLVE 20 MS Stereo

support Jabra EVOLVE 20 MS Stereo

24879 - Phones: Cannot retrieve held call after consultation

If a consultation call is terminated by remote side, the local user hears a "disconnect" tone. Instinctively the user hangs up.
But this does not only removes the disconnected consultation call, but also the held call is dropped.

24449 - Phones: Make phones support G.729

Make phones support G.729 without License

24951 - Phones: Ring filter config did not work in a config-template scenario

Ring filter config did not work in a config-template scenario.
Could not over-write volume value of template.

25131 - Possible trap during RSA signature validation

Trap traces show "x509 free error" with the following events pending:

6: x509 2b08

Collateral damage from #160354: TLS: Verifying of RSA signatures didn't always work

24594 - SIP: Fix for trap

Fix for rare trap.

24873 - SIP: Interface may loose registration from time to time

Interface may loose registration from time to time, but only if server protects against digest replay.

24118 - SIP: Used wrong RTP payload type for telephone-event

RTP payload type 101 for telephone-event used which was also used for G726.

23927 - SMTP protocol error CRLF instead of LF should be used

Bare LFs are changed to CRLF

24143 - softwarephone: nat detection does not work and can lead to dropped tls registrations

24142 - softwarephone: when starting swphone via mypbx a space in h323 name does not work

11r2 and up: The h323 name is passed fom mypbx url encoded. this is erronously decoded by swphone so that a space is inserted between name segments. example: Lothar%20Burkhardt results in config string: /h323 Lothar Burkhardt. only the first part is then evaluated.

23828 - TURN: Wrong message coding caused interoperability problem

An incorrect length value in a TURN message affected interoperability with some public TURN servers.

23760 - UI: Give packet count on overview of TURN-Sessions

Give packet count on overview of active TURN-Sessions to see which session is really used.

23861 - USB headsets: handle and report single frame underrun/overrun

on isochronous transfers sometimes a one millisecond frame from headset may be too short or too long. the handling of such frames improved now.

24136 - USB headsets: limit jitter on output to headset speaker

if DSP output data rate does not match USB bus data rate some data has to be discarded/inserted

12r1 Service Release 12 (121172)

26655 - Certificate upload: File passwords with special characters didn't work

If the password contained a character like "!", the file upload failed with the message "decoding certificate failed".

26701 - Don't remove leading zeros from Congolese phone numbers

Like in Italy, area codes in the Republic of the Congo (+242) can start with a zero digit. So the phone number normalization should not remove it.
The fix applies to the phones and to myPBX.

25523 - Fixed space calculation of CF cards/SSDs

The calculation under General->Compact Flash->Info returned wrong values for huge directories with many files.

25460 - IP110, IP240: Fixed sporadic traps related to timers

On IP110 and IP240 telephones sporadic traps related to timers could occur.

26592 - IP111/112/222/232: Bug in "Fine grained Function Locking"

Could not lock "Diversion Override" (0x04000000) in "Fine grained Function Locking".

26634 - IP111/112/222/232: Bug in config option "Function keys not modifiable on the phone"

The fine grained function locking mask did not work as expected/documented.
This mask is intended to protect specified fkeys from being re-configure on the phone's ui.
This mask erroneously controlled the offered fkey-types instead in earlier versions.
Fixed now.

26754 - IP111/112/222: Show call related status message

In special scenarios a call may receive a status message which is displayed in old phones (b/w display) and on IP232.
But was not on IP111/112/222.

25228 - IP200/230/240/110: No ringtone at exec-possible on call completion

When call completion was requested and exec-possible notification is received, the phone displayes a notification to the user, but the ringtone was missing.

26658 - IP222/232/111/112: Show full display info and phone number

Show full remote display info and phone number on incoming calls.
Remote display name is displayed on multiple display lines if display name and number do not fit together into single display line.

25032 - IPv6: trap when processing icmp6 neighbour discovery redirect info

IPv6 trapped when processing icmp6 neighbour discovery redirect info

24900 - Mobility: DTMF Features did not work if mobile endpoint was called as WQ operator

Disabling RTP-DTMF did not work in a special media-renegotiation scenarion

24877 - Mobility: On-the-phone presence did not work for calls initiated by a mobile endpoint

On-the-phone presence was not indicated if a user initiated a call from his mobile device thru mobility

25462 - myPBX Android/iOS: Internal numbers longer than 3 digits not recognized

The max internal number length configuration was not considered and only numbers with up to 3 digits assumed to be internal.

25180 - PBX Conferencing: Avoid too many traces

Avoid unnecessary traces during a conference.

24874 - PBX Waiting: Sometimes presence of an operator was cleared unexpectedly

This happend if the features
- Presence disables Operator
- Set Operator Presence
were used and the operator received a call not from the WQ after a call to the operator thru the WQ was rejected because of the presence

25030 - Phones: New flag for "Fine grained function locking/hiding"

New flag for "Fine grained function locking/hiding":
IP2x2 and IP11x only.

25197 - Phones: Start ringer when call is left on hold

Start ringer when call is left on hold after anding consultation by going onhook.

25335 - Phones: Trap when configuring CF fkey on the phone UI

Trap when configuring CF (call forwarding) fkey on the phone UI.

26163 - Phones: Trap when receiving text messages while HOME-APP is disabled

Trap when receiving text messages while HOME-APP is disabled via "Fine grained Function Hiding"

25235 - Potential unexpected restart when playing announcements

Under some unlikely timing conditions

24835 - Reverse Proxy LDAP: Concatenation of domain components does not work correctly

From a user name with the dn=<user>,dc=<doman-component1>,dc=<domain-component2> representation, the domain was not build correctly. Some random characters were added

26695 - SBC: Memory leak with SIP devices

There could be memory leaks in some situations on SIP calls

26801 - SIP-Provider Profile BE-Proximus-Business_Trunking and BE-Proximus-Wireless_Office_Extended

fixed display issue with chrome browser

26800 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-MagentaZuhause

change framesize to 20ms and disable ice

25511 - SIP: New interop tweak /send-no-historyinfo for Vodafone

Vodafone rejects INVITE with History-Info headers fully compliant to RFC-7044 and RFC-7131.
New interop tweak /send-no-historyinfo will suppress all History-Info headers.

25334 - SIP: Not all updates of remote party identity gathered from received INVITE responses

Not all updates of remote party gathered from received INVITE responses.
Changed parsing of received INVITE responses.

26164 - Softwarephone should not set PATH variable

swphone sets users PATH environment variable each time it starts due to accessibility of the icollect tool. this caused problems. Now instead add a shortcut to icollect in start menu

25522 - Trap if CF card/SSD is full

If the card is full, the box might trap.

25440 - USB headsets: reduced output delay, improved DSP/USB synchronization

on long lasting calls it could happen that the voice from remote party was sent with a growing delay to the headset speaker

26796 - WebRTC Firefox compatibility: Add a=setup:actpass to offer SDP

Firefox 55 requires offers to contain the a=setup attribute for DTLS-SRTP. So this fix adds the attribute to the offer presented to the browser.

25458 - WebRTC: Avoid javascript error in Chrome when playing ringback tones

This fix avoids the following error shown in the developer console of Chrome:
"The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause()"

The error could lead to missing ringback tones during WebRTC calls.

The fix is inside the Javascript code for WebRTC. For myPBX the PBX needs to be updated. For widgets and toolbox applications the new version of the javascript code needs to be copied to the webserver.

12r1 Service Release 13 (121185)

26838 - Collaboration: sctp handshake fails if Init Ack message gets lost

AppSharing will not work if the SCTP handshake fails which could happen if this message gets lost. I did not accept a second INIT Message which indicates that the Acknowledge got lost.
Only reported by Sebastian.

27260 - don't wait for pending log messages or CDRs at end of test period

a box operated in test mode is automatically reset after 8 hours. This reset must not be delayed because of unsent log messages or CDRs

26915 - Fax: Accept bad frames after correctly received document

If an incoming document is correctly and completely received and a bad frame instead of a disconnect is received after this, no protocol error should be reported. This error prevents from converting and forwarding the document. This is fixed now.

26914 - IP111/112/222/232: Bug in config option "Function keys not modifiable on the phone"

The fine grained function locking mask did not work as expected/documented.
This mask is intended to protect specified fkeys-types from being re-configure on the phone's ui.
Fixed now.

27656 - IP200/230/240/110: No ringtone at exec-possible on call completion

When call completion was requested and exec-possible notification is received, the phone displayes a notification to the user, but the ringtone was missing.

27109 - IP2x2x: Fixed touch behaviour

Touch events were not verified sufficiently.

25497 - More info on out-of-memory restarts

Show who allocated the suspicous buffers

27062 - myPBX iOS: Keypad "4" showed letters "GFHI" instead of "GHI"

Letters "GHI" must be associated with keypad "4" and "XYZ" with keypad "9".

28956 - Netlogon: Trap on fragmented messages

Collateral damage from the following fix:
#25121 - Netlogon: Support fragmentation of authentication message

25501 - PBX location incomplete destination was only used for calls from root node

The incomplete destination should be used for any call from a different node

28856 - PBX Waiting Queue: Call picked by another user, was still counted as call to the queue

This was a problem with the "Max Call/Operator(%)" option of the PBX. The queue was potentially regarded as busy even if all operator were available.

28861 - PBX Waiting: Pickup of call from operator did not work

Call was disconnected

28860 - PBX Waiting: Round robin config could result in calls not sent to operators

In case a call was picked from operator

26738 - PBX: Calls were disconnected after SOAP blind transfer to Waiting Queue

Operator phones were alerting, but when a operator answered the call, the call was disconnected

27937 - phone USB headset: special mode for USB speakerphones

When a USB speakerphone is only occasionally used for ad hoc conferences but not for normal calls it's not desired that calls initiated or accepted via CTI are routed to the USB-speakerphone.
With "Phone/Preferences/Headset used ad hoc only" checked calls initiated or accepted via CTI are routed to the phone in handsfree mode. The phones headset key and the USB-speakerpones talk-button remain active, i.e. a ringing call can be accepted on the USB-speakerpone and a connected call call can be moved to the USB-speakerphone.

28549 - phone USB Headsets: support Jabra SPEAK 710 MS & Jabra LINK 370 MS

SPEAK 710 MS / LINK 370 MS are the 'Designed for Lync' variants of the already supported SPEAK 710 UC / LINK 370 UC

28457 - phone USB Headsets: support Jabra Speak 710 USB Speakerphone

add support for Jabra Speak 710 USB Speakerphone

27976 - phone USB Headsets: support Sennheiser Team Connect Wireless Conference System

add support for the Sennheiser Team Connect Wireless Conference System, a system of 4 Speakerphones coupled via bluetooth

26839 - Phones: Config file options /name-display-in and /name-display-out did not work as expected

Config file options /name-display-in and /name-display-out did not work as described in reference article:
Old behaviour: "1" always selected "surname"; "2" always selected "givenname"; "3" always selected "organization";
Correct behaviour: "1" selects first configured name attribute; "2" selects second configured name attribute; "3" selects third configured name attribute;

26949 - Phones: Dial fkey with option "Send as Control Call" always reported error

Dial fkey with option "Send as Control Call" always reported "Operation failed".
Even if operation was successful.

24593 - Phones: Dialing did not work in some cases

Entering dialing digits did not work on some devices (e.g. IP200).

28003 - Phones: Failure of diversion activation was not handled

Diversion activation may fail.
E.g. PBX may reject with "notAuthorized" if diversion filter is configured for this user.
Failure was not detected and diversion was displayed as "active" on the phone.

28116 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-DeutschlandLAN_SIP_Trunk

Provider added support for Call Redirection.
Activate "No Ice", "No Video" bc. of customer feedback

28708 - SIP: Calls dropped if Session-Expires was configured, but remote party ignores it

Calls dropped if Session-Expires was configured, but remote party ignores it

27664 - SIP: SDP answer with two telephone-event entries sent sometimes

SDP answer with two telephone-event entries sent with different payload-types.

25318 - SIP: To-URI was wrong in an INVITE after REFER

To-URI was wrong in an INVITE after REFER.
Send INVITE with "To: sip:abc@
Recv REFER with "Refer-To: sip:def@
Send INVITE with "To: sip:def@
(Userpart was updated but hostpart not)
Now INVITE is sent with "To: sip:def@

27657 - USB Headset: disabling a plugged headset via fuction key or telephone GUI does not disable the Talk-Button

When an USB-headset should be disabled via a fuction key Headset(Mode-Enable) or the switch "Setup/Phone Setup/Device Settings/Headset" in telefone GUI the Talk-Button of the headset was not disabled but did not work properly

12r1 Service Release 14 (121197)

29585 - CCBS/CCNR: Don't let "Exec Possible" ring forever

Since fix #22649 - Phones: CC-Exec-Possible gets lost while in another call
"Exec Possible" indication rings forever (instead of disappearing after 30 seconds).
Better keep the "Exec Possible" indication active as long as the phone is busy in another call and 30 more seconds after the phone went idle.

29360 - IPVA: the update client provided firmware filenames in wrong character case

If the URL leading to the firmware or bootcode file ends with '/ the update client did append "IPVA.BIN" but the delivered files are named "ipva.bin". This did not work with http servers on a case sensitive system like lighttpd on linux.

29240 - ipxx11: Support for new SPI Flash, Bootcodeupdate

new Winbond W25Q256J has a different JedecID compared to the old W25Q256F.

28855 - PBX: Pickup did not work accross PBX with e164 configuration

In case of a e164 configuration, meaning nodes with escapes are configured, a call could not be picked from another PBX/Node even if it was displayed on the pickup key

28770 - PBX: Transfer of connected call to conference did not work

The media was not connected, but ringback was played.

29219 - phone ip112: new config options - accept only known devices at USB port, disable USB port,

Configured in WEB-GUI under "Phone/Protect/USB"
- config add USB-HOST /disable
o applied after reset only
o no USB function block (PHY, VBUS, Controller) is powered/started
o "USB disabled" popup on phone display when pressing the phone headset key
- config add USB-HOST /secure
o serve only USB devices with audio and (optionally) HID interface(s)
o trigger alarm when another device is plugged

29070 - phone: notification tone missing in headset after automatic call connection

When "Redial" (aka powerdial) is requested after a failing call and the remote side accepts the redialled call a notification tone is sent to inform the user about the connected call.
This tone could not be heared in most wirelesss headsets because it was sent before the media channel between headset and base was established. A delay of one second helps.

29141 - phone: recording to http server stopped prematurely when the currently recorded call was released by remote party

recording to http server was stopped when the currently recorded call was released by the remote party. even if there was another call on hold. when the held call was retrieved it was not recorded anymore.

29191 - softwarephone: crash if password long

When password was longer than 16 characters, the swphone crashed.

29190 - softwarephone: MOH did not play when remote goes on hold

Due to a bug in the socket layer in some cases the local ports changed during ICE handshake. This could lead to broken TURN connections.
For example when remote party went on hold, softwarephone sometimes did not play the hold music.

29192 - softwarephone: No DTMF detection does not work

Softwarephone sends now DTMF as tones if "no DTMF detection" is configured. In the default case DTMFs are sent as events.

12r1 Service Release 15 (121203)

29816 - Forwarding Alarms and Events from a Gateway/PBX to Sylog Server did not work

A Gateway/PBX can be configured to forward all alarms and events to one ore two SYSLOG Server. This did not work anymore.

30325 - ip111/112: prevent spurious traps probably caused by location of checksum in firmware image

Spurious traps were observed with certain firmware builds. The builds could be healed by postprocessing when the checksum was stored to another (unused) location in firmware. Thus checksum location is changed now.

29762 - IP111/IP112: Fixed small inconsistency in the handset echo canceller

Fixed a small inconsistency in the handset echo canceller that could affect the echo suppression a tiny bit.

29745 - myPBX Android: App crash with java audio API

If java was selected as audio API, the app crashed at the beginning of the call on new Android versions.

29765 - myPBX Android: Debug traces not written on some Smartphone Brands (e.g. Huawei)

On Huawei devices debug traces were not written.

30070 - phone_imx6: provide more info in case of watchdog traps

In case of a watchdog trap the trap frame was stored just below the current stack pointer which will either override some interesting 'before trap' info on stack.or raise another trap if the stack pointer itself is invalid. Now an extra stack area is used also for watchdog trap handling.

29821 - SRTCP should always use 80-bit authentication tag

We used the same hash length as for SRTP.
But the RFCs tell that SRTCP should never use less than 80-bit.

29804 - SRTP Profile SRTP_AES128_CM_SHA1_32 not implemented

This profile was offered but not implemented. Latest Chrome Version is using this profile...

12r1 Service Release 16 (121210)

30789 - do not log calls to dialup recorder in local call list

when in manual or optional recording mode recording was stopped manually before the end of the recorded call a call list entry was created for the recording call to dialup recorder.

31029 - Fix for "automatic" domain if no domain is configured

Prior this fix:
If no domain is configured on an interface the AOR for registration is constructed using the proxy name/addr as host part.
If two different proxies are configured (primary and fallback) the primary proxy's name/addr is used for primary registration and also for fallback registration.
In some environments the fallback proxy does not accept a registration where AOR contains name/addr of primary proxy.

From now on:
- The AOR is constructed using primary proxy's name/addr on the primary registration
- The AOR is constructed using fallback proxy's name/addr on the fallback registration

If the old behaviour is required (same AOR on both registrations (primary and fallback))
the domain part for the AOR needs to be configured on the interface explicitely.

This patch only affects interfaces where NO domain is configured!

31243 - IP-DECT: Configuration option "Advanced Administration" removed

The unused config option was removed from the page General Admin.

30801 - ip111,ip112: protect device memory and read only text and data

protect device memory and read only text and data to find errors caused by illegal memory accesses earlier

31042 - ip11x: Support for new SPI Flash, Bootcodeupdate

new Winbond W25Q128JM has a different JedecID compared to the old W25Q128F.

31043 - IP222 IP232: Support for new backlight LED driver

IP222 IP232 HW2000 uses a AX2012 LED driver instead of AKROS, this needs new parameters for backlight control.

30409 - myPBX-Video: DTLS Handshake may not work if rtcp_mux is used

rtcp_mux option is set too late

31075 - phone: USB headsets - support more Sennheiser headsets

Add support for a couple of newer Sennheiser headsets, see

31014 - SIP: New interop tweak /fixed-remote-address

New interop tweak /fixed-remote-address
If set the gateway will send all SIP messages belonging to one call to the same remote IP address.
Any Route headers will be ignored.

30667 - SIP: Timeout on HOLD transaction was not reported to application

An re-INVITE(inactive) may fail with no-response.
Failure should be reported to application.

30554 - Voicemail: Pass conferenceID into api_forward_setup()

Voicemail-forwarded calls appeared multiple times within myPBX. Happened in case of multi-registrations at the forward destination.

12r1 Service Release 17 (121220)

32830 - Add local time to first wireshark packet

The first wireshark packet, which contains the firmware version etc., could also contain the current local time, which can be used as reference for the further trace.

31834 - HTTP recording failed to start sometimes

HTTP recording did not start if the media configuration was completed too late

32853 - IP-DECT: Hide Reverse-Proxy menu item

31306 - IP-DECT: Wrong Mobility Master passwords saved

caused by a missed URL decode.

31296 - IP-DECT: Wrong system password saved

if the signs '+' or '%' are used caused by a duplicate URL decode.

32808 - IP232: Support for touch controller version, fix for last fix

With the last fix touch controller Version M09 didnt work.

32992 - LDAP directory lookup node number support

used by IP-DECT phonebook.

32170 - Memory leak on HTTP redirect with digest authentication

The memory leak occured when the myPBX launcher with video enabled was redirected to a slave PBX.

31581 - Mobility pickup with myPBX did not work anymore

Collateral damage from fix 19234 - PBX: A call initiated thru pickup was sent to forking destination as well

31451 - PBX Exec object, call exec called wrong user in case nodes are used

The number to call the exec was not generated correctly. This only worked in case of a flat numbering plan, or if caller and exec were in the same node.

31458 - PBX Mobility: Call waiting tone did not work anymore

This was a collateral damage of fix 14904 - Webmedia: Fix for inband ringback tone from Oct. 6, 2016. The tone used by mobility did not work anymore, since it now correctly starts with a delay.

32897 - phone USB headsets: support some more Jabra Headsets

Add some new variants of already supported devices

31882 - phone USB headsets:: support Sennheiser SC45/75

support the latest Sennheiser SC45/75 headsets

31996 - phone: do not block call intrusion when URL-recording is configured

Call intrusion requires two DSP channels at the intruding side..
URL recording doesn't need an extra channel and thus URL-recording can work together with call intrusion.
Dialup recording requires an extra DSP-channel. A call intrusion can not be performed while dialup-recording is active and thus it is blocked as before dependent on current state and configuration.

31833 - SIP: Don't take REGISTER as refresh if Call-ID is different

REGISTER requests with different Call-ID are not refresh for existing registrations.
Even if Contact-URI is the same as in earlier REGISTER requests.
RFC-3261 "10.2.4 Refreshing Bindings" says:
A UA SHOULD use the same Call-ID for all registrations during a single boot cycle.

31776 - SIP: Fallback to primary server may be delayed

Fallback from secondary to primary server may be delayed.
Should register at primary server immediately after successful polling.

31604 - SIP: Illegal encoding of s-line in SDP answer

Illegal encoding of s-line in SDP answer, but only in case the received s-line in SDP offer had nothing but whitespace as value.
s= <crlf/>

31321 - SIP: Interop tweaks did not work when set globally on module

Interop tweaks (e.g. /send-no-historyinfo) only had effect when set on interface, not when set globally on SIP module.

31924 - SIP: Registration refresh interval sometimes not decoded from REGISTER response

Registration refresh interval not decoded from REGISTER response,
if the Contact-URI in the response does not exactly match
the Contact-URI in the request.

Contact in REGISTER:
Contact in 200/OK:

31655 - Support supernetting in DHCP Server

The DHCP Server did permit only subnetting, i.e. the maintained address range was limited by the class of the interface address. For the interface address the maintained range was to
Now the limits are defined by the network mask configured for the interface and may be larger than the address class limits.

31590 - TURN server: Lifetime response not correct

Lifetime 0 was responded to allocate and refresh requests if they asked for a lifetime.

31692 - Unexpected restart on group pickup with *0# from Waiting queue

31459 - Unexpected restart on Mobility loop

A loop could for example be a mobility destination, which is a Waiting Queue, which has the same user as operator configured.

29610 - Waiting Queue: Call count wrong for operator calls initiated with myPBX

The call sent to the operator telefone initially was wrongly counted as member call.

12r1 Service Release 18 (121231)

35041 - AppSharing: packets may be delivered in wrong order to SCTP module

I was locking the access to the sequence variable but I was not making sure that the packets were also delivered in the right order to the SCTP module.
Receiving side was dropping out of order packets.

33366 - ip112 USB headsets: increase connect debounce timeout for slow booting USB devces

when a USB device plugin is detected a reset must be sent to the device after a certain timout to set the device to default state. A timeout of ~100 milliseconds was sufficient for all headsets tested so far. But the Plantroncs BT600 dongle needs at least 300 milliseconds before reset. Now a timeout of 300 milliseconds is used by default. It can be changed by
config add USB-HOST /connect-debounce <20-ms-ticks>
The default setting is
config add USB-HOST /connect-debounce 16

!-- jfr
Ja, das ist aber aufwändiger als nur das timeout zu verlängern und ich wollt nicht soviel Aufwand treiben (zumindest jetz) .
Wenn ich das Reset nach 100ms mache meldet der controller ja daß das device im default state ist (connected+enabled). aber danach bleibt ein get-descriptor hängen oder der controller meldet daß der default state nicht mehr besteht.

33717 - IP222: Misaligned display in 12r1.

A recent change caused misaligned IP222 display in 12r1.

34596 - myPBX crashes if VP8 video could not be initialized

33356 - myPBX: IPv6 did not work with websocket connections for video and appsharing

The launcher connects to the PBX and phones using Websocket for video and application sharing. This didn't work when IPv6 addresses were used.

34765 - phone - USB Headsets: add signature for Jabra Biz 2400 II Mono USB UC

Add signature for Jabra Biz 2400 II Mono USB UC

33389 - phone ip110/200a/230/240: trap when very long function key labels are configured

function key labels longer than the display line could lead to a trap because of a buffer overrun

33834 - phone ip222/232 USB: headset may go mute in a call lasting more than 3 hours

in calls via an USB headset lasting more than 3 hours it sometimes happened that the isochronous transfer from/to headset stopped because the host controller stopped interrupting.
now isochronous transfer is restarted if there are no interrupts for more than 200 milliseconds.

33659 - SIP: Better get CDPN from To-URI if Request-URI matches local Contact-URI

NAT detection did not work for SIP/TCP.
That's why Request-URI was considered to be different from local Contact-URI (only hostpart was different).

33816 - SIP: Fix for asymmetric codec problem

Follow-up to fix #16000 - SIP: Fix for asymmetric codec problem
If SDP answer is received with more than one audio codec we take the top-most codec as the selected one.
We send and receive this codec.
But the remote endpoint may send other codec.
Our endpoints can only send/receive one codec at a time.
In order to pinpoint the selected codec to only one, we now send a re-INVITE with a single-coder-offer right after negotiation (RFC-4317).
In case of late Offer/Answer exchange (200/OK and ACK) this pinpointing was missing.
From now on pinpointing is also done here.

34508 - softwarephone: crash when no secondary dns server is provided by system

if no secondary dns server is provided by the system call the then undefined value lead to a crash

33288 - trap when enabling/disabling test mode while logging to LOCAL-AP

a trap could happen when test mode was enabled/disabled while logging to LOCAL-AP

34280 - UDP: upper limit of RTP port range was exceeded by 2

With a configuration "First UDP-RTP Port: 50000 Number of Ports: 999 First/Last 50000/50999" the last allocated pair should be 50998/50999 but it was 51000/51001.

12r1 Service Release 19 (121234)

35243 - IP-DECT: Wrong password for Mobility Master saved

caused by a missed URL decode.

35323 - Media: Set RTP marker bit on first media packet after dummy CN

Sometimes it is necessary to send dummy RTP packets (payload type 13) to overcome NAT problems.
First audio packet after dummy packets should have the marker bit set.

35109 - SIP: RTP is sent to wrong port in some cases

Remote peer may change its RTP port during call (e.g. Mitel-3300-ICP).
New RTP port is received in SDP answer in 200/OK for reINVITE.
Changed port in SDP answer was ignored.

35306 - Spurious IRQ 99 trap

A trap of the firmware can occur caused by a spurious interrupt 99 if the Linux is manually stopped and restarted.

12r1 Service Release 20 (121236)

36587 - IP-DECT: Filter undesirable LDAP result items for caller id look-up

There are additional LDAP result attributes which must be filtered. This is caused by fix #32992 - LDAP directory lookup node number support

36633 - phone USB: add Sennheiser Headset adapters SC6x5 USB , USB-ED CC 01, USB-ED CC 01 MS

add the Headset adapters SC6x5 USB , USB-ED CC 01, USB-ED CC 01 MS used as adapter for different monaral and binaural headsets.

36654 - phone USB: support Plantronics Blackwire C5210/C5220, Voyager 8200 UC

support Plantronics Blackwire C5210/C5220, Voyager 8200 UC

36385 - SIP: Fix for trap during call transfer

Fix for trap during call transfer

12r1 Service Release 21 (121238)

38114 - ipva: segments out of the initial allocation boundaries were not cleared before reuse

The ipva permits dynamic extension of the flash area above the initial limits. When segments from this extension were not cleared before reuse some misleading trace messages were printed.

37065 - IPxx11: Config option for uncached stack to allow analysis after watchdog traps

For debugging special problems

36971 - nand-flash: reset timing after power cycle

After power cycle of a box wait time of nand reset is too short

36949 - phone USB: switch to correct phone mode when a plain audio hedset is unplugged inmidst a call

In case of an USB error or an unplug in an active call via the headset the further handling of the call is defined by configuration but it was only applied to USB headsets with call control (HID) function
"config add KEYS0 /unplug-action <action>". The actions are::
0 - disconnect call
1 - ignore
2 - switch call to speakerphone
3 - switch call to handset
4 - switch call to handset and back to headset after successful restart (default).

36843 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation with 3rd party equipment

Fix for media negotiation with 3rd party equipment that offers AVP and SAVP on different ports.
m=audio 5004 RTP/AVP 8 0 18 96 13
m=audio 5006 RTP/SAVP 8 0 18 96 13
a=crypto:1 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 inline:xsG497HuJN+OUKzKdXn3PLBC5prWUS3mHMTKjy2e

SAVP was accepted (AVP rejected) but SRTP was sent to remote RTP port.

37438 - Webdav: Sometimes files cannot be deleted (e.g. Voicemail)

Sometimes a file cannot be deleted because the file left open when a long read operation was cancelled by the webdav client before completion.

33116 - Write reset source to first rpcap packet

The reset source is not yet visible in wireshark traces.
It could be added to the first rpcap packet which already contains firmware version etc.

12r1 Service Release 22 (121240)

39165 - fix trap caused by a buffer overrun when pentesting HTTP server

A buffer overrun occured when pentesting the HTTP server with OWASP ZAP

39004 - IPVA: Removed optional HPET Calibration

The IPVA featured an experimental calibration for the internal timekeeping against the HPET. The mechanism caused jitter problems and was removed permanently.
This issue occurred only if the virtualization platform announced support for HPET.

39169 - phone USB: support Jabra Engage 65/75

The new Jabra Engage 65/75 DECT headsets are supported now.

12r1 Service Release 23 (121241)

39693 - IP29 autoneg problem with EN switch Summit X430-8p

IP29 did not work with switches that negotiate 1000M half duplex

<!- Ausserdem wurde bei 1000M fix nur 1000M FDX und nicht 1000M HDX angeschaltet. Habe ich auch gefixt aber nicht probiert. -->

39344 - phone IP2x2: a call connected via operator may be mute when there is an earlier call ringing

this happens when an USB headset is plugged and there are two calls pending on the phone and the operator picks the call which arrived last on the phone

39410 - phone: trap may happen when a USB headset is unplugged

In rare cases a trap could happen when a busy USB headset was unplugged

39640 - phone: USB Headset - disconnecting an consultation call before dialling could freeze the phone

A Jabra 510 Speaker connected to the phone via the Jabra Link 360 USB/Bluetooth dongle generates a FLASH signal when the Offhook key is pressed while a call is active. This opens a consultation call. When the OnHook key is pressed a HOOK signal is generated.
When this happened before a number is dialled the phone entered a loop which could be stopped only by unplugging the dongle.

40186 - possible memory leak in http client - tftp_get

a premature termination of a TFTP session may result in a memory leak

39780 - Possible trap in netlogon

There could be a trap when logging-in with a very long username.

39306 - Webmedia: Playing a MOH file with zero-length causing high load and wastes TCP ports

Playing an irregular MOH file with zero-length causing high load and wastes local TCP ports until ALL local TCP ports are exhausted.
Local TCP ports are left in TIMEWAIT state for a while.
From now on loading of zero-length files will not be repeated.

12r1 Service Release 24 (121247)

46818 - ipxx11: trap after timeout in ethernet driver reset handling

On a reset the ethernet driver tries to flush all pending transmit buffers. the trap happened when flushing did not complete in one second.

46249 - New config option for From header on SIP interfaces

New value "UUI" for config choice "From Header when Sending INVITE".
Similar to value "UUI" for config choice "Identity Header when Sending INVITE".

41534 - Phone USB: support Plantronics CALISTO P7200

support Plantronics CALISTO P7200 speakerphone

46227 - SIP: Interoperability issue with PolycomSoundStationIP

PolycomSoundStationIP uses different Call-ID on registration refresh.
This is against RFC-3261 (A UA SHOULD use the same Call-ID for all registrations during a single boot cycle).
SIP stack takes this as new additional registration.
Old registration is not refreshed and will time-out soon.
Interoperability issue with PolycomSoundStationIP.
Inbound INVITEs are associated with old registration due to identical Contact-URI.
When old registration times-out calls are dropped.

12r1 Service Release 25 (121255)

48034 - IP-DECT: User data is saved in the LDAP in reverse

If the IP-DECT basestation changes user data, the user PBX data is arranged in reverse and conditional CFUs are modified.

47197 - ipv6 trap with large ping packets when MTU is increased per router advertisement

a ping with a paylod longer 1280 bytes traps the target if the link MTU on the target was increased by a router advertisement

46832 - Phone: Bug in handling of connected number

If name information was gathered from LDAP for the dialed number and the connected number received is different from dialed number, the name information is wrongly assigned to the connected number.

48156 - SIP: INVITE rejected due to unexpected 'realm' in Authorization

INVITE rejected due to unexpected 'realm' parameter.
Problem only occurs if INVITE has different Contact-URI than REGISTER.

47473 - softwarephone: intermittend empty swphone_commands.cfg

the swphone_commands.cfg is updated when swphone terminates/restarts. on some occasions the file is of zero length

47997 - Unexpected restart due to bad SIP message

Trap in SIP stack while processing of malicious SIP message.

12r1 Service Release 26 (121257)

49287 - USB headset: fix Sennheiser CEHS-CI 02 (USB/DHSG adapter) handling

releasing a call via headset button could cause an offhook/onhook loop

12r1 Service Release 27 (121261)

50301 - dhcp: use the mac address provided by the mac driver (required for IPVA)

the IPVA host assigns the mac address to the ethernet interfaces. for ETH2 a generic address was used instead of the assigned address.

50035 - IP2x2x: Support for new displaycontroller

IP2x2x Hardwarebuild 420 has a new display with a new displaycontroller. The firmwareupdate detects the new controller.

49969 - myPBXDial didn't work as expected on terminal servers

myPBXDial caused quite a delay on terminal servers when iterating over all existing myPBX processes.

49913 - SIP: Interoperability issue with certain PBX on re-INVITE collision.

Interoperability issue with certain PBX on re-INVITE collision.

12r1 Service Release 28 (121266)

56242 - Allow combination of multiple licenses in my-inno into a single license on the device

To avoid long licenses files

57098 - Change Update URL to

57744 - Handling of media recording error

Media recorder now notifies phone application about failure.
E.g. WebDAV server not available.
Create ERROR-LOG "Media recording failed".
New recording config option: "Terminate call on error"
If set, current call will be terminated if recording fails.

55088 - ISDN: Workaround for Telekom Notrufanschluss

Workaround for illegal bytes LegInfo2 in SETUP message.
Telekom sends 0x3C ('<') where 0x23 ('#') is expected to be.

53039 - phone ip110/110a/200a/230/240/240a: prevent freezing of DSP after long silence periods

On a G711 connection with silence compression the DSP freezes when the remote peer does not send for more than 8 Minutes.

<!- statt dem DSP Pakete mit Datenlänge 0 zu liefern wenn keine Daten vom Netz vorhanden sind, bekommt er jetzt ein dummy paket mit G711 silence -->

52319 - phone ip2x2: don't stop sending RTP data when generating local calling tones

RTP data was not sent for the time a local calling tone was played

53385 - phone USB headsets: support Jabra Engage 50 MS/UC Mono/Stereo & Engage Link

add the descriptions for the new Engage 50 wired headset connected to Engage LINK (call control & busy light)

50946 - phone: IP241 display may freeze after long time of operation

Sometimes the IP241 display freezes after a long uptime because a timer got lost

56156 - Phones: New interop tweak "disable-prack" for SIP

New interop tweak "disable-prack" for SIP on phones.

51849 - Phones: Recording fails sporadically

Recording over WebDAV into PCAP file fails sometimes.
If file opening takes too long (FILE_OPEN/RESULT) the file is closed immediately without anything written.

55611 - Remove WebRTC licenses

WebRTC does not require any licenses anymore

51145 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-Made_in_Lab-VoIP_In_Lab

Updated SIP Provider Profile, fixed xml parsing error

55305 - SIP: Interop tweak /support-broken-registrar

Allow incoming INVITEs where the Request-URI differs from the registered Contact-URI (previously sent in REGISTER).

51584 - SIP: Registration not closed in some cases

An outbound registration not closed when there is a failed outbound subscription waiting for re-try.

52553 - TCP: protect against malicious tcp SYN frames

A tcp SYN frame with malformed option data could cause a loop

55607 - Trap on pickup together with mobility

Merge of fix 37556 - Trap because of null pointer access in Mobility from 12r2

55634 - Wrong encoded URL from CONF interface

causes a writing stop of CDRs.

12r1 Service Release 29 (121273)

56245 - Delete old licenses on upload of XML file or download from my.innovaphone

Old licenses are now deleted on uploading new licenses to prevent collisions between summarized license types.

58295 - ip38 : Startup Issue of FXO Driver

si3050 driver startup after short time power-off fails. For some reasons the pinstrapping to high level of signal SLIC_CLK (pin PCLK) does not work. Therefore the reset of the si3050 SLICs is repeated after startup of the SPI driver.

58455 - SIP/TCP: Fix for connection re-use

Do not try to send on closing TCP connection.

12r1 Service Release 30 (121277)

59311 - CDRs from Broadcast incomplete

Did not show if the calls where connected by a destination or if the call was forwarded before the broadcast group

59094 - myPBX: Log username for failed login attempts

The myPBX logs now contain the username that was used for the login.

59913 - phone: USB headsets - support additional product IDs of Jabra Engage 65

Jabra Engage 65 come with defferent product IDs but no changes in the HID functions we support

12r1 Service Release 31 (121280)

59974 - Support for TLS 1.2

Added support for TLS 1.2 to version 12r1 that is identical to 13r1.

61267 - TLS: Potiential trap with Logging over HTTPS proxy server

When a HTTPS-Tunnel proxy was configured on page Services/HTTP/Client and the proxy was unreachable, there was a trap in the TLS module.

12r1 Service Release 32 (121283)

62676 - don't try to convert non-utf8 strings to latin1

when a string containing non utf8 codes is converted to latin1 a trace message is written. to prevent this the string must be validated before conversion.

62152 - USB headsets: add more product IDs for Jabre Engage 65/75

After a headset firmware update some of the many Jabra Engage 65/75 Variations come up with a new prodct ID although the hardware did not change at all.

12r1 Service Release 33 (121284)

65058 - IP-DECT: LDAP replication XML decode error

If LDAP replication is used, the user PBX XML data could exceed the buffer size and the decoding fails. The buffer is increased.

65073 - Media: RTP sent to wrong destination in some rare non-ICE cases

RTP was sent to wrong destination in some rare non-ICE cases.

63332 - myPBX may crash if no suitable webcam format is found

Variable was not initialized

63243 - SIP: No REGISTER message sent after being out of Wifi converage

No REGISTER message sent after after being out of Wifi converage for a while.

64728 - SIP: Make direct IP address dialing work on phones

Configure phone as 'standalone' and dial IP4 addresses (e.g. 172*16*19*202) to call another 'standalone' phone.
Did work with with H.323, but not with SIP yet.

63436 - SIP: New interop-tweak /sig-disc-on-cancel

12r1 Service Release 34 (121286)

66354 - Firmware: removed sysclient module

The sysclient module in 12r1 was just a prototype and not meant for usage.

67727 - Gateway: Fix for small memory leak

Fix for small memory leak.

65010 - Phone USB headsets: add 2nd PID for Plantronics Blackwire C435

Plantronics Blackwire C435 headsets sold with identical P/N can have different signatures (product IDs)

66914 - phone USB headsets: add new product IDs for existing Sennheiser Headsets

A lot of Sennheiser USB Headsets may come up with a new product ID after an update of the headse/base firmware.

65159 - SIP: Fix for small memory leak

Fix for small memory leak when INVITE is received with History-Info header or Diversion header.

65463 - TLS: Decode error in handshake when the remote side uses SHA224 signatures

Happened when the remote side used SHA224 for signing key exchanges.
Fix: Do not offer / negotiate SHA224.

12r1 Service Release 35

68741 - Command to set encrypted VARs with clear hex data

This fix allows !vars create with a combination of the x and b flag.

Example: !vars create TEST pbx 010203040506

Before only text data could be stored with the x flag and an additional b flag was ignored.

68145 - IP111A/IP112A: Support version 12r2 12r1 11r2

68454 - phone USB: wait longer for completion of control commands

completion of control comands sent to a headset is controlled by a timer. For a certain headset the timeout was too short.

119385 - phone: USB Headset - add EPOS product IDs for already supported Sennheiser devices

Sennheiser is now EPOS and the otherwise unchanged Sennheiser Devices got new names and USB product IDs (but fortunately kept the old USB vendor ID

68491 - SIP: Fix for memory leak

Fix for memory leak.
Could cause Out-of-memory trap.

68197 - Support Wireshark 3.x with npcap driver

The npcap driver in newer wireshark versions checks the length field of a protocol message which was incorrectly set inside the firmware.

12r1 Service Release 36 (121294)

71189 - SIP: Reset remote address and port on registration refresh

Reset remote address and port on registration refresh to values of provided Contact-URI.
If remote address and port was changed during call signaling.

12r1 Service Release 37(121295)

73577 - phone: USB Headsets - additional PID for Plantronics APU75

currently sold Plantronics DHSG/USB Adapter cable APU75 come with a new PID

12r1 Service Release 38 (121298)

74863 - Added leak check for automatic testing

74332 - IP112A Handsfree acoustic

IP112A Handsfree parameter set was wrong

74018 - IP112A: Handsfree microphone gain

IP112A Handsfree microphone gain was too high

74867 - PBX Conference: Trap by call from another PBX object to busy room

If a busy conference room is called from another PBX object like a waiting queue, a trap occurs. This is fixed.

12r1 Service Release 39 (121304)

75513 - IP111/IP112/IP222: Support for new hardware with IPS display

The 3.5" TFT Display is replaced with a version with wider viewing angle. The new display requires a softwares update.

75514 - IP112/IP102: Support new hardware with new Ethernet switch revision

The IP112 and IP101 gigabit ethernet switch is replaced with a newer revision that requirers a software update.

12r1 Service Release 40 (121306)

75013 - RTP: Do not set marker bit in Comfort Noise packets (PT=13)

Comfort Noise packets (PT=13) are sent prior any audio RTP in order to overcome NAT.
Some receivers don't like CN packets with marker bit set.

12r1 Service Release 41 (121346)

103613 - phone USB Headset: additional product ID for Jabra EVOLVE 40

add product ID 0x307 to HID table for EVOLVE headsets

101216 - phone USB headsets: support EPOS BTD 800, Plantronics CA12CD-S

The EPOS BTD 800 has the same properties as the Sennheiser BTD 800 but a new product ID (Sennheiser is called EPOS now ;-) 

The Plantronics CA12CD-S is a PTT Headset Adapter 

106071 - possible trap when deleting a registration with active calls

a registration can be deleted only when all calls via the registration have been released. Thus delete must be delayed by a timer until the final release messages for the calls are received from the PBX. 

102113 - SIP: Handling of RTP port change during re-INVITE transaction

Merge to 12r1 of this fix:

#77929 - SIP: Handling of RTP port change during re-INVITE transaction

101950 - SIP: New interop tweak /mac

New interop tweak /mac

Write plain mac address to +sip.instance parameter in Contact header in REGISTER request.


Contact: <sip:ep1@;transport=UDP>;expires=120;+sip.instance="<urn:uuid:00000000-0000-0000-0000-0090332f68cd>"

12r1 Service Release 42 (121350)

108296 - Protect against TCP SYN with Window 0 attack

When SYN-ACKs to a SYN with window 0 are not ACKed by the source the accepting socket hangs forever sending a SYN-ACK any minute

105803 - IP111 no receive Audio

107851 - IP112A: Fix missing timer ticks

Sometimes NTP shows adjustments of 0.1% like 

2:1210:620:3 - LOG NTP 0 Time Adjusted to 10.03.2021-19:28:23 UTC by 36 second 

108174 - phone: USB headsets: add EPOS SP30 product ID

Sennheiser is now EPOS and EPOS changes the product  ID of well known Sennheiser products, here for the SP30 Speakerphone. Because the actual product was tested by a customer only it will be listed in the Reference under "3rd Party Tested Headsets".

107366 - SIP: Sending REGISTER to wrong port after redirection

Wrong Contact-URI selected from 301 redirect respsone.

12r1 Service Release 43 (121351)

109185 - IP241 with new display: Display reversed

109421 - phone: permit more headset command descriptions

the USB headset table was a single xml structure containing the command descriptions of all supported devices.  To overcome some xml decoder limit the table is now splitted in separate per device structures.  

12r1 Service Release 44 (121352)

114217 - DNS resolver: Fixed incorrect precedence of some IPv6 results

12r1 Service Release 45 (121353)

114968 - phone USB headset detection did not work for all supported headsets

Only  some of the supoorted headsets were detected as supported and thus did work as audio device only :-(

113014 - phone USB: add new product ID for EPOS (aka Sennheiser) SC 135 headset

Sennheiser is now EPOS. Some existing products now have different product IDs.

12r1 Service Release 46 (121355)

118739 - IP222/IP232 HW2200 Support

IP222/IP232  HW2200 is built with a different phy, and this fix adds the firmware support.

Downgrade to older version is blocked on new devices.

118866 - SIP: Do not add RED to SDP answer

Do not add RED to SDP answer as long as config file option /red is NOT set.

12r1: End of life