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Performance counters are shown once per minute (that is: one pixel in the graph represents a minute). However they are saved to flash only each full hour, so counter values calculated prior to a trap may be missing.
The counter's mean value is calculated every 10 seconds. The peak of such mean values within a minute is shown in the graph.
The counters are device-dependent and not present on each device type.
Values are displayed in the counter-specific unit. Mouse-over displays value and unit.

  • CPU-R: reserved CPU time for RTP data
  • CPU Average: average value of the CPU load in a one-minute cycle
  • CPU Peak: maximum value which has been exceeded for 10 seconds within a one-minute cycle
  • MEM: the total volatile memory (RAM) usage
  • TEMP: device temperature (gateways only)
  • BRIx/PRIx: the number of B-channels used on the respective ISDN interfaces. (devices with BRI/PRI interfaces only)
  • ETHx: ethernet traffic on respective interface
  • PINGx: response time for PING request
  • CONF/SCNF: concurrent calls on respective interface (devices with CONF/SNCF interfaces only)
  • CONF-R/SCNF-R: reserved CPU time for RTP data on this kind of interface (devices with CONF/SCNF interface only)
  • Concurrent Calls (DECT only)

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