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Applies To

  • innovaphone PBX from version 13r1


  • innovaphone PBX
  • innovaphone myApps client (native or browser version)
  • App(phone) license per user


  • Remote control of a deskphone registered at a specific user device.
  • Video
  • AppSharing
  • Contacts search
  • Favourites
  • Call List


For configuring the softphone app at a user object

  1. enable the app "phone".
  2. activate the "App(phone)" license.
  3. configure "phone" as the app at the device that shall be controlled.

Additionally users can provision phones themselves using the Profile App. For that the admin only needs to configure steps (1.) and (2.).



The user can add up to 32 phone numbers or SIP URIs as favorites. If respective visibility rights are granted, presence and calls are monitored and displayed. Also call pickup is possible[1].

Known issues

  • To pickup calls of favorites, target of favorites have to be defined either in dialable format (i.e. 00049) format w/o "+" or with their object-name only.
  1. see Known Issues below