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This is the App Platform Release Notes Document.

A new App Platform image is not released like other Service Releases but just from time to time.
The update can be applied here .

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

App Platform


66093 - Added DejaVu fonts

66107 - Added OpenVM tools

66091 - Added support for JBIG2 (faxserver)

66092 - Applied a busybox patch which caused linux users to have an invalid password

67822 - Increase size of first partition

The first partition must be a bit larger to avoid alarms in hosting applications which monitor the disk usage of their VMs.

66106 - Update kernel to version 5.4.10 and added IPv6 features to ARM kernels

66090 - Updated buildroot with latest security and package fixes

Updated buildroot to version 2019.02.8 which includes multiple package updates and fixes.

66105 - Updated manager and webserver inside app platform image to SR9


103946 - Buildroot update to version 2020.9

Update buildroot which now contains updated packages with latest security and bug fixes.

103945 - Kernel update to 5.4.89

Updated kernel with latest security fixes.

76417 - New arm64 AP image

107602 - Updated arm64 kernel

Added IPv6 support to the kernel and removed unneccessary modules.

107734 - Updated x86_64 kernel for better Hyper-V support


114269 - Increase max open files/processes on x86_64

The configured limit was ignored and thus too low.

Max open files are now 1000000 and max processes 30000.

114370 - Try to workaround issues on upgrading an AP image

Seems as if some files required for detecting the upgrade process are not always written successfully.

We changed something in the upgrade script now and hopefully it doesn't happen anymore.


118527 - Added SCSI support to x86_64 kernel (VMs)

118528 - Added virtio support to x86_64 kernel (VM)

125989 - Added zip binary

119535 - Delete coredumps during upgrade

It may happen that an app ends in an endless loop while processing a coredump from an older rootfs on a new rootfs.

130447 - Removed sound/usb adapter from VM

118525 - Update of buildroot to version 2022.02

118526 - Updated kernel to version 5.10.109

118529 - Upgraded postgresql to version 14.2

This envolves a more complicated upgrade mechanism as databases must be converted from 11.x to 14.x


131103 - Changed default network adatper type to vmxnet3


135359 - Updated webserver and manager to version 137724


136535 - Buildroot update with OpenSSH instead of dropbear

Dropbear prevented debugging with innovaphone SDK Apps.

The buildroot update also includes updated packages.

136537 - Updated App Platform Manager and Websever to version 137758


138602 - Fixed "unknown ioctl 1976" on VSphere

The 5.10 kernel version introduced "unknown ioctl 1976" warnings on the console with the Open VM Tools package (no other drawbacks known).

The following kernel modules have been integrated into the x86_64 kernel to fix this issue and to add support for certain virtualization features:



142411 - Fixed the resize script which resizes a partition inside a VM

The script was broken and the usage caused data loss.

Now the disk can be resized again and the partitions are correctly recreated too.


149276 - Added fix for CVE-2023-36664 exploit in ghostscript

149269 - Added ping6 with ipv6 support

149275 - Added support for qemu guest agent

149398 - Update to buildroot 2022.02.12

New buildroot version with updated packages.

149319 - Updated webserver and manager to SR7 137863


150438 - Added atop tool

153131 - Added glibc fix for CVE-2023-4911

156581 - Fixed remote wireshark tracing on IPx13 (arm64)

150436 - Fixed valgrind leak callstack on arm

150437 - Updated kernel from 5.10.109 to 5.10.190

156204 - Use beta3 build of App Platform Manager and Webserver


164599 - Added libasan to support Apps linked to asan

Libasan can be used to check for leaks and invalid memory access.

163280 - Keep SSH host keys on App Platform update

163279 - Moved to OpenSSL 3.2.x

164598 - Removed nested KVM hosting support in Kernel

Our App Platform will never host KVMs itself.

163278 - Updated buildroot with packages

163276 - Updated kernel to 6.6.21


166990 - Added libbacktrace

Added backtrace library so that Apps can create their own backtraces on crashes, as gdb on ARM cannot work with coredumps anymore.

166989 - Changes for libmariadb instead of libmysqlclient

Old library is still available in addition to new library which is interface compatible (no SDK changes required).

166988 - Updated buildroot to LTS 2024.02.1


171689 - Updated OpenSSH to 9.8p1 due to CVE-2024-6387