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  • Microsoft Office Outlook
  • PBX Version 12r2
  • myPBX Windows launcher Version 12r2
  • configured MAPI profile in Outlook (Exchange Account)


You have an Office Integration tab inside the myPBX configuration window. Here you can enable Search in Outlook Contacts. This triggers myPBX to search in your personal Outlook Contacts.

Search and Result Attributes

The Outlook search uses the External LDAP Server configuration in the user configuration to define the attributes used. As this configuration uses LDAP attributes, those must be mapped to valid Microsoft Outlook Attribute schemes. Here is the mapping:

LDAP Attribute Name Outlook Schema Name
sn urn:schemas:contacts:sn
givenname urn:schemas:contacts:givenName
company urn:schemas:contacts:o
o urn:schemas:contacts:o
cn urn:schemas:contacts:cn
displayname urn:schemas:contacts:dn
dn urn:schemas:contacts:dn
department urn:schemas:contacts:department
roomnumber urn:schemas:contacts:roomnumber
telephonenumber urn:schemas:contacts:telephoneNumber
facsimiletelephonenumber urn:schemas:contacts:facsimiletelephonenumber
mobile urn:schemas:contacts:mobile
privatecity urn:schemas:contacts:homeCity
privatecountry urn:schemas:contacts:homeCountry
privatepostalcode urn:schemas:contacts:homePostalCode
privatestreet urn:schemas:contacts:homeStreet
homephone urn:schemas:contacts:homePhone
street urn:schemas:contacts:street
city urn:schemas:contacts:l
l urn:schemas:contacts:l
postalcode urn:schemas:contacts:postalcode
country urn:schemas:contacts:c
c urn:schemas:contacts:c
title urn:schemas:contacts:title
url urn:schemas:contacts:businesshomepage
e164 urn:schemas:contacts:internationalisdnnumber

Note that the Outlook name lookup does not use LDAP. Only its configuration is inferred from the LDAP search configuration.


Outlook Search will find contacts in all exchange accounts and all contact folders from these accounts.

Known limitations

  • Works only with windows launcher and so Windows compliant only.
  • Not compatible with the reverse name resolution, based on incoming calling party numbers.
  • Not compatible with the call list history, only called numbers will be stored as record.

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