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In some cases or environments, PBXs, Gateways and phones do not have Internet access. In this case will not be reachable and a provisioning of new devices is not possible.

In order to be able to provision devices without Internet access, there is an option to provide the service itself in the local environment.


  • Version 13r1 (Phone and PBX)
  • a running App Platform

How it works

  • The client (e.g. Phone) which is waiting for a provisioning, logs into the local provisioning service which is located on a gateway.
  • As soon as the user adds a new device via the User App, a new code is fetched from the local provisioning system.
  • When the code is entered on the phone, the client sends the code to the local provisioning system.
    • If the code is valid, the client will receive the Sysclient URL and store it in the local configuration. Then the client connect via websocket to the Devices App. All further Processing depends on your devices configuration.

This is the same flow like we use it on the regular provisioning with Internet access.


Provisioning System

There is no need to activate the Provisioning System on a Gateway. It's already available and you can use it on every Gateway.

Devices APP

You need to configure your own Provisioning Service in the Devices App

  1. Open the Devices APP from your myApps Launcher
  2. Select the desired domain from the list and use the tab edit
    1. Here you can insert you own Provisioning URL: https://pbx.domain.tld/INSTALL/get-provisioning-code.htm

Client Setup

You need to tell the Client, that he should not try to connect to the vendor Provisioning System. Instead he must connect to your local System.

The goal is to set the Update URL in the Client to: https://pbx.domain.tld/INSTALL/provisioning.htm?mac=#m&provisioning-code=#p&localip=#i

In most cases you want to distribute the Update URL to multiple Clients. Then you can use the following methods:

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