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Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone IP29-20


innovaphone IP29-20 is an IP adapter for twenty analogue interfaces (FXS).

It includes 20 interface licenses upon delivery.


  • Firmware 13r1sr11
  • innovaphone PBX with appropriate amount of Port<v> Licenses
  • Power over Ethernet+ supply according to IEEE 802.3at, Class 4 (PoE+)
  • appropriate adapter cable - see below



As different cabling concepts might be applied, innovaphone does not deliver any connection cables with the system.

Note: Below mentioned 3rd-pty-products are subject to change and there might be alternative products of other manufacturers/resellers.

Find below a list of possible connection concepts and their realisation:


Built-in 8P8C connectors provide following pinout:


Pin Function
1 RING-2
2 TIP-2
3 RING-3
4 TIP-1
5 RING-1
6 TIP-3
7 RING-4
8 TIP-4

This pinout is especially designed for use with twisted-pair Ethernet patch cables

Direct terminal connection

In case of direct connection of analogue terminals by use of 2-wire-a/b-connectors RJ-11 / modular jack 6P2C, a special adapter has to be used.

This adapter has to distribute above mentioned IP29-20 pinout to four 6P2C connectors using the pinout below:


Pin Function

Next to own assembling, below listed are some 3rd-party-products (information is subject ot change):

Ll adapter 8p8c 6p2c.png

Patch-panel based connection

In case of patch-panel based connection, used adapter cable depends on used patch panel:

  • patch-panel with 8-wire-connectors (8P8C): use twisted-pair Ethernet patch cables
  • patch-panel with 2-wire-connectors (8P2C): use of an adapter cable splitting up 8P8C to 4 x 8P2C.
For the 2nd option, innovaphone offers a quadruple adapter cable, order-no. 03-00029-001. To connect all 5 interfaces of IP29-20, five of those adapters have to be used.

Ip2920 adaptercable.png


IP29-20 is added to an existing V13-PBX-system by execution of V13-installer upon initial device startup.

Analogue extensions connected to IP29-20 are bound to the innovaphone PBX by use of the V13-device-provisioning.

Within UserAdminAPP/RegisterPhones, unique provisioning code are generated for dedictated users. At PBXManager/FXS-Plugin, IP29-20 device can be selected as FXS-adapter and offers 20 TEL-interfaces for configuration.

Previously generated provisioning codes can be assigned to each TEL-interface.

Ip2920 provisioning useradmin.png Ip2920 provisioning pbxmanager.png

If an appropriate number of Port<v> licenses is available in the corresponding innovaphone PBX,
the registration of analogue terminals to the selected users takes place immediately after the provisioning is confirmed.


  • In case of Class3-PoE power supply (no PoE+), the first eight FXS interfaces (1-8) are available within the device.

Ip2920 poedisplay.png

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