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The Security Password your PBX
The current status of your connection
green/match Everything is okay
red/mismatch The password in the field is not equal to the PBX password
orange/not verified The password in the ProfileApp is not equal to the AP-instance password
orange,green,red/not verified The password in the UsersAdminApp is not equal to the AP-instance password
The Name of your PBX
Replication state
State of replication Session
Session down : no websocket connection between Profile-App-Object and Profile-App (diabling/enabling "Websocket" flag in Profile object might help in some cases)
Session initialized/up

Password policy

Minimum length
The minimum accepted password length (max: 23).
Minimum number of categories
The minimum number of different character types new passwords must consist of.
Categories are: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters /signs


SMTP-server definition for two-factor authentication

E-mail address
valid recipent email address
Sender name
displayed sender name
Client host name
client host
SMTP server
accessible smtp server<:optional port> (default is 25)
valid recipent username
valid recipent password

Default settings - new users

node new users by default belong to
PBX name
pbx new users by default belong to
Default password (import)
password new users get assigned
Home screen apps
apps new users get assigned on home screen
ConfigTemplate new users are using
Logo URL
URL to image which is displayed on registration pages (registration, password, confirmation, expiration)


Display e-mail addresses
show e-mail address of extension in UsersApp
Display phone numbers
show phone number of extension in UsersApp

Registration emails

Localized text for email address verification

Password reset

Localized text for password reset


Allow users to edit and provision phones
un/set user rights to manage own phone devices

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