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The PBX Manager Explorer is a tool to search and modify the PBX objects configuration based on xpath expressions.

Care should be taken to apply any changes with the OK buttons. These changes come into effect immediately and cannot be reverted. It is good practise to save a backup of the configuration before applying any modification.

Clicking OK if there is no change is also not advised. It creates an unnecessary write operation.


The search input

The search input is used for an xpath expression to filter the objects. Any object, for which an non-empty set is returned, is selected. If the search input is left empty, the expression "/user" is used, which selects all objects.

An example, which selects all objects with a long name starting With "A" would be

/user[starts-with(@cn, "A")]


To modify the data, an expression to add a tag or attribute can be added, by clicking on the plus icon. For example the expression

device/@hw = hw0

adds a "device" tag with the attribute "hw" set to hw0


By clicking on the minus icon an expression to remove a tag or attribut may be specified

Display of current configuration

In the first window below the expressions, the current configuration for each selected object is displayed

Preview of changed configuration

In the window below the configuration is display as if the changes where applied



applies the change to the current object


applies the change to all objects


skips the current object


Cancels the operation. The changes already applied with OK are not reversed

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