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This is the SDK 13r2 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second monday each month.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!


SDK 13r2

13r2 Service Release 1 (136122)

111701 - Added remTranslation() to ui1 lib

Corresponding function to addTranslation().

Removes an ui element from translator object.

112307 - IHTTPClient::SetTimeout to support timeouts for HTTP requests

111852 - PbxApi: Added support for "AddProfile" and "DelProfile" and "UpdateProfile"

Added support for "AddProfile" and "DelProfile" and "UpdateProfile" to PbxApi

112273 - SDK: Fix for segmentation fault in JavaScript Runtime when receiving big messages using JsonApi

The internal buffer size of the JsonApi library was smaller than the maximum websocket message size.

112364 - SDK: HttpClient (JavaScript) - Add additional timeout and error handling

  • The timeout of the HttpClient object can now be set.
  • The HttpClientRequest object now has a dedicated onerror callback that can be used to detect timeouts and other connection issues.

13r2 Service Release 2

112490 - Debug log output for prepared SQL statements was wrong

113542 - Replicator: clarified documentation for createReplicator and Update

113604 - SDK docu: add chapter about app licensing

Added a new chapter that describes the different options for licensing your app including code examples for the license check.

113514 - SDK docu: clarify usage of modes in JavaScript Runtime

The documentation stated that modes are configured using the URI of the app object.

It should state that modes are configured using the name of the app object.

113621 - SDK: JsonApi (JavaScript) - Add unlicensed property

Possibility to check if a JsonApiConnection is licensed.

113612 - Template for JS apps: Include SVG library into html files

13r2 Service Release 3 (136155)

114362 - Fixed a wrong description in Config JavaScript documentation

13r2 Service Release 4 (136164)

115266 - IDns: Avoid access to already deleted memory

In IDns::GetHostByName requests with the "all" parameter set to true, there was a bug in the library causing access to already deleted memory. 

13r2 Service Release 5

115704 - SDK docu: added tutorial to migrate from SDK V13r1 to SDK V13r2

The scope of the tutorial is to migrate an existing VisualStudio project from SDK V13r1 to SDK V13r2.

115606 - SDK docu: JSON API Framework Documentation extended by an example

Example Code chapter added with a simple JSON API implementation.

115492 - SDK docu: service APIs configuration in the JavaScript Runtime

Added a description for service APIs configuration in the JavaScript Runtime

115410 - SDK documenatation: innovaphone.appwebsocket.Connection description for parameters password and domain added

116028 - SDK: admin app name check fixed in the C++ template

App service checked for "manufacturer-template1Admin" app name, but registered "manufacturer-template1admin", so no counter reset via admin app was possible.

115417 - Support for AppInfo hidden element in the JavaScript Runtime

The hidden flag can now be configured in the config.json.

115019 - Support for service APIs in the JavaScript Runtime

New section "serviceApis" in config.json, similar to the "apis" section.

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