Reference13r1:Install/Upgrade the existing PBX

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Upgrade of an existing Master PBX. On the device a new App Platform with all standard Apps will be installed. Attention, the SSD will be formatted and some PBX settings will be overwritten.

Attention: The upgrade overwrites some existing configurations of the device. This concerns Settings like

  • Network Settings like DNS, STUN or IP TOS values
  • Destinations for logging or writing of CDRs CDRs
  • HTTP Client Authentication
  • HTTP Server ports

In Addition PBX objects are created, which will potentially overwrite existing objects with the same name. These include Alarms, Apps, AP, Calendar Admin, Call List, CallListApi, Config Admin, Config User, Contacts Admin, ContactsApi, Events, Fax, Files, FilesApi, Logging, MessagesApi, Mobility, Profile, Reporting, Users, Users Admin, UsersApi.