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Software Conferences interfaces are available on some platforms, e.g. IPVA. They work identical as the hardware conference channels, except that the audio coders are not defined by the DSPs, but only G.711 A-Law and G.711 u-Law are available. A Channel license is required for the use of one Soft Conference channel, the same way as for hardware conferences.


Available in innovaphone OS from 13r1 sr13


Channel licenses are used to enable a Software Conference channel.


The Software Conference is implemented as two modules in the innovaphone OS: SOFT-CONF and SOFT-DSP. The module SOFT-CONF performs the audio mixing and SOFT-DSP implements the audio coder. In the config these modules use the following lines:

config change SOFT-CONF
config change SOFT-DSP

These modules require no configuration data.

In the gateway the new interface SCNF (during Beta the interface CONF was used) is available for the Software Conference. It can be configured the same way as the CONF interface. Typically it is registered to a PBX Conference Object.

Known Problems

Known Problems