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This PBX Manager Plugin contains 2 sections:

  • Add, edit or delete Profile, UsersAdmin, Users and Users APIs App Objects on the PBX.
  • Change the configuration.

Add an App

The name displayed for the App Object.
The sip from the App Object, which must be unique.
Config templates
Select which config templates will allow to access the App Object.

Change configuration

Select the PBX (a single App Users Service can provide App Objects from several PBXs).
Use as Profile app
If enabled, the hamburger menu on myApps will display the button "Edit profile".
Allow to create a user account using a web registration form
If enabled, the No account yet? link will be displayed on myApps and the service will allow to register users via the registration page.
Allow users to reset the password using a web form
If enabled, the Forgot Password? link will be displayed on myApps and the service will allow to reset the password.
Allow users to delete their own accounts
If enabled, the option to delete the own account will be displayed on Profile.