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The PBX conference object manages conference rooms with announcements and PIN protection.

The conference calls themselves are connected by one or more conference servers (MCU) registered to this object as devices. If more than one conference server is used, the different media types of the calls can be split to the different servers. A innovaphone CONF interface can be registered to this object to provide audio conferences with application sharing.

General Configuration

The information about general configuration options shared by all objects can be found at Reference12r2:PBX/Objects.


Hardware Id
The hardware Id must match with a hardware Id of a device on the General page of the object (not the Gateway). The device is registered to this object and provides the conference service.
innovaphone device
This should be ticked if the MCU is an innovaphone device.
Media Types
If a media type is ticked, calls to the registration includes this media type.
Number of channels
The number of the available channels of the MCU device or maximum number of channels to be used. Leaving it empty means 0 (no channels)
MCU Room Numbers
If the device isn't an innovaphone device and has several rooms, the room numbers which are dialed can be configured here.
If a registration to this hardware Id exists, the IP address of the registrar is shown here.


Announcement URL
The URL where the announcements were saved. A '$type' within the URL is substituted for the announcement type string, e.g.$type.$coder?coder=g722,g711u,g711a,g723,g729. The announcement types are listed here.
Extern Announcement Name/No
The conference object uses the internal HTTP interface, but announcements can also be provided by an external destination which name or number is to be configured here.
Room number length
If the room number length is zero, there is only one room available. If it isn't zero, static rooms can be configured and temporary rooms can be created with the operator.
If the room number length is zero, the PIN of the single conference room can be configured here. It can be empty or consists of four digits.
Operator enabled
If ticked, the operator is active. It can be reached if no room number is dialed.
If ticked, the trace of this PBX object is enabled.


Up to 30 static rooms can be configured. If the room is called by the first member, the configured number of channels and all media types must be available otherwise the room isn't available. If the last member of a room leaves it, the reserved channels are released again. A room is defined by:

Room number
The room number must be unique; it length depends on the room number length option.
Number of channels
The number of channels which must be available to open a room at dial-in. If this count of member is reached, the room is full and no further caller can take part.
Media types
If a media type is ticked, it is used for the call. If not all ticked media types are available at dial-in, the room can't be opened.
The room PIN can be empty or consists of four digits. The PIN can't be a part of the dialing number.


If the operator is enabled, users can dial in and create ad-hoc rooms. The requested number of channels for new rooms must be available and are reserved till the last member leaves the room.

Operator Number
The number which must be dialed instead of a room number to start the operator. Room numbers mustn't match with this number; numbers of new ad-hoc rooms are checked against it.
Calls to the conference will be routed by default to the operator if no operator number is defined.
The operator PIN can be empty or consists of four digits. The PIN can't be a part of the dialing number.
Media Types for ad-hoc rooms
The media types which are used for the ad-hoc rooms. The room is also created if not all media types are available, but at least the audio channels.
IVR Menu
- PIN for access to operator
- 3-digit room number
- Maximum participants followed by #
- 4 digit PIN followed by # (or only # for room without pin)

Note: Overlap dialing to the Operator number it's not supported, it's necessary to dial the Conference Object Number plus the Operator Number "En-Block".


For the supported announcements, please refer to Reference12r2:PBX/Objects/Conference/Announcement types.


For notification of new participants entering the room, the routing can be adjusted to play a simple DTMF-tone. Follow the config drawing below for setup:

Conf interface notification.png

Conference App

Starting with V12r2, a conference room can be accessed via built-in application icon in myPBX

- define at least one room with a dedicated number
- in the Apps tab of the User or ConfigurationTemplate object the room is shown as license named <confobjectname>.<roomnumber>. Tick to grant for user
- within myPBX, the app has to be made visible via app administration page
- for conference-app use, a conferencing-app-license (order no. 02-00050-001) is required per user
- as conference-app is a built-in myPBX app, a myPBX (order no. 02-00031-001) or UC (order no. 02-00044-001) -license is required per user as well